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Pictures from Poster Sessions in Prof. Yocom's Folklore Classes

Anita Hassan teaches
Melanie Meeks about
a necklace worn by
three generations of
women in Ms. Hassan's

NVFA #2000-006

Crochet work by
Sally Anne Leech,
mother of student
Karen Leech.

NVFA #2000-008


Melanie Meeks shows
Bronwyn Berger-Hughes
the object of memory
that Ms. Meeks
keeps in honor of
her deceased brother.

Lisa Green
ponders the
traditions of her

Erin Harney
displays her Irish
family's photographs,
mementos, and
soda bread

Karen van der Riet
discusses bobotie,
a traditional food
from her South African

NVFA #2000-013

Mary Briggs' display
of the pottery by
Polo Ramirez Lapata
of Peru.

NVFA #2000-005