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Returned 1828 results:

1980-121 - Jokes: Religions: Catholic Joke (Fieldworker: Scott, Rick)
Fieldworker collects joke from a pastor about a young Methodist woman who goes to heaven and is told to be silent when crossing a roomful of Catholics.

1980-122 - Jokes: Ethnic: Religions: The mohel and the leathermaker (Fieldworker: Kaplan, Robbie)
Fieldworker collects joke from a friend about a leathermaker who makes a very special wallet out of foreskin collects by a mohel.

1980-123 - Beliefs: Occupations: About haircuts (Fieldworker: Hovey, Suzanne)
Fieldworker collects beliefs from a hairdresser that clients believe when they get their haircut.

1980-124 - Beliefs: Baking soda should be put on a hot tea burn (Irish Am) (Fieldworker: Ready, Lynn)
Fieldworker collects belief from her coworker that baking soda should be put on a hot tea burn.

1980-125 - Groups: Military: Breaking traditions at the U.S. Naval Academy (Fieldworker: Houghton, Monica)
Fieldworker collects narrative about Naval traditions that are being broken over time.

1980-126 - Customs: Hunting: Cutting off shirttail of hunter who misses (Fieldworker: Giles, III, Howard)
Fieldworker collects custom about a hunter who lives near a forest who will ask other hunters what they have caught, if they have caught nothing he will cut their shirt tail off and nail it to a wall.

1980-127 - Proverbs: Signs of old age (Fieldworker: Atchison, Gail)
Fieldworker collects proverb about the loss of senses as the body ages.

1980-128 - Narratives: Personal: Relatives tee-pee woman's truck (Fieldworker: Hall, Chaunette)
Fieldworker collects narrative from his father about sister tee-peeing his car and the revenge he took upon them.

1980-129 - Narratives: Legends: About eating watermelon in Italy (Fieldworker: Sponaugle, Richard )
Fieldworker collects narrative concerning the reason why Italians don't eat watermelon: it the crust is eaten it will poison and kill.

1980-130 - Proverbs: "A rolling stone gathers no moss" (Fieldworker: Udall, Lorilee)
Fieldworker collects proverb from a friend about how stagnation and mediocrity affects a persons life.

1980-131 - Beliefs: If you tell a dream before breakfast, it will come true (Fieldworker: Overton, Roger)
Fieldworker collects a belief from a friend that if you tell someone a dream before breakfast that it will come true.

1980-132 - Narratives: Personal: Fraternity rituals (Fieldworker: Carter, Gregg)
Fieldworker collects narrative about his fraternity and its pledge classes.

1980-133 - Proverbs: Frogs and butter (Fieldworker: Jackson, Donna)
Fieldworker collects a proverb from a professor about a frog who falls into a tub of milk, churns the milk into butter in order to free himself.

1980-134 - Beliefs: About sneezes (Fieldworker: Yusufoglu, Eldar)
Fieldworker collects from his/her mother about her belief in sneezes: one sneeze means that what you are thinking will unlikely happen, twice means that it will happen.

1980-135 - Rites: Rites of passage from 7th to 8th grade (Fieldworker: Melchiori, Mary)
Fieldworker collects a narrative from her sibling about a teacher at a local school who failed his doctoral examination and now 8th grade students pass this on to 7th grade students.

1980-136 - Narratives: Personal: Corn whiskey wins a boat race (Fieldworker: Noues, David)
Fieldworker collects narrative from a fiend about a lobsterboat race where a trailing boat captain poured corn whiskey into the gas tank in order to win.

1980-137 - Narratives: Family: How family expressions "Tante Fanny" began (Fieldworker: Donahue, Sonja)
Fieldworker collects from her father the narrative surrounding the family phrase "Tante Fanny."

1980-138 - Festivals: Mischief Night (Fieldworker: Smith, Barbara)
Fieldworker collects information on "Mischief Night" in New Jersey: a night when the kids have garbaged battles and vandalize houses.

1980-139 - Foodways: Flour Tortillas (Fieldworker: Strong, Rick)
Fieldworker collects the reciepe for flour tortillas from her friend.

1980-140 - Jokes: Women's Liberation (Fieldworker: Holup, Joseph)
Fieldworker collects joke from a television show about feminists: how many feminists does it take to screw in a lightbulb.

1980-141 - Narratives: Personal: Occupational: Proper attire on a construction site (Fieldworker: Yusufoglu, Eldar)
Fieldworker recalls an occupational narrative about working on a construction site: workers told to not wear tennis shoes and then, after not complying, rules are changed to allow tennis shoes.

1980-142 - Narrative: Legend: Ghosts: Legend of Hermitage House (Fieldworker: Ready, Lynn)
Fieldworker collects legend from boyfriend about a young girl who is engaged to a sailor, who gives her a diamond ring. Girl gets fever, her brother takes away the ring, and she dies. Ghost of girl haunts Heritage House on Murrels' Inlet, South Carolina.

1980-143 - Proverbs: "Rode hard and put away wet" (Fieldworker: Roempke, Lisa)
Fieldworker collects a proverb from his foreman about a woman who looks older than she appears.

1980-144 - Narrative: Legend: Ghost: Legend of Mrs. Deaver, School Headmistress (Fieldworker: Houghton, Monica)
Fieldworker collects a legend about the headmistress of the Congressional School, Falls Church, Virginia, who was killed in a auto accident, and is said to keep a watchful eye over the school.

1980-145 - Music: Newlywed Song (Fieldworker: Willis, G)
Fieldworker collects song from her husband that her first heard as a child and she heard as a newlywed.

1980-146 - Narratives: Personal: Step and Step-and-a-Half (Fieldworker: O'Connor, Kate)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her husband about a couple who walks the side of the road picking up bottles.

1980-147 - Narratives: Family: Beer and Ketchup (Fieldworker: Nowack, Linda)
Fieldworker collects narratives about her grandparents from her mother: making ketchup and homemade beer in Kansas.

1980-148 - Foodways: Traditional Holiday Meals (Fieldworker: Jackson, Donna)
Fieldworker collects brief foodways narrative from her friend about the Irish meals she eats on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years.

1980-149 - Narratives: Legends: Rattlesnake on amusement park ride (Fieldworker: Swanson, Belinda)
Fieldworker recalls narrative from her childhood about a little boy who was bitten by a rattlesnake after being put on a amusement park ride.

1980-150 - Jokes: Polish Political Jokes (Fieldworker: Wolicki, Wilma)
Fieldworker collects two political jokes about Russia and Poland: trade agreements and one about Lenin.

1980-151 - Narratives: Legends: Doves and White Ribbons (Fieldworker: Childs, Fran)
Fieldworker collects a legend of a woman who loses her husband to pneumonia and sees two doves carrying a ribbon and believes they were taking her husband to heaven.

1980-152 - Narratives: Legends: Selling Your Soul to the Devil (Fieldworker: Hall, Chaunette)
Fieldworker collects a legend from a friend who learned how to sell one's soul to the devil by boiling a black cat: told to the friend by a man who lived by himself on top of a mountain.

1980-153 - Narrative: Personal: Supernatural: Haunted House in Alabama (Fieldworker: Atchison, Gail)
Fieldworker collects story of a haunted house in Alabama, where a woman hears a horse wagon on the roof, pots are disturbed, and potbelly stove is overturned. Husband doesn't believe her until he hears the noises on roof. Period is 19th century.

1980-154 - Occupational Folklore: Dallas Trolleys (Fieldworker: Giles, III, Howard)
Fieldworker collects trolley stories from a Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Trolley (MBTA) operator.

1980-155 - Narratives: Legends: Music: Origin of the Song "Dixie" (Fieldworker: Sponaugle, Richard)
Fieldworker collects legend about the origin of the song "Dixie:" composed by an ex-slave who became a lawyer in New York.

1980-156 - Narratives: Legends of Theta Chi (Fieldworker: Carter, Gregg)
Fieldworker collects narrative about his fraternity Theta Chi: a brother in the fraternity moons a carful of girls and falls out of the car he is in.

1980-157 - Narrative: Legend: Ghost: Ghosts of Hunter's Woods (Fieldworker: Udall, Lori)
Fieldworker collects the legend of a man and girl who haunt Hunter's Woods in Reston, Virginia. The man's daughter was shot by hunters and died, and the father wandered the woods looking for her, thinking she was lost; father dies a year later and both haunt the woods.

1980-158 - Beliefs: Collection of Folk Beliefs (Fieldworker: Overton, Roger)
Fieldworker collects farming maxims and folk beliefs from her father: when to cut hay, best way to milk a cow, pairing horses.

1980-159 - Narratives: Legends: Legend of Seneca Rocks (Fieldworker: Lambert, Catherine)
Fieldworker collects narrative about the origin of Seneca Rocks while driving with a friend: in order to marry a Chief's daughter, the suitors must climb a mountain.

1980-160 - Music: Handcart Song (Fieldworker: Hovey, Suzanne)
Fieldworker collects a hymn sung by the Churck of Latter Day Saints about handcart: folksong of the early pioneers who crossed the Western Plains for handcart companies.

1980-161 - Narratives: Family: Captain Parker (Fieldworker: Kaplan, Robbie)
Fieldworker collects narrative about the informant's ancestor "Captain Parker:" Texas Ranger who ran a saloon and was con man.

1980-162 - Narrative: Legend: Supernatural: Recurring Blood Stain of Civil War Soldier (Fieldworker: Johnson, Rosalyn)
Fieldworker recounts a legend told by her mother about a stain that remains on the bedroom floor in fieldworker's grandparents' antebellum house. Stain is the blood of a Civil War soldier wounded by inhabitant while searching the house in Augusta Co., Virginia.

1980-163 - Music: Song about a Belly Button (Fieldworker: Lutyk, Nora)
Fieldworker collects a simple song from her mother about belly buttons.

1980-164 - Narratives: Family: "Big Jack" Charles (Fieldworker: Hughes, Alison)
Fieldworker recallls narrative from her family about her maternal grandfather "Big Jack:" he was a miserly man who was stingy and would not respect the last wishes of his wife that she die on a spring bed rather than on a feather bed.

1980-165 - Narratives: Family: Grandfather's Birth (Fieldworker: Nowack, Linda)
Fieldworker collects narratives from her spouse about his father being born in Michigan during a winter storm.

1980-166 - Architecture: Log Cabins, Plain Living on Porter's Mountain (Fieldworker: Rightmire, Diane)
Fieldworker collects information on material culture from Peaks of Otter, Bedford, Virginia: quilts, chairs, railroad spikers, jerky, tabacco growing, log cabins.

1980-168 - Foodways: Recipe for Plum Pudding (Fieldworker: Krause, Frances)
Fieldworker discusses variations of Plum Pudding that her informant makes.

1980-169 - Proverbs:Narratives: Family: Marriage is No Bed of Roses (Fieldworker: Krause, Frances)
Fieldworker discusses some of the oval stones that her informatn had acquired from her female forebears and how they had bean handed down to her.

1981-001 - Narratives: Tall tales: Yes Virginia, There is a Carl Eike (Fieldworker: Pishock, Margaret)
Fieldworker collects narrative from a native of Prince William County about the his time living in the county: ghost stories, political drama, etc.

1981-002 - Oral History: Life: Everett Robey (Fieldworker: Santley, Jennifer)
Not available

1981-003 - Oral History: Life: Will Crouch of Clifton, VA (Fieldworker: Udall, Lori )
Fieldworker presents and discusses Mr. Crouche's narrative of his life-history. Interview.

1981-004 - Groups: Drug Users (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker collects information on drug users, specifically marijuana smokers. Analyzes social setting, personality type, and common myths.

1981-005 - Arts: Folklore from Palestine (Fieldworker: Abdel-Hadi, Qasan)
Fieldworker collects information on Palestinean Art: provides brief historical account of the area, and typical native art work- glasswork, embroidory, pottery.

1981-006 - Groups: Suburban Folklife: Babysitting Co-op (Fieldworker: Bachman, Hildegard)
Fieldworker collects health remedies, child care theories, memorable anecdotes, and babysitter stories from suburban mothers. Analysis of the suburban mother.

1981-007 - Oral History: Life: Mother-in-law, Immigrant from Norway (Fieldworker: Blanchett, Helen)
Fieldworker collects the oral history of her mother-in-law: details about migrating from Norway and arriving in New York, working as a nurse during WWI, the birth of her children.

1981-008 - Foodways: Traditions of the Family Meal (Fieldworker: Edwards, Mike)
Fieldworker collects his traditions of the family meal: the history of prayer, cleanliness, male and female roles, and current status of the ritual meal.

1981-009 - Medicine: A Virginian's Home Remedies (Fieldworker: Fitzgerald, Maureen)
Fieldworker collects medicinal narratives from a coworker: personal narratives about the use of folk medicine he has used, heard about, or seen used.

1981-010 - Narrative: Anecdote: Supernatural: Ghosts Who Are Aggressive toward Women in a Vienna, VA House (Fieldworker: Kidd, Michael)
Fieldworker collects personal accounts of supernatural occurrances at a house in Vienna, Virginia, rented by a group of men. Three women were murdered there twenty years earlier, and the ghosts in the house are aggressive and abusive to women visitors.

1981-011 - Bodylore: Folklore, Cosmetics, and Body Mutilations (Fieldworker: Pfeifle, Claire)
Fieldworker analyzes and recounts the history of the application of cosmetics. Analysis of historical conceptions of beauty and how cosmetics were used to fulfill the fuction of the beautiful.

1981-012 - Groups: La Leche League (Fieldworker: Redenius, Mary)
Fieldworker provides extensive information compiled in interviews about the world-wide La Leche League, a group supporting the breast-feeding of children.

1981-013 - Groups: Carpooling as Transitional Rule (Fieldworker: Smith, Barabra)
Fieldworker analyzes the rituals of the carpooling community, paying special attention to the unspoken rules of carpooling.

1981-014 - Jokes: Jokelore of Bars (Fieldworker: Tandler, Richard)
Fieldworker collects and analyzes an extensive collection of jokes dealing with bars: ethnic, drawn, letter, and spoken jokes.

1981-015 - Narraitves: Legends: Collection of Contemporary Legends (Fieldworker: Alderman, Jeff)
Fieldworker collects narratives and legend about contemporary ghost stories, especially the legend of a woman being buried alive, then found to be in a coma after grave robbers try to cut her finger off.

1981-016 - Narratives: Family: Collection of Family Narratives (Fieldworker: Hagenbrock, Dawn)
Fieldworker collects narratives about the tales of Grizzly Ike, a fictional character in the stories told by the Fieldworker's grandfather.

1981-017 - Narratives: Riddles: Women's stories at Irish wakes, told by mother (Fieldworker: Junquera, Begona)
Not available

1981-018 - Foodways: Family: Recipe for Cake with Fruit (Fieldworker: Blanchett, Helen )
Fieldworker presents mother's recipe for cake with fruit and how it was made. Recipe has been in her family for generations.

1981-019 - Foodways: Sourdough (Fieldworker: Cooper, Claudia)
A family rediscovers heritage in Alaska with sourdough starter

1981-020 - Custom: The Dunifire (Fieldworker: Sacilotto, Robert)
Fieldworker presents ritual of Dunifire performed at a party.

1981-021 - Narratives: Personal: Success Narrative of Immigrant Grandfather (Fieldworker: Blanchett, Helen)
Fieldworker collects her grandfather's stories of succeeding in life: overcoming racism, earning a living to support his family.

1981-022 - Festivals: Thanksgiving Observance with a Small Group (Fieldworker: Santley, Jennifer)
Fieldworker collects information on her friends family traditions on Thanksgiving.

1981-023 - Proverbs: Ethnic: Lithuanian Proverb: "Ilgas plaukas, trumpas protas." (Fieldworker: Sacilotto, Robert)
Fieldworker collects classic Lithuanian proverb from his mother: mother uses it to chastise the Fieldworker for having long hair.

1981-024 - Jokes: Practical: Crank Call (Fieldworker: Tandler, Richard)
Fieldworker collects joke from friend about a crank call: caller pretends their from the power company and gets the other person to not answer their phone for fear of being shocked.

1981-025 - Narratives: Family: Nonna tells about her Grammy Frye (Fieldworker: Davis, Carol)
Fieldworker collects family narrative about her great, great, great grandmother: tales of being at sea with only raisins to eat, a man floating on a door after being shipwrecked, and about a man returning from California during the Gold Rush.

1981-026 - Beliefs: Good Luck to see baby's first tooth (Fieldworker: Redenius, Mary)
Fieldworker collects belief that it is good luck to be the one to find a baby's first tooth: a method in which the baby gets her gums massaged by people, helping the first tooth to break through.

1981-027 - Narratives: Family: Uncle John at an Irish Wake (Fieldworker: Fitzgerald, Maureen)
Fieldworker collects narratives about an audacious uncle who disturbs a wake and travels to the Middle East for an oil company.

1981-028 - Narrative: Legend: Supernatural: Haunted House in Pennsylvania (Fieldworker: Bachman, Hildegard)
Story of a haunted house in Pennsylvania and the informant's curiosity with the house and legend.

1981-029 - Narratives: Legends: Logging Camp Legend of Boy Chased by Wolves (Fieldworker: Pfeifle, C)
Fieldworker collects a Canadian narrative about a boy being chased by wolves across a frozen river.

1981-030 - Music: Children's Song Parodies (Fieldworker: Gimple, Erika)
Fieldworker collects her daughter's song parodies: remakes of Glory, Glory Hallelujah. They mock their school teachers.

2006-051 - Foodways: Martin Family Peanut Brittle (Fieldworker: Martin, Not available)
Foodways: Martin family peanut brittle (digital poster only, no paper)

2005 - Old Free Methodist Church Camp Meetings (Fieldworker: Steele, Joan)
The fieldworker describes her childhood memories of modern craft festivals as well as camp meetings her grandmother and mother experienced.

1977-003 - Occupation: Schoolroom Folklore (Fieldworker: Steele, Joan)
Fieldworker draws on personal experiences as a schoolteacher to discuss folkore on teacher reputation stories, communication, and children's sayings

1977-004 - Narratives: Occupations: Secondary School Teachers (Fieldworker: Green, James)
Fieldworker collects occupational narratives and anecdotes from school teachers about their first experiences in the classroom in both Rhode Island and Virginia.

1977-005 - Folklore of Schoolchildren (Fieldworker: Duda, Michael)
Fieldworker collects personal narratives from informants about their lives attending St. Rita's Elementary School

1977-006 - Oral History of Grandmother Lykens and Philadelphia, PA (Fieldworker: Koons, Margaret )
Fieldworker shares anecdotes of her grandmother.

1977-007 - Narratives: Ghosts: Northern Virginia (Fieldworker: Strickler, Janet)
Fieldworker collects ghost stories and legends from three informants.

1977-008 - Family Folklore from one informant (Fieldworker: Mullin, Teresa)
Fieldworker collects oral history of informant's ancestor who emigrated from Ireland as well as her own life

1977-009 - Oral History of a Ziegfield Follies Girl (Fieldworker: Dixson, Diane)
Fieldworker's oral life history

1977-010 - Oral History of Grandfather, Franklin City, IN 1896- (Fieldworker: Murphy, Roberta)
Fieldworker tlee about his grandfather's life on a farm in Indian at the turn of the century

1977-011 - Oral History: Life: Mother (Fieldworker: Young, Mary)
Fieldworker records her mother's stories about growing up in Maryland

1977-012 - Narratives: Occupations: Historical Museum Guides (Fieldworker: Hurst, Ronald)
Fieldworker collects personal narratives/occupational from guides to historic structures like Colonial Williamsburg, Gunston Hall, etc.

1977-013 - Music: Baptist Gospel Singing Group (Fieldworker: Forsman, June)
Fieldworker's personal narrative and discussion of a Baptist gospel choir

1977-014 - Occupation: Metro Bus Drivers as a Group (Fieldworker: Rice, Ann)
Fieldworker collects occupational narratives from Metro bus drivers in Washington, DC, examining their speech, slang, and customs

1977-015 - Sports: Rugby Players as a Group (Fieldworker: Doherty, Brian)
Fieldworker uses research and interviews to collect the history, rules, song, and dynamics of Rugby and its players

1977-016 - Groups: Revolutionary War Re-enacters: First Virginia Regiment (Fieldworker: Confidential, Confidential)
Using fieldwork and research, fieldworker collects information about dress and customs of Virginia regiment.

1977-017 - Groups: Sports: Golfers (Fieldworker: Lehman, Jr., Ray)
Fieldworker researches aspects of golf culture

1977-018 - Sports: Tennis and Popular Culture (Fieldworker: Kelley, Carol)
Not available

1977-019 - Children's Toys and Games in Popular Culture (Fieldworker: Kolsky, Carol)
Fieldworker reseraches history of toys up to today's marketing and types of toys tied to TV.

1977-020 - Festival: 17th Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (Fieldworker: Palmer, Jackie)
Feilldworker describes her first trade show she set up. She describes the jokes, story-swapping, and initiation for newcomers

1977-021 - Arts: Bodylore: Tattooing (Fieldworker: Jackson, Marian)
Fieldworker discusses history of tatooing and interviews DC tattoo artist.

1977-022 - Narratives: Ghosts: Mark Grubb's Ghost Narratives (Fieldworker: Daughety, Suzanne)
Fieldworker collects ghost stories from adolescent boy with family from central Virginia.

1977-023 - Jokes: Practical: Stewardess Initiation, 1930s (Fieldworker: Hosler, Susan)
The informant's story of initiation prank played on stewardesses by pilots in 1930s where the co-pilot would hide from the stewardess so that she believed he wasn't on the plane and it was her fault he was left behind, Then upon arrival, the copilot would sneak off and pretend he had run on foot to the city.

1977-024 - Narratives: Legends: White Mary (Fieldworker: Steele, Joan)
Informant heard this legend in Salisbury, Pennsylvania-about an Amish beautiful girl who is forbidden to love a non-Amish farm boy and so rode into a pine grove, took off her black dress, put on a white robe and hung herself. Includes two shorter stories, one about a witch's hex, the other of a man buried alive

1977-025 - Customs: Serenading the Newlyweds (Fieldworker: Murphy, Robert )
Informant explains to fieldworker how, a week after she had been married, her relatives put her on a couch in the back of a truck and drove her and her husband around the town with the horn blowing, calling "serenading the bridal couple".

1977-026 - Narratives: Family: Secret Mission to China (Fieldworker: Preufer, Kent)
Fieldworker collects story from family member about stepsiste's Dad's great mission that led to his death in the 50s.

1977-027 - Narratives: Personal: Attacked by Friends (Fieldworker: Mullin, Teresa)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative from her roommate's grandfather about being a teenager in New Jersey: he takes a walk with boys from his athletic club, getting accosted by another group along a path who turned out to be friends, not strangers.

1977-028 - Narratives: Family: Bad Luck Black Cat (Italian Am) (Fieldworker: Gregg, Diana)
Fieldworkers mother story about a sister who brought bad luck-in the form of contracting polio-home/to herself by bringing home a stray black kitten. The father hung the cat over the bathtub, believeing it to be evil.

1977-029 - Narratives: Family: Shipwreck's French Champagne (Fieldworker: Young, Readie)
Informant's grandfather and great grandfather were "fisher folk" who retrieved several cases of French champagne after a shipwreck during prohibition.

1977-030 - Speech: Root or Hog Expression (Fieldworker: Young, Readie)
Informant's expression "root, hog, or lose you taters" comes from her family and "provincial" background, a saying she says often in the presence of the fieldworker

1977-031 - Narratives: Family: Hung for Horse Stealing (Fieldworker: Palmer, Jackie)
Informant's story of a Scots ancestor who traveled to Virginia with an African Am slave. The two of them got drunk and passed out next a horse which one of them took riding while the other slept. The horse died and the locals hung both men for the crime of horse stealing.

1977-032 - Beliefs: Have a Child, Loose a Tooth (Italian Am) (Fieldworker: Koons, Peggy)
Informant heard this belief when she was pregnant from her Italian mother-in-law: "For every child you have, you lose a tooth."

1977-033 - Narratives: Family: Jesse James and the Easterner (Fieldworker: Strickler, Jane )
Transciption of story told to informant by his grandfather about his great grandfather who supposedly knew Jesse James and owned a bar in St. Joseph, Missouri.

1977-034 - Narratives: Family: Maryland Mother (Fieldworker: Young, Mary )
Fieldworker discusses her mother's upbringing on the Maryland Eastern Shore.

1977-035 - Narratives: Family: Farmlife in the Early 1900's (Fieldworker: Murphy, Robert )
Fieldworker collects information on his grandfather's life on a farm in Southeaster Indiana: crops, threshing, children.

1978-001 - Occupations: Oral History of Welsh Am Coal Miner Father (Fieldworker: Dancy, Ann)
Fieldworker collects information on coal mining from her Welsh Am father: his work as a fireboss and foreman in the mines, being raised Welsh in Pennsylvania, Welsh festivals, work as a bratisman, transportation, checking the mine for gas.

1978-002 - Medicine: Kahuna: Folk Healing in Hawaii (Fieldworker: Snyder, Eugene)
Field worker collects information about indigenious medicine in Hawaii from a Kahuna (medicine man): rituals, folk legends, history of the people, differences between the Kahuna La'au kahea and the Kahuna Kuehu, children medicine, how a Kahuna is chosen, training.

1978-003 - Folklore and Literature: Minority Groups in Children's Literature (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker collects information on the history of children's literature for minorities: socialization tools that children's lit plays, review of various ethnic children's books, analysis of ethnic children's books when used in a classroom.

1978-004 - Ethnography of Two Urban Bars (Fieldworker: Bury, Joane)
Fieldworker collects ethnography about two urban bars from local bartenders: discussion of jargon, what constitutes a "regular," music, and setting.

1978-005 - Narratives: Occupation: Historic Site Guides (Fieldworker: Hurst, Ronald)
Fieldworker collects occupational narratives from historic site guides: jargon, insulting obnoxious tourists, museum administration,

1978-006 - Occupations: Ethnography of a Waitress (Fieldworker: Suddath, Lucille)
Fieldworker collects personal occupation narratives about waitressing from a friend: management, dealing with bartenders, jargon, dealing with male customers.

1978-007 - Oral History: Life: Occupation:Grandmother as Rural, Urban Illinois Teacher (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker collects the personal narrative of their grandmother growing up in rural and urban Illinois: working with her deceased brother-skinning calves, drowning kittens, working at a rural school-carrying water in a pail to clean school slates, being promoted from rural schools to urban ones.

1978-008 - Oral History: Life: Italian-Am. Grandmother: Carmel Iannone (Fieldworker: Princiotto, Peter)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative from his grandmother about growing up in New York as an Italian Am: origin of surname, family stories, "the sweep" card game, losing family.

1978-009 - Groups: Carpool as Community in Urban Folklore (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker collects information on their carpools: four different carpools are analyzed for their social pattersn: interpersonal interactions, operations, jokes, carpool journals included.

1978-010 - Oral History: Family: W.R. Reynolds (Tobacco) (Fieldworker: Bates, Tierney)
Fieldworker interviews his father and collects information on the Reynold's Family: origins, Pittsylvania County, Virginia, town characters, growing tobacoo.

1978-011 - Oral History: Life: Interview of Mother (Fieldworker: Brown, Diana)
Fieldworker interviews her mother about being raised in Naticoke, Pennsylvania: father working in a mine, holiday rituals, father's pocket watch, ethnicities in the area.

1978-012 - Oral History: Family: Kelly Family of Arlington, VA 1900-1932 (Fieldworker: Brown, Mary )
Fieldworker collects personal narratives from the Kelly family: moving from DC to Arlington, Va; family home, the privy, trollies, maids, and the Depression.

1978-013 - Narratives: Scuba Diver (Fieldworker: Bruner, M)
Fieldworker collects three stories about scuba diving from a magainze and comments on storytelling as a means to convey and deal with fear.

1978-014 - Oral Traditions from Indiana County, PA (Fieldworker: Cook, Georgia)
Fieldworker collects a variety of traditions and personal narratives from her family: working in the mines, beliefs about love, marriage, birth, infancy, and death; folk speech, folk medicine, cultural customs.

1978-015 - Narratives: Occupation: Coal Mining in Southwestern VA During Depression (Fieldworker: Byram, John)
Fieldworker collects personal narratives on working in coal mines in Virginia during the Depression: equipment, stones, dangers, injuries, companies.

1978-016 - Folklore and Literature: Folklore in Huckleberry Finn (Fieldworker: Crawford, Mark)
Fieldworker studies the use of folklore in Huckleberry Finn: omens, proverbs, folk expressions, tall tales.

1978-017 - Oral History: Life: An American Belgian-Lace Maker (Fieldworker: Hancock, Loraine)
Fieldworker collects information on Belgian -lacing: WWII, linen thread in Belfast, composition of thread, Lace Guild of England, International Old Lacers.

1978-018 - Narratives: Occupations: Hospital Workers (Fieldworker: Hennesse, Tom)
Field worker retells narratives of patients he encountered while working at a hospital: a man scared of ghosts, a dead body sitting up, bed bath, and other stories.

1978-019 - Narratives: Occupations: Geologists (Fieldworker: Hunter, Patricia)
Not available

1978-020 - Oral History of Grandmother, Indiana (Fieldworker: Ingraham, Barbara)
Fieldworker collects narratives from her Grandmother about her life in Tipton, Indiana: violin, home life, doll hats, life in Chicago.

1978-021 - Groups: Interview of Meditation Group (Fieldworker: Miller, Catherine)
Fieldworker interviews members of a meditation group in Reston, Virginia: prayer and psychic cohesion, auras, contacting the dead.

1978-022 - Place: Community Life in Moscow, MD 1904-1924 (Fieldworker: Moreno, Sharon)
Fieldworker collects a brief history of Moscow, Maryland during the time of her grandmother's life.

1978-023 - Narratives: Vermont Humor (Fieldworker: Overton, Lois)
Fieldworker collects tales from a local Vermont man: chicken thieves, automobiles, polio, dairy farm, dealing with large rats.

1978-024 - Groups: Military: Folklore of the Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD (Fieldworker: Powell, Teresa)
Fieldworker collects folklore of the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD from her father Charles Powell: terminology, eating, festivals, monuments.

1978-025 - Occupation: Folklore of Nurses (Fieldworker: Raven, Vikki)
Fieldworker collect stories from three nurses: tales of schizophrenics, working in Cuba, other tales of occupational folklore.

1978-026 - Rites: Georgia Wedding Folklore (Fieldworker: Bersch Roberts, Carren)
Fieldworker thoroughly collects detailed information on her family's history of weddings, from 1812 to the current period: her grandmother details her marriage, courtship, and her family's history of marriage.

1978-027 - Groups: Folklore of the Seasonal Hunter (Fieldworker: Rogers, Debra)
Fieldworker collects information on hunting from her boyfriend: brief history, lingo, etiquette, using dogs to hunt, etc.

1978-028 - Folk Medicine in N VA (Fieldworker: Victor, John)
Fieldworker collects folk remedies from informants: asafedita's to prevent sickness, camphor and whiskey as a cure all, how to prevent bleeding, cancer and other sicknesses

1978-029 - Oral History: Life: A Retired N VA Farmer (Fieldworker: Watson, Janet)
Fieldworker collects the oral history of her husband's life on a farm: raising animals in the Dulles area, surviving lightning storms, avoiding school, etc.

1978-030 - Music: Military: Air Force Folksongs from WW II to Korean War (Fieldworker: Weston, John)
Not available

1978-031 - Architecture: Building a Cabin and more Blue Ridge Folklife in VA (Fieldworker: Wolff, Arthur)
Fieldworker collects information on the architecture of a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia

1978-032 - Place: Folklore and Suburban Growth (Fieldworker: Wyrick, Anita)
Fieldworker collects information on

1978-033 - Groups: Woodley-Nightingale Trailer Park (Fieldworker: Bleck, Roberta)
Fieldworker collects information on Woodly-Nightingale Trailer Park: structure, trailers, facilities.

1978-034 - Narratives: Music: Marijuana Lore from N VA (Fieldworker: Wack, Andrew)
Not available

1979-001 - Place: Blob's Park (Jessup, MD) as Community Center (Fieldworker: Bajusz, Arlene)
Fieldworker interviews a German Am woman about Blob's Park in Jessep, Maryland: a local bar for Eastern European inhabitants: history, food ways, music, community.

1979-002 - Oral History: Life: Mother as Polish Immigrant (Fieldworker: Cahan, David)
Fieldworker collects stories from his Polish immigrant mother: foodways, WWII, life at a American War camp, immigration to the USA after marrying an officer.

1979-003 - Beliefs: Occupations: Palmists in N VA (Fieldworker: Crutchfield, Catherine)
Fieldworker collects information on Palmists in Northern Virginia: learning palmistry, other fortune-tellers, customs and traditions, everyday life, methods. In the end, fieldworker learns its difficult to get info from Palmists.

1979-004 - Narratives: Occupations: War Zone Journalists (Fieldworker: Dancy, Ann)
Fieldworker collects narratives from war zone journalists: reporting in the field, getting shelled, filming footage,

1979-005 - Place: Community of Reston, VA (Fieldworker: Holman, Terry)
Fieldworker collects information on the town of Reston, the Reston town festival.

1979-006 - Music: N VA Bagpiper (Fieldworker: Lowman, III, Henry)
Fieldworker collects information on a Bag Piper in Northern Virginia: growing up Irish in New York City, playing the pipes, pipe structure.

1979-007 - Arts: Urban Potter (Fieldworker: Newland, Janet)
Fieldworker collects information on the art of pottery from a local Fairfax, Virginia potter: how to "throw" a pot, local groups, tools, and lexicon.

1979-008 - Occupation: Ethnography of Night Waiters in Restaurants (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker collects ethnography of night waiters: shared value system, terminology, ethics, and funny stories.

1979-009 - Place: Oral History of Clifton, VA Residents (Fieldworker: Reading, Amy)
Fieldworker collects oral history of Clifton, Virginia from residents: social life, small town life, city development.

1979-010 - Arts: Quilting Revival in N VA (Fieldworker: Bayrer, Ruth)
Fieldworker collects information on the founder of Quilters Unlimited, a national quilting club: info on quilting, philosophy, history of quilting, quilting organization.

1979-011 - Oral History: Life: Ukrainian Am Woman from Buffalo, NY (Fieldworker: Blevins, Kathleen)
Fieldworker collects narratives from a Ukrainian friend who lived in Buffalo, NY: parent's immigration from Ukraine, being raised in a multicultural home, comments on mutliculturalism in Buffalo, New York.

1979-012 - Pregnancy Beliefs from N VA (Fieldworker: Bryant, Maureen)
Fieldworker collects myths from pregnant friends: douching with soft drink prevent pregnancy, determing sex of child-a pair of scissors and a knife, ways of aborting a child.

1979-013 - Place: Oral History of Manassass, VA (Fieldworker: Elkins, Lana)
Fieldworker collects oral history of Manassas, Virginia: origin of name, city planning, the city as R.R. Junction, destruction of the city during the Civil War.

1979-014 - Groups: Folklore in Phi Mu Fraternity (Fieldworker: Fitzgerald, Amy)
Fieldworker collects information on the literary society of Phi Mu Fraternity: history, ideals and virtues.

1979-015 - Bodylore: Folklore of Left-handed People (Fieldworker: Freer, Constance)
Fieldworker collects narratives from her family about being left-handed.

1979-016 - Oral History: Life: of Grandmother. Migration from PA to N VA (Fieldworker: Gaut, Deanna)
Fieldworker collects Oral History of her grandmother: life between 1907-1960, folk cures, life during the Depression, recurrant illness.

1979-017 - Oral History: Life: of Father (Rural Indiana) (Fieldworker: George, Judy)
Fieldworker collects the oral history of the first thirty years of her father's life: growing up on a farm, near death experiences, living during the Depression.

1979-018 - Oral History: Family: Folklore of Hilleary Family of Georgetown (Fieldworker: Hilleary, Cecily)
Fieldworker collects family narratives about relatives raised in Georgetown in Washington, DC: shootings, gangsters, etc.

1979-019 - Groups: Occupations: Folklore of Game Wardens (Fieldworker: McMullen, Florence)
Fieldworker collects occupational folklore concerning game wardens: lingo, dangerous encounters, peeping toms.

1979-020 - Architecture: Description of Southern VA Cabin (Fieldworker: Rightmire, Diane)
Fieldworker collects information on her family's Southern Virginia Cabin: history of the land, description of cabin.

1979-021 - North Carolina Folklore from a Migrant to N VA (Fieldworker: Riopel, Celeste)
Fieldworker collects folklore typical of Norther Carolina: rabbits foot, talking to fire, beliefs about warts.

1979-022 - Architecture: History of author's home in Centerville, VA (Fieldworker: Rivenburg, Mark)
Fieldworker collects the architectual history of her family home in Centerville, Virginia: Alqonquian Indians to present day owners.

1979-023 - Narratives: Fables from Africa (Fieldworker: Sesay, Abraham)
Fieldworker collects fables from Africa: "The Mosquito and the Human Ear;" "The Tortoise and the Bird;" How the Leopard gots its spots."

1979-024 - Folklore from Weldon, NC Grandmother (Fieldworker: Sullivan, Ray)
Fieldworker collects narratives from her grandmother: growing up without a mother, ghosts after dark, Christmas.

1979-025 - Narratives: Family: How a family perceives its members (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker collects family narratives concernig their eccentric habits: bed burning, chicken head twisting, perpetual motion machine.

1979-026 - Foodways: Family: New England (Fieldworker: Zeiher, Jacqueline)
Fieldworker collects family recipes from her mothe: reipes that women in her family had continued to use and pass on generation after generation.

1979-027 - Narratives: Children's Belief Narratives about Food, Food Processes (Fieldworker: Zuver, Charles)
Fieldworker collects children's narratives about food: insects in food, exploding stomachs, death.

1979-028 - Place: Folklore of Heber, Utah (Fieldworker: Furr, Ruth)
Fieldworker collects place narratives of Heber, Utah: origin, character tales, personal narratives of residents.

1979-029 - Oral History: Life: North Carolina Grandmother (Fieldworker: Martin, Donna)
Fieldworker collects the oral history of her grandmother Bertha Walsh: birth on a farm, marriage to an alcoholic, living life alone, shooting cows, quilts.

1979-030 - Oral History: Life: Lotta Grace Gilbert (aunt; MD) (Fieldworker: Cooley, Faith)
Fieldworker collects her aunt's oral history: a twin with cholera, living with five girls, Halloween story, courting.

1979-031 - Oral History: Life: Mary Latimer Cordner (dramatic recitation) (Fieldworker: Hughes, A)
Fieldworker collects the life narrative of Mary Latimer Cordner: her study of speech, being as a platform speaker on the chattaqua curcuit in New York.

1979-032 - Occupations: Ethnography of Automobile Service (Fieldworker: Hughes, A)
Fieldworker collects various ethnographic beliefs about automobiles and servicing: technicians abuse of knowledge, lingo, and misogeny

1979-033 - Narratives: Family: Tales from Puerto Rican Mother (Fieldworker: Casanova de Casanova, Dianna)
Fieldworker collects family tale from her mother: a baby crying from inside the womb, a ghost haunting the valley below their family home, etc.

1979-034 - Narrative: Anecdote: Ghost: Old Woman Haunts House in Christiansburg, Virginia (Fieldworker: Newland, Janet)
Fieldworker collects co-worker's story of a young girl who is told by the old woman next door that she (the old woman) will live in her house after death. Girl's family moves into her house after her death and hears a rocking chair in the attic; girl has dreams of old woman.

1979-035 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: Dead Mother Collects Seashells for her Grave (Fieldworker: Crutchfield, Catherine)
Fieldworker collects cousin's story about finding a pile of seashells on his mother's grave in Kilmarnock. Collecting shells was mother's hobby. Son is comforted by supernatural occurrence.

1979-036 - Legend Trips: Ghosts: Narratives on Maryland's Eastern Shore (Fieldworker: Hall, Stephanie)
Fieldworker presents her masters thesis on the context behind legend trips on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

1979-037 - Narratives: Legends: Supernatural: Mount Vernon Big Foot (Fieldworker: Lowman, III, Henry)
Fieldworker's description and transcription of a conversation with his friend who describes another friend's "research" of a Big Foot in the swamps around Mt. Vernon. Not only did the researcher have a footprint but he also played a tape for the informant of noises made by the creature. Refers to local sightings and investigations in North Carolina.

1979-038 - Narrative: Legend: Ghost: White House and Capitol (Fieldworker: Bajusz, Arlene)
Fieldworker's account of stories she has heard about the presence of ghosts in the White House and the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. Ghosts include Dolly Madison, who apparently scolded a gardener for attemping to move her rose garden, Lincoln, who knocks on doors and appeared to E. Roosevelt, and Mary Lincoln, who supposedly moans on the anniversary of her husband's death.

1979-039 - Narratives: Legends: Supernatural: Headlights of the Conejo Grade (Fieldworker: Mandes, Connie)
Informant, in telling about her childhood in California, describes a legend about a stretch of highway near the ocean called the Conejo Grade, where a truck driver crashed due to fog--people found it due to the truck's headlights beaming straight into the sky. Even after the truck and dead driver were removed, on foggy nights those same lights can bee seen; are called "Los Ojos Luminos del Conejo Grade."

1979-040 - Narrative: Legend: Supernatural: The Killer Tar Boon (Fredericksburg) (Fieldworker: Paisley, Eddie)
Informant tells story about a friend's encounter with a furry, supernatural creature called "Tar Boon" who attacked his mother and who could not be killed with a gun. Tar Boon wrenches off head of man hunting for the monster.

1979-041 - Narratives: Legends: Kentucky Fried Rat (Fieldworker: Reading, Amy)
Fieldworker transcribes modern legend she heard a few years prior about a worker at a local Kentucky Fried Chicken who attemtped to play a joke on a friend by dipping a rat in the batter, disguising it as a chicken.

1979-042 - Narratives: Legends: Rat Tail in the Twinkie (Fieldworker: Newland, Janet)
Not available

1979-043 - Narratives: Legends: Mikey Killed by Pop Rocks (Fieldworker: Crutchfield, Catherine)
Fieldworker's mother's anecdote about a coworker who said she didn't eat Twinkies anymore after having bit into one and found a rat's tail inside.

1979-044 - Narratives: Legends: Cat Heads in Chinese Food (Reston) (Fieldworker: Holman, Terry)
Fieldworker hears this legend often in her office: a nearby Chinese restaurant uses cat heads in their food, although there are no facts to support the claim.

1979-045 - Oral History: Life: Choosing the Suburbs (Fieldworker: Pishock, Margaret)
Informant's description of living in the city as opposed to living in the suburbs, focusing on social interaction, living space, privacy, freshness of food, city organizations, and the cost of living.

1979-046 - Narratives: Personal: Living in Suburbia (Fieldworker: Newland, Janet)
Informant's discussion of reasons why they moved to the suburbs of DC including traffic, cultural attributes, the downside of living in the suburbs also expressed.

1979-047 - Narratives: Personal: Opinions of DC Suburbs (Fieldworker: Bajusz, Arlene)
Informant's comparision of DC Suburbs to other places-compared to New York, the suburbs are found to be favorable, but compared to Hawaii/Nevada, they are "more desolate than the desert."

1979-048 - Narratives: Personal: the Family Chesterbrook Store (Fieldworker: Cahan, David)
Informant's description of a Chesterbrook Store owned by her grandparents where the men would talk, wager about the weather on Christmas and eat candy; talks about the excitement of Christmas turkeys, cutting down Christmas tree, a helpful neighbor.

1979-049 - Narratives: Personal: Attacks on Women on Campus (Fieldworker: Holman, Terry)
Fieldworker's transcription of a conversation overheard on the George Mason Campus. A female tells a male about two attacks she's heard about, one having taken place in front of the library, two other concerning a girl dragged to a tree, tied up, and whipped with chains.

1979-050 - Narratives: Legends: Washington Slept Under this Rock (Fieldworker: Pishock, Margaret)
Fieldworkers father's story about a rock in Valley Forge where George Washington camped, which is near a spring that people visited to fill jugs of the water there. Supposedly so polluted the water was called Schuglkill Punch, the place was closed off.

1979-051 - Narrative: Legend: Scissor Man (Fieldworker: Pishock, Margaret)
Fieldworker's sister tells legend that happened in Whitehall, Pennsylvania: the scissor man would jump out at girls walking at night and chop off their hair.

1979-052 - Speech: Shivering When Someone Walks on your Grave (Fieldworker: Paisley, Eddie)
When the fieldworker shivered, the informant asked if someone had walked over his grave, something she heard her mother and grandmother say, a saying she says without knowing what it means.

1979-053 - Narratives: Legends: Military: Billy the Vietnam Vet (Fieldworker: Paisley, Eddie)
Fieldworkers transcription and discussion of stories informant heard as a child about a neighborhood Vietnam Veteran who was supposedly crazy.

1979-054 - Beliefs: Natural Signs Forecasting Weather (Fieldworker: Wolff, Arthur)
Fieldworker collects beliefs of informant about natural signs that predict the weather: dew on the ground, cows lying down, orange band on a woolly worm, the rings around the moon.

1979-055 - Speech: Polock Slur (Polish Am) (Fieldworker: Hennese, Tom)
Fieldworker collects slur overheard in an emergency room, talking about a "dumb Polock" in relation to his pain.

1979-056 - Proverbs: Clean Your Own Backyard (Fieldworker: Brown, Diana)
Fieldworker collects proverb from her mother: "Clean out your own backyard before you clean out somebody else's" that she thinks she heard her mother say to her in Polish.

1979-057 - Narrative: Personal: Ghost: A Ghost's Tricks (Fieldworker: Brown, Diana)
Fieldworker's friend discusses a house she lived in where strange things happened: a cold spot in the house, stereo turned on by itself, noises made in closets, dresser items sent crashing to the floor as if by invisible hand. Informant thought at first the ghost had a sense of humor, but crashing frightened her. She moved.

1979-058 - Narratives:Legends: Family: Ionni Falls for a Gypsy (Greek Am) (Fieldworker: Brown, Diana)
Fieldworker collects narrative from his mother about a boy who falls in love with a gypsy girl. The girl asks for many displays of affection, finally asking for his mother's heart.

1979-059 - Narratives: Legends: Stories of a House (Fieldworker: Watson, Janet)
Fieldworker collects stories she heard about her house when she bought it in the 1930s: the tragedy of former owners, the thick walls built to protect against Indians, origin of the bricks, nearby route 7 being an old Indian trail.

1979-060 - Customs: Chainletter (Fieldworker: Crutchfield, Catherine)
Fieldworker collects a chainletter that is addressed to housewives, asking them to pass the letter on with their husbands included so that eventually every woman will receive hundreds of men and will have their choice.

1979-061 - Jokes: Military: Moron Jokes told during WWII (Fieldworker: Rightmire, Diane )
Fieldworker presents a handwritten list of WWII era moron jokes that the informant had carried during WWII.

1980-001 - Groups: Falls Church Community Center (Fieldworker: Amacher, Marylou)
Fieldworker collects information on the Falls Church Community Center: recreation department, development, staff and programs, philosophical functions.

1980-002 - Narratives: Things That Can Go Wrong At Weddings (Fieldworker: Atchison, Gail)
Fieldworker collects narratives from couples about mishaps that may occur for the newlywed: jokes, bad hair, ring bearers, dresses.

1980-003 - Groups: Occupations: Folklore of Ballet (Fieldworker: Blunk, Kelly)
Fieldworker collects information on ballet: costume, performance, pictuers of rehearsal and performance.

1980-004 - Groups: Theta Chi Fraternity Folklore (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker collects narratives and songs from the Theta Chi Fraternity at GMU, Fairfax, Virginia.

1980-005 - Festival: Clifton Day: The Making of a Tradition (Fieldworker: Childs, Francis)
Fieldworker interviews three people about Clifton Day Festival in Fairfax County Virginia: history, art show, crafts.

1980-006 - Groups: Occupations: Folklore of Construction Workers (Fieldworker: Giles, III, Howard)
Fieldworker recounts occupational narratives from fellow construction workers in Manassas, Virginia: accounts of strength, humor, and anecdotes.

1980-007 - Medicine: Variations in Cold Remedies (Fieldworker: Holup, Joseph)
Fieldworker collects folk remedies to cure the common cold: tea whiskey, kerosene, salt and alcohol, jimpson weed leaf.

1980-008 - Lesson Plan: Learning Skills Through Folklore (Fieldworker: Houghton, Monica)
Fieldworker argues for the use of folklore in the classroom as a means to improve the learning skills of those being taught: method, criteria, exercises.

1980-009 - Narratives of An Aviation Pioneer (Fieldworker: Hughes, Allison)
Fieldworker collects narrative from a former aviator: state of aviation in the years between 1928 and 1966, instruments, jargon.

1980-010 - Groups: Occupations: Free-Lance Court Reporters (Fieldworker: Johnson, Roselyn)
Fieldworker collects information on freelance court reporters: women, men, tools, analysis.

1980-011 - Place: Vienna, VA Folklore (Fieldworker: Kaplan, Roberta)
Fieldworker collects information on the folklore of Vienna, Virgina: history, entertainment, local legends, ethnography.

1980-012 - Arts: Changes in American Cemeteries (Fieldworker: King, Edwin)
Fieldworker collects history, beliefs, and cultural changes in American Cemeteries: types of cemeteries, grave markers, analysis.

1980-013 - Family: Family Photography As Folklore (Fieldworker: Lambert, Catherine)
Fieldworker collects family photography: family legend, proverbs, jokes.

1980-014 - Groups: Religions: Divine Healing Among Charismatics (Fieldworker: Lutyk, Nora)
Fieldworker collects information on the Charismatic Christian Church in Fairfax, Virginia: beliefs on divine healing.

1980-015 - Arts: Braiding Rugs (Fieldworker: Meekhof, Joyce)
Fieldworker collects information on braided rugs: wool, braiding tools, technique, color pattern, anecdotes, philosophies.

1980-016 - Beliefs: Customs: Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Early Childhood (Fieldworker: Nowak, Linda)
Fieldworker collects extensive beliefs about childbirth, pregnancy, and early childhood from informants: mythology, medical practices, beliefs.

1980-017 - Narratives of Morticians (Fieldworker: O'Connor, Kate)
Fieldworker collects narratives from the local historian and mortician in Herndon, Virginia.

1980-018 - Music: Blues in Black Culture: "Sonny" Smith (African Am) (Fieldworker: Overton, Roger)
Fieldworker collects information on the origins of Blues, especially of musican "Sonny" Smith.

1980-019 - Oral History: Life: "Hermit" of Pensive Lane (Latvian Am) (Fieldworker: Ready, Lynn)
Fieldworker interviews an old Latvian man who is a real life "hermit:" he owns a bookstore and tells her about his life.

1980-020 - Place: Folklore From Mississippi (Fieldworker: Roempke, Lise)
Fieldworker collects narratives about working at a nuclear power plant in Mississippi: occupational folklore, receipes.

1980-021 - Beliefs: Number Seven in Culture (Fieldworker: Scott, Rick)
Fieldworker collects the symbolic history the number seven in culture: biblical stories, games, popular culture.

1980-022 - Oral History: Occupations: Fairfax Station Post Office (Fieldworker: Smith, Barabara)
Fieldworker collects narratives about the Fairfax Station Post Office: opening, eary years, runnings.

1980-023 - Groups: Sports: Baseball Folklore (Fieldworker: Sponaugle, Richard)
Fieldworker collects superstitions from a former professional minor league baseball player.

1980-024 - Place: Folklore of South Mississippi (Fieldworker: Swanson, Belinda)
Fieldworker collects narratives from two small Mississippi towns: material art, folk remedies, legends.

1980-025 - Bumper Stickers at GMU (Fieldworker: Touchet, Jane)
Fieldworker collects information on bumper stickers found on GMU Campus: brief history of the bumper sticker, political ramifications, and humor.

1980-026 - Arts: Occupations: Blacksmithing as a Folk Craft (Fieldworker: Udall, Lori )
Fieldworker discusses interview with informant Dan Gilman, a blacksmith in Northern Virginia.

1980-027 - Occupations: Railroading in the Southeast US (Fieldworker: Willis, Louise)
Fieldworker collects information on railroads from her brother-in-law: diction, relations between genders, dress, lifestyle, etc.

1980-028 - Groups: Occupations: Folklore of Medical Students (Fieldworker: Wolicki, Wilma)
Fieldworker collects info and narratives from his son concerning folklore in medical school: jokes, stories, and practices.

1980-029 - Oral History: Life: Father's Immigration from Azerbaidjhan S.S.R. (Fieldworker: Yusufoglu, Eldar)
Fieldworker collects the life history of his father: immigration from Azerbaidjhan, life during the invasion of Germany, and Islamic customs.

1980-030 - Medicine: Women as Healers (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker collects a short history of the women healers beginning with indigenous healers of the past to contemporary RNs.

1980-031 - Groups: Religions: Mormon Missionaries (Fieldworker: Furr, Ruth)
Fieldworker collects narratives about Mormon Missionaries: attending the MTC, style, learnings, and humor.

1980-032 - Oral History: Family: Ohio Family (Fieldworker: Garden, Linda)
Fieldworker collects narratives from her Uncle Leonard about being raised on a farm in Vanceburg, Ohio.

1980-033 - Narratives: Family: Narratives of Mother (Hungarian Am) (Fieldworker: Lehman, J)
Fieldworker collects family narratives from his mother: death of her father, a witches burial, beliefs.

1980-034 - Groups: Occupations: Folklore of FBI Agents (Fieldworker: Reilly, Daniel)
Fieldworker collects narratives from FBI agents concerning "meloncholy situations": stories about street arrests.

1980-035 - Festivals: Family: Mother's Recollection of Christmas (Fieldworker: Brower, Cathy)
Fieldworker collects information on the origins of Christmas and the various rituals her Mother practiced in her German heritage.

1980-036 - Festivals: Union, Maine Fair (Fieldworker: Cramer, Beth)
Fieldworker collects information on the Union, Maine Fair: history, events, and farming skills.

1980-037 - Arts: Annandale, VA Methodist Church Cemetery (Fieldworker: Crosby, Johnathon)
Fieldworker collects information on the various shapes and epitaphs of Annandale, Virginia's Methodist Church Cemetery.

1980-038 - Groups: Sports: Sports Folklore (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker briefly describes how professional athletes are the modern day hero and then analyzes various superstitions that occur in baseball, football, basketball, tennis and golf.

1980-039 - Lesson Plan for Grades 4-6 Folklore (Fieldworker: Evans, Cynthia)
Fieldworker provides accessible lesson plans for Grades 4-6 to introduce them to the various aspects of folklore: items, folk groups, and fieldwork.

1980-040 - Narratives: Functions of Traditional Marchen (Fieldworker: Kenaga, Heidi)
Not available

1980-041 - Oral History: Life: Daughter of Sicilian Immigrants (Fieldworker: Kimball, Marybeth)
Not available

1980-042 - Foodways: Folklore of Bread (Fieldworker: Lane, Mary)
Fieldworker collects a brief history of the religious and historical use of bread: receipes.

1980-043 - Oral History: Life: Grandmother (Fieldworker: Nichols, Donna)
Fieldworker collects a narratvive from her grandmotehr about her life growing up on a farm, attending college on a scholarship, and then teaching until getting married.

1980-044 - Music: History of Gospel Music (Fieldworker: Recore, Bonnie)
Fieldworker examines white gospel music in the southeast, tracing its roots in camp meetings to current popular versions.

1980-045 - Narratives: Family: Religions: Mormon Church (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker recounts his family's experiences in and out of the Mormon Church: history and recounting of the move away from the Mormon faith.

1980-046 - Festivals: Molly Stark Cannon Firing in New Boston, NH (Fieldworker: Hovey, Suzanne)
Fieldworker collects information on the cannon "Molly Stark:" festival firing, history, location of its keeping, etc.

1980-047 - Narratives: Legends: Place Name of Cabin John, MD (Fieldworker: Hilleary, Cecily)
Fieldworker collects legend about Cabin John, Maryland's name: a man built a cabin and, after burying a treasure on his land, it is burnt down.

1980-048 - Proverbs: "You Can Dress 'Em Up. . ." (Fieldworker: Findley, Lana)
Fieldworker collects proverb from a friend about men: "You can dress'em up but you sure can't take'em out!"

1980-049 - Proverbs: "Cold as a Witch's Tit" (Fieldworker: Kline, Annmarie)
Fieldworker collects proverb from a friend after a cold winter's night: "Cold as a witch's tit."

1980-050 - Narratives: Legends: Dead Body Lost in Mail (Cuban) (Fieldworker: Hilleary, Cecily)
Fieldworker collects legend from informant about dying woman who tells why she doesn't want her body sent back to Cuba: her sister's remains, after being cremated, was sent to Cuban relatives who mistake the remains for a vitamin supplement and made a milkshake out of them.

1980-051 - Oral History: Interview with a Maine Logger (Fieldworker: Reay, Willy)
Fieldworker interviews a conventional Maine Logger: discussion of personal relationships amongst loggers, work environment, and beliefs amongst loggers.

1980-052 - Beliefs: Parking Spaces at Shopping Centers (Fieldworker: Hilleary, Cecily)
Fieldworker collects proverb from a friend: "If you get a good parking place at a shopping center, you'll find what you are looking for inside."

1980-053 - Narratives: Personal: Fear of the Dark and Scarey Dog (Fieldworker: Rivenburg, Mark)
Fieldworker recounts a childhood narrative about a playing outside his house at night and seeing a massive dog: discusses the local legend surrounding the animal.

1980-054 - Foodways: Recipe for Gruetz (German) (Fieldworker: George, Judy)
Fieldworker collects the receipe for her Grandmother's Gruetz, a dist made from the meat of a pig's head.

1980-055 - Narrative: Personal: Ghost: "Man's Face in the Window" (Fieldworker: George, Judy)
Fieldworker recounts her own story of a night when her cousins slept over and, after telling ghost stories well after bedtime, thought they saw a man's face peering into a window in the house. Mother also sees face, but family finds no evidence of man outside.

1980-056 - Narratives: Legends: Girl Disappears on a Date (Fieldworker: Zeiher, Jacqueline)
Fieldworker collects a narrative from her husband about the legend of Barbara Pachiate: she went on a date with her boyfriend and then was missing the next morning.

1980-057 - Beliefs: Using Roots to Control Men (Fieldworker: Bryant, Maureen)
Fieldworker collects belief from a coworker about a woman who used roots to control her husband.

1980-058 - Narratives: Personal: Mother Gives Birth at 17 (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker recounts her personal experience of having a child at seventeen: mistakenly taken to the pediatrics ward instead of the ostetrics; analysis of pride in having a child at that age.

1980-059 - Narratives: Ghosts: Dead Child Shows in Photograph (Fieldworker: Bayrer, Ruth)
Fieldworker documents a friend's story about a dead boy whose ghost appears. Informant was told the story by her son's godparents. The godparents' had twin boys, and one twin son died when a baby. Dead son repeatedly showed up in pictures the godparents took of their surviving twin son.

1980-060 - Narratives: Personal: Childhood Near-death Experience (Frankfurt, Germany) (Fieldworker: Kline, Annemarie)
Fieldworker recounts the time in her childhood where she read by candlelight, and after hiding the candle beneath her bed and falling asleep, awakes to discover he mattress on fire.

1980-061 - Narratives: Ghosts: Man Beheaded by Train (Fieldworker: Sullivan, Ray)
Fieldworker collects a legend about a man beheaded by a train; he then collects his sister's version of the narrative and compares and contrasts the versions.

1980-062 - Narratives: Legends: Copperheads in Rollercoaster Car at Fair (Fieldworker: Fitzgerald, Amy)
Fieldworker collects narrative about a girl whose father uknowingly places her in a roller coaster car with copperhead snakes. Her screaming is mistaken for amusement.

1980-063 - Narratives: Legends: Old Maid Sisters and Murderer/ Escaped Lunatic (Fieldworker: McMullen, Florence)
Fieldworker collects narrative about two maids who receive warning about an escaped lunatic: one sister stays up sewing, the other goes to bed only to wake up to find the mad man pulling her dead sisters hair out.

1980-064 - Narratives: Personal: Cemetery Worker Accidentally Frightens Woman (Fieldworker: Cooley, Faith)
Fieldworker collects narrative from a friend about his time working in a graveyard: scared a woman while working on the underground sprinkler system.

1980-065 - Narratives: Personal: Fear and Imagined Danger (Fieldworker: Blevins, Kathleen)
Fieldworker relates her experience of fear: while on a trail with a friend, she sees a man hiding in the dark on the side of the trail; she recounts analyzes the fear she felt and the conclusion of the event.

1980-066 - Narratives: Family: Getting the Family Name (Fieldworker: Bryant, Maureen )
Fieldworker collects narrative from her father concerning the origin of his name: parents had a hired hand who threatened to quit if they didn't name her Maurice.

1980-067 - Narratives: Legends: Cats in Chinese Food (Fieldworker: Gaut, Deanna)
Fieldworker collects narrative about health inspectors finding frozen cats in the freezer of local Chinese restaurant.

1980-068 - Proverbs: "When You Make Your Bed" (Fieldworker: Fitzgerald, Amy)
Fieldworker collects proverb from her mother: " When you make your bed, you must lie in it."

1980-069 - Narratives: Supernatural: Civil War Spy Buried Alive in Church (Fieldworker: Freer, Constance)
Fieldworker collects narrative about a churck in Arlington, Virginia that is supposed to have a body of a Civil War spy buried in its foundations.

1980-070 - Narratives: Personal: Mowing Lawn with Bladeless Mower after Smoking Marijuana (Fieldworker: Zuver, Charles)
Fieldworker recounts the time he mowed his boss's lawn after smoking marijuana.

1980-071 - Narratives: Legends: Killer in the Backseat (Fieldworker: DeZarn, Guy)
Fieldworker collects legend narrative about a killer in the backseat of a new driver's car; driver is saved by a gas attendant.

1980-072 - Narratives: Legends: Saco River Curse (Native Am; Maine) (Fieldworker: Riopel, Celeste)
Fieldworker collects narrative about the Saco River in Maine: a Native Am boy insists on fishing, drowns, his father curses the river and now every year four people by drowning.

1980-073 - Narratives: Legend of the Jamestown Marriage (Fieldworker: Riopel, Celeste)
Fieldworker collects narrative about the Jamestown Marriage: a reverend married a young girl against the mother's wishes and, after everyone died and was buried, a tree grew between the reverend and his wife, pushing the wife nearer to her mother.

1980-074 - Jokes: Ethnic: Joke about Blacks told by White Man (Fieldworker: DeZarn, Guy)
Fieldworker collects racist joke about African Am: three African Am are confused and can't tell the sun from the moon.

1980-075 - Foodways: Recipe for Fish Stew (Fieldworker: Blevins, Kathleen)
Fieldworker collects a fish stew recipe from her friend from Turbeville, South Carolina.

1980-076 - Jokes: Light Bulb Joke (Fieldworker: Zuver, Charles)
Fieldworker collects joke from a friend about Californians: "How many Californians does it take to screw in a light bulb? Four. One to change the bulb and three to "experience" it.

1980-077 - Jokes: Riddle Joke (Family) (Fieldworker: Cooley, Faith)
Fieldworker collects a joke her aunt remembers that was played on the aunt as a child by her older brother: "How many wells does it take to make a sea? Only one, if it's big enough."

1980-078 - Narratives: Personal: Rural Conservation Officer (Fieldworker: McMullen, Florence)
Fieldworker collects narrative from a game warden who chased a boy to a creek, the boy told him the belief about making it to the creek, judge lets the boy off on the argument of that belief: "Safe in the middle of the creek."

1980-079 - Jokes: Ethnic: Air Force (Fieldworker: Valois, Judy)
Fieldworker collects a joke from her brother about the French Air Force: "did you hear that the French Air Force has developed a new kind of parachute? It opens on impact."

1980-080 - Beliefs : Entering a New Church ( French Canadian) (Fieldworker: Bayrer, Ruth)
Fieldworker collects belief from her mother that when one enters a church you have never entered before, you must make a wish.

1980-081 - Narratives: Legends: Place Name of Weldon, NC (Fieldworker: Sullivan, Ray)
Fieldworker collects legend accounting for the naming of Weldon, North Carolina: railroad official said the track laid through the community was "Well done."

1980-082 - Foodways: Family: Recipe for Christmas Plum Pudding (Scottish) (Fieldworker: Rightmire, Diane)
Fieldworker collects receipe for her family's plum pudding.

1980-083 - Jokes: Ethnic: Alcohol and the Irish (Fieldworker: Gaut, Deanna)
Fieldworker collects joke about a sign put up in an Irish tavern: "Don't drink and drive, you might spill your beer!"

1980-084 - Beliefs: Good Fortune (Fieldworker: Rivenburg, Mark)
Fieldworker collects belief from his family that a person who lives their life with a positive attitude will have God and good fortune on their side.

1980-085 - Jokes: Ethnic: Polish, German, and Italian (Fieldworker: Rivenburg, Mark)
Fieldworker collects a joke about the Olympics and three men: one Polish, one German, another Italian. Joke revolves around the ethnic history of each man.

1980-086 - Insults: Ugly Woman (Fieldworker: Zuver, Charles)
Fieldworker collects an insult concerning ugly women: "She was so ugly her mother had to tie a pork chop around her neck to get the dog to play with her."

1980-087 - Beliefs: Pregnancy (Fieldworker: Rightmire, Diane)
Fieldworker collects belief from friend about pregnancy: as soon as one gets rid of the baby stuff of one child, the mother will ironically get pregnant again.

1980-088 - Proverbs: "Opposites Attract" (Fieldworker: Valois, Judy)
Fieldworker collects belief that "opposites attract" from a friend: friend believe that differences (rather than similarities) in character are needed in order for a relationship to work.

1980-089 - Beliefs: Marriage (Fieldworker: Sullivan, Ray)
Fieldworker collects

1980-090 - Narratives: Legends: Religions: Why Dogs and Cats Fight Each Other (Islamic) (Fieldworker: Sesay, Ibrahim)
Fieldworker collects narrative explaining the origin of the ancient feud between cats and dogs that goes back to Noah and the Ark.

1980-091 - Proverbs: "Time and the Devil Will Tell" (Fieldworker: George, Judy)
Fieldworker collects proverb from a pastor that answers difficult theological questions: "Time and the Devil will tell."

1980-092 - Proverbs: "Why Buy the Cow when You can get the Milk Free?" (Fieldworker: Zeiher, Jacqueline)
Fieldworker collects proverb from her mother about sex and marriage: "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free."

1980-093 - Beliefs: Dangerous City Air (Fieldworker: Martin, Donna)
Fieldworker collects a belief from her mother that Washington, DC's polluted air causes or promotes the flu, cold, etc.

1980-094 - Legends: Supernatural Turtle (Family) (Fieldworker: Riopel, Celeste)
Fieldworker collects a story about a large, supernatural turtle and examines the informants relationship to the story as well as his views.

1980-095 - Proverb: "Worthless as Tits on a Boar Hog" (Fieldworker: McMullen, Florence)
Fieldworker collects proverb from her husband about a useless trainie: "Worthless as tits on a boar hog."

1980-096 - Proverbs: "The Harder you Work, The Luckier You Get" (Fieldworker: DeZarn, Guy)
Fieldworker collects proverb from his father about luck: "The harder you work, the luckier you get."

1980-097 - Proverbs: "I Never Chew My Cabbage Twice" (Fieldworker: Blevins, Kathleen)
Fieldworker collects proverb from a friend about not repeating oneself in a conversation by saying, "I never chew my cabbage twice."

1980-098 - Proverbs: "Mind Your P's and Q's" (Fieldworker: Sweeney, Jacqueline)
Fieldworker collects the proverb "Mind your p's and q's" and gives it history: pubs in England

1980-099 - Beliefs: Jumping into the New Year (Fieldworker: Freer, Constance)
Fieldworker collects belief that on New Year's Eve, just before the stroke of midnight, everyone must climb up on a chiair and then jump into the new Year, directly after midnight.

1980-100 - Proverbs: "I See, said the Blind Man" (Fieldworker: Reay, Willy)
Fieldworker collects proverb from a friend after "bullshitting" at the workplace.

1980-101 - Proverbs: "Don't Trouble Trouble" (Fieldworker: Gotte, Steve)
Fieldworker collects proverb from his grandmother while working on her house: "Don’t trouble trouble until trouble troubles you."

1980-102 - Beliefs: Seashells and Bad Luck (Fieldworker: Bayrer, Ruth)
Fieldworker collects belief from a friend that a seashell in a home will bring bad luck on those who live there.

1980-103 - Beliefs: Interstate Traffic Tickets (Fieldworker: Gaut, Deanna)
Fieldworker collects belief that if one get an interstate traffic ticket and pays it immediately the home State of the driver will not be notified.

1980-104 - Beliefs: Pregnancy Beliefs in Caribbean (Fieldworker: Cooley, Faith)
Fieldworker collects belief that by douching with biocarbonate soda a woman will more likely concieve a boy.

1980-105 - Beliefs: Gifts With Sharp Edges (Fieldworker: Shipp, Pam)
Fieldworker collects belief that with every gift that has a sharp point one must also give a silver piece.

1980-106 - Proverbs and Beliefs from Spain (Fieldworker: Casanova de Casanova, D)
Fieldworker collects family proverb and belief about luck and fortune: translated from the Spanish, "To a poor man, everything comes at once." In English, "Everything comes to he who waits."

1980-107 - Proverbs: Collection of Turkish Proverbs (Fieldworker: Donahue, Sonja)
Fieldworker collects variety of Turkish proverbs and analyzes them in relation to similar North American proverbs.

1980-108 - Beliefs: Predicting the sex of a baby by the heart rate (Fieldworker: Nowack, Linda)
Fieldworker collects belief from her husband that a baby's gender may be predicted by the heartrate: >140 beats is a girl; < 140 beats is a boy.

1980-109 - Proverbs: "If you need to know what to do. . ." (Fieldworker: O'Connor, Kate)
Fieldworker collects proverb from a child about knowing of what one is capable of performing: "If you need to know what you can: stand on your head and spit nickles."

1980-110 - Jokes: About drinking beer (Fieldworker: Roempke, Lisa)
Fieldworker collects joke about a three-beer drunk from a coworker: sobriety.

1980-111 - Narratives: The Farmer and his Horse (Fieldworker: Smith, Barbara)
Fieldworker collects folktale about a farmer who, in order to save money, starts feeding his horse less and less until, having saved money, finds his horse dead.

1980-112 - Beliefs: "What you worship is what will control you." (Fieldworker: Lutyk, Nora)
Fieldworker collects belief about control from a priest: Satan wants to become God therefore he needs worshippers to control; the belief is that "What you worship is what will control you."

1980-113 - Medicine: Belief in Cure for baby who stretches too much (Fieldworker: Willis, G.)
Fieldworker collects belief that a baby can be cured of stretching too much by being wrapped the father's shirt and carried across a bridge.

1980-114 - Proverbs: "There never was a pot so crooked . . ." (Fieldworker: Wolicki, Wilma)
Fieldworker collects proverb about relationships and women who meet men.

1980-115 - Proverbs: "Busier than a bee in a bucket of tar." (Fieldworker: Lambert, Cathy)
Fieldworker collects proverb from her brother about being busy.

1980-116 - Proverbs: "You have to pet the cow to get the calf." (Fieldworker: Johnson, Rosalyn)
Fieldworker collects a Scandinavian proverb about relationships: : "You have to pet the cow to get the calf." Ethics of dating.

1980-117 - Beliefs: "When one twin dies . . ." (Fieldworker: Swanson, Belinda)
Fieldworker collects belief from her grandmother that when one twin dies, the other will die soon after of a broken heart.

1980-118 - Beliefs: Predicting the first frost of the season with katydids (Fieldworker: Childs, Fran)
Fieldworker collects a belief from a friend that once one hears the Katydids winter's first frost will arrive soon.

1980-119 - Beliefs: Full moon and hospital wards (Fieldworker: Holup, Joseph)
Fieldworker collects belief that during a full moon hospital wards "go crazy."

1980-120 - Beliefs: Putting butter on a cat's paws (Fieldworker: Hughes, Alison)
Fieldworker collects belief that putting butter on a cat's paw will inform the cat that it is home and it won't run away.

1981-031 - Proverbs: Family: "Keep Your Face Toward the Light and the Sun Will Shine" (Fieldworker: Davis, Carol)
Fieldworker collects family proverb from her grandmother: "Keep your face towards the light and the sun will shine." Grandmother relates family history of the proverb.

1981-032 - Proverbs: "Six in one, half dozen in the other." (Fieldworker: Kidd, Michael )
Fieldworker collects proverb from his girlfriend that she uses to express a lack of preference between two choices.

1981-033 - Beliefs about Snakes (Fieldworker: Redenius, Mary)
Fieldworker collects beliefs from informant about ways to protect oneself from snakes.

1981-034 - Belief: Natural Medicine (Fieldworker: Abdel-Hadi, Qasem)
Fieldworker collects information about the natural medicine Sofan from an elderly stranger. Sofan is believed to cure the flu and coughing.

1981-035 - Narratives from Palestine (Fieldworker: Abdel-Hadi, Qasem)
Fieldworker collects narrative from his mother about a jealous village girl who tricks the kingdom into believing she is the princess so she may marry a foreign prince.

1981-036 - Narrative: Anecdote: Ghost: Haunted House in South Vietnam (Fieldworker: Palma, Gina)
Fieldworker collects narrative about a family's haunted house in Vietnam. Ghosts would clatter dishes, spoil food, and once pushed informant's aunt down the stairs. House is south of Saigon.

1981-037 - Narratives: Supernatural: A Frog in the House becomes token of good luck (Fieldworker: Santley, Jennifer)
Fieldworker collects narrative from a friend about a frog whose presence would foretell the return of the friend's husband.

1981-038 - Narratives: Family: WWI Mother waits for return of a son missing in action (Fieldworker: Wilingham, Kathleen)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her mother about her grandmother who waited for the return of her son, the fieldworker's uncle, who went missing and was presumed dead in WWI.

1981-039 - Beliefs from Yugolavia: "Abends rot, Morgens Dred und Kot." (Fieldworker: Bachman, Hildegard)
Fieldworker collects Yogoslavian belief that when the sky turns red in the evening, it will rain the next day.

1981-040 - Proverbs: "Little acorns grow big oaks." (Fieldworker: Fitzgerald, Maureen)
Fieldworker collects proverb from coworker while volunteering for an archeological survey.

1981-041 - Narrative: Legend: Ghost: Gravedigger's Ghost Narrative (Fieldworker: Fitzgerald, Maureen)
Fieldworker collects a narrative about a gravedigger who has an encounter with the ghost of a woman for whom he dug a grave three years earlier.

1981-042 - Proverbs: "A manager's work is never done." (Fieldworker: Tandler, Rich)
Fieldworker collects proverb from a friend, a restaurant manager, after an appliance breaks down in the kitchen.

1981-043 - Proverbs: "There's strength in numbers." (Fieldworker: Gimple, Erika)
Fieldworker collects phrase at GMU during Patriot's Day: a student brings beer to class and the class muses on bringing an entire keg into the room. The teacher is skeptical. A student responds, "There's strength in numbers."

1981-044 - Foodways: Family: German Potato Salad (Fieldworker: Pfeifle, C.)
Fieldworker collects family recipe for German potato salad. Includes how the recipe became a tradition from generation to generation.

1981-046 - Medicine: Minnesota Hiccup Cures (Fieldworker: Datta, Matt )
Fieldworker collects a cure for hiccups when his brother from Minnesota visits him. Paper offers various methods of curing the hiccups: drinking water, standing on one's head, sticking fingers into one's ears.

1981-047 - Beliefs: Black-eyed Peas and Good Luck (Fieldworker: Kimball, Marybeth)
Fieldworker collects the Southern belief from a friend that eating Black-eyed Peas on New Years day brings good luck for the whole year.

1981-048 - Narratives: Personal: Injured by stall door in windstorm (Fieldworker: Poole, Terri)
Fieldworker relates her narrative of feeding the family's horses and having a gust of wind knock open a door, hitting the forehead of the fieldworker. .

1981-049 - Beliefs: Never Drink Sweet Milk and Fish Together (Fieldworker: Gregory, Jennifer)
Fieldworker collects family belief from her grandmother about not combining milk and fish together for meal: an ancestor's maid, Mary-Ellen, ate fish and milk together and died later that night.

1981-050 - Proverbs: "People who play in dirt, shouldn't mind getting dirty" (Fieldworker: Lane, Mary)
Fieldworker collects proverb from friend: friend recounts proverb when hearing about a woman who was hurt by a womanizer.

1981-051 - Jokes: Military: National Guardsman in North Dakota (Fieldworker: Squires, Nancy)
Fieldworker collects joke form her father: "What's the average age ofa national guardsman in North Dakota? 55, they take them straight out of High School."

1981-052 - Narratives: Family: Grandfather's Lie at Ellis Island (Fieldworker: D'Addario, Mary)
Fieldworker collects narrative about her grandfather: he arrived at Ellis Island from Italy, was asked if he had ever been to jail, he responds positively, and is sent back to Italy. Later he returns, lies about his jail time, and then settles in America.

1981-053 - Proverbs: A family poem/saying about death (Fieldworker: D'Addario, Mary)
Fieldworker collects a family poem from her mother when her mother trys to explain to the fieldworker why she should not comment on her recently deceased uncle to her grieving aunt.

1981-054 - Proverbs: "Just putzen around" (Fieldworker: Recore, Bonnie)
Fieldworker collects the proverb "just putzen around" and traces its use in his home in Ladysmith, Wisconsin to its German definition "to clean."

1981-055 - Beliefs About Holding Love (Fieldworker: Foote, Barbara)
Fieldworker worker collects Jewish proverb that has been handed down from generation to generation.

1981-056 - Narratives: Personal: about a ghost and a broken lamp (Fieldworker: Evans, Cindy)
Fieldworker collects narrative from friend about using a ouji board: lamp crashes after "contacting" spirit, glass covers the face of the friend.

1981-057 - Proverbs: "You can't grow grass on a busy street." (Fieldworker: Nichols, Donna)
Fieldworker collects proverb from her mother about why her father is bald: mother states, "You can grow grass on a busy street."

1981-058 - Proverbs: "To each his own . . ." (Fieldworker: Crosby, Johnathon)
Fieldworker collects proverb from his grandmother: "To each his own, said the old lady when she kissed the cow."

1981-059 - Narratives: Personal: Poor handwriting (Fieldworker: Brower, Cathy )
Fieldworker collects the personal narrative of his cousin's grandfather: grandfather writes a Christmas card to his then girlfriend and because of his bad handwriting, she mistakes the word "merry" for "marry" and thinks he is asking her to marry him.

1981-060 - Narratives: Family: Learning to drive (Fieldworker: Cramer, Beth)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her sister about the time she was going to take a drivers education course: she attempted to convince her father to teach her before the class, he uses a family phrase to dispute her argument.

1981-061 - Narrative: Legend: Murderer under the bed (Fieldworker: Datta, Matt )
Fieldworker collects a legend about a recluse who wakes to find an insane asylum escapee under his bed.

1981-062 - Narratives: Family: Horace's marked ear (Fieldworker: Gregory, Jennifer)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her great-grandmother about the birth her grandfather. As he emerged from the womb, the grandfather was seen to be marked on the right ear with the family branding mark that was used for cattle

1981-063 - Narratives: Personal: "A Bip-bop" (Fieldworker: Kimball, Marybeth)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative from her friend that defines the phrase "bip-bop." A "bip-bop" is a girl who hangs around the men and is not intelligent.

1981-064 - Foodways: Family: Black Walnut Cake (Fieldworker: Lane, Mary)
Fieldworker collects recipe for Black Walnut Cake from her neighbor Lucille.

1981-065 - Narratives: Jokes: Presidents Reagan and Carter (Fieldworker: Crosby, Jonathon)
Fieldworker collects joke about Presidents Reagan and Carter: as children, Carter bullied Reagan until Reagan tricked Carter into eating rabbit pellets.

1981-066 - Narratives: Legends: The Lorelie Rock (Fieldworker: Cramer, Beth)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her mother about Lorelie Rock: a beautiful maiden would seduce sailors with her singing, crashing their boats on the rock.

1981-067 - Divination: Prediction used to scare freshman at Greenesboro College (Fieldworker: Poole, Terri)
Fieldworker collects a prediction from a classmate that is used to scare freshman to hold them aware of their place on the social hierarchy.

1981-068 - Narrative: Anecdote: Supernatural: Haunted Mansion Once a Civil War Hospital (Fieldworker: Evans, Cindy)
Fieldworker collects narrative about boyfriend's father's house in West Virginia. An episode is related wherein a bowl of nuts is thrown over father's shoulder. House was a Civil War hospital.

1981-069 - Narratives: Family: Logan Gilbert and his pigs (Fieldworker: Foote, Barbara)
Fieldworker collects narrative about father-in-law's grandfather: he trained his pigs to respond to a whistle-when they were stolen he used the whistle to find them.

1981-070 - Narrative: Legend: Murderer in the back seat of car (Fieldworker: Watnee, Donna)
Fieldworker collects legend of woman who is forced off road by a trucker who sees a murderer in her back seat; warns woman through use of his bright headlights.

1981-071 - Narratives: Legends: The Beehive Hairdo (Fieldworker: Squires, Nancy)
Fieldworker collects legend from her friend about a woman who liked her beehive hairdo so never undid it, spraying more and more hairspray on it: she eventually went to the hospital.

1981-072 - Proverbs: "It is raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock." (Fieldworker: James, Nancy)
Fieldworker collects proverb from her husband, "It is raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock." Proverb originates with husband's father.

1981-073 - Medicine: Cure for Warts (Fieldworker: Peyton, Betsy )
Fieldworker collects medicinal remedy for warts from a friend: cut dish-towel in half, burn half, bury the other half.

1981-074 - Narratives: Legends: German Shepherd gags on finger of intruder he's bitten (Fieldworker: Eldredge, Michele)
Fieldworker collects a version on the "Choking Doberman" theme and the circumstances of her hearing it.

1981-075 - Medicine: How to Get Rid of Warts (Fieldworker: Bruen, Ann )
Fieldworker examines a folk remedy for warts that had been told to her by her daughter's friend: cut a potato in half, rub half on the wart, and bury the other half.

1981-076 - Beliefs: Knock on Wood With Knocking Gesture (Fieldworker: Lee, Jenny )
Fieldworker examines a friend's explanation for the common phrase with the hand gesture.

1981-077 - Proverbs: No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk (Fieldworker: Furr, Ruth)
Fieldworker examines the common folk expression, "No use crying over spilled milk."

1981-078 - Legends: Family: The Hand that Touches the Land Wins the Land (Fieldworker: Reilly, Daniel)
Fieldworker collects narrative about an ancestor who, in a footrace to determine landownership, cuts off his own hand to, lobbing it over the opponent, to win the race.

1981-079 - Narratives: Family: Father's Narratives (Fieldworker: Merritt, Bobbie)
Fieldworker collects family legends about her grandfather from his father: fighting in the Civil War, fighting a bear, moving to the old west.

1982-001 - Narrative: Legend: Man with a hook for a hand (Fieldworker: Peterson, Scott)
Fieldworker collects legend of a boy and girl on a date who encounter a "psycho" with a hook for a hand.

1982-002 - Narratives: The Blind Buck (Fieldworker: Alderman, Jeff)
Fieldworker transcribes narrative about a hunter who one day shoots a a doe and a buck, only to shoot the tail off of the doe and blinding the buck; he takes the buck home to care for him.

1982-003 - Narratives: Legends: An Irish Legend (Fieldworker: Junquera, Begona)
Fieldworker collects Irish narrative about an apparition haunting a bridge, disturbing the horses who drove the carriage.

1982-004 - Narratives: Family: A Bank Robbery (Fieldworker: Turner, E)
Fieldworker collects family narrative about her Uncle Albee, a bank robber. He robbed a bank in the 1920's, was sent to jail for 20 years where he learned to carve wood.

1995-004 - Groups: Occupations: Police Work in New York City (Fieldworker: Conlon, Michael)
Fieldworker collects narrative from his father about his life and his father's life as a police officer/captain.

1995-005 - Festivals: Family: Christmas Traditions in Several Families (Fieldworker: Sisk, Jennifer)
Fieldworker collects customs around Christmas from informants of several ethnicities having immigrated or descended from immigrants.

1995-006 - Arts: Yard Decorations (Fieldworker: Meyer, Gayla)
Fieldworker collects personal narratives about the making of "Garden" or "Shadow" people-black cut outs- the variation in decoration of the figure's clothing, stance, and name.

1995-007 - Narratives: Family: Narratives in a Greek American Family (Fieldworker: Maoury, Andrew)
Fieldworker collects family narratives from father and grandfather, immigrants from Greece

1995-008 - Groups: Skinheads (Fieldworker: Richardson, Bryan)
Fieldworker examines skinheads as a folk group, their dress, music, dance; includes hisotry and photographs.

1995-009 - Festival: Kwanza (White doing fieldwork w/ Blacks) (Fieldworker: Murphy, Matt)
Fieldworker collects information about the inception and celebration of Kwanzaa, listing terms and history collected in personal history.

1995-010 - Foodways: Festivals: Hog Slaughtering (Fieldworker: Arnold, Brian)
Fieldworker collects own personal narrative and that of a college roommate about experience growing up in a farm witnessing the ritual slaughter and consumption of pigs as a cultural even of the rural south

1995-011 - Narratives: Ghosts: Ghost Narratives from N. Virginia (Fieldworker: Cushman, Dustin)
Fieldwoker retells legends of ghosts related to houses in a Prince William County that he heard from members of his high school marching band while on bus trips through the area: haunted houses, Civil War battle fields, barns.

1995-012 - Speech: Playing the Dozens (African American) (Fieldworker: Keller, Leigh-Cregan)
Fieldworker collects narrative/folkspeech used by African Am males in contest-esque interactions

1995-013 - Groups: Folklore from Utah (Fake Wedding Legends) (Fieldworker: Hammond, Casey)
Fieldworker, having grown up in Utah, retells/discusses folk legends, groups, speech, proverbs, beliefs, customs of people.

1995-014 - Festivals: Italian-American Christmas in Uniontown, PA (Fieldworker: Staub, Dawn)
Fieldworker collects/compares informants Christmas customs with her own.

1995-015 - Festivals: Mardi Gras in New Orleans, LA (Fieldworker: Steiner, Marjorie)
Fieldworker discusses history and celebration of Mardi Gras.

1995-016 - Arts: Dollhouses and Roomboxes (Fieldworker: Mizerak, Lorilee)
Fieldworker discusses/analyzes her personal experiences making roomboxes and dollhouses.

1982-005 - Narratives: Personal: Bulldeek Soup (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker collects narrative from friend's boyfriend about his time in Jamaica. He is challenged to eat the foods of the country and is presented with Bulldeek Soup.

1982-006 - Narrative: Anecdote: Family: Intruder in the House (Fieldworker: Sheard, Mary-Carol)
Fieldworker collects friend's story of aunt who goes insane after intruder with wooden leg leaves an ice pick stuck into headboard of her baby's bed. Duplicate of 1982-056.

1982-007 - Narratives: Personal: My Brother Bob (Fieldworker: Michaud, Clare)
Fieldwork collects personal narrative about her brother: Bob, as a boyscout, was severely burned while driving to a camping trip. Narrative describes event, the coping of Bob in the aftermath, and the use of the story as a method of empathy.

1982-008 - Narratives: Legends: Why Babies Don't Talk (Nigeria) (Fieldworker: Iwu, Anthonia)
Fieldworker collects Nigerian legend explaining why babies do not speak: a story about a greedy wife who steals until her husband discovers. Her baby tells on her.

1982-009 - Jokes: About Nuns (Fieldworker: Peterson, Scott)
Fieldworker collects joke about three nuns who go to heaven where they are offered a day to be anyone they want. Two choose saints, the third chooses to be a lustful woman.

1982-010 - Narratives: Personal: Military: Korean War Hospital Lab (Fieldworker: Hendrix, Jeanne)
Fieldworker collects personal military narrative about a Korean boy who worked in an army lab. The boy found a amputated leg and inquired about its origin.

1982-011 - Jokes: Hen-pecked Husbands (Fieldworker: Ulrey, Scott)
Fieldworker collects joke about men who are dominated by their wives even after death.

1982-012 - Narratives: Personal: Being Robbed (Fieldworker: Kowalski, Francesca)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative from her mother about being robbed on Pennsylvania Ave in Washington, DC.

1982-013 - Narratives: Legends: St. Francis of Assisi (Fieldworker: Bradlee, Adele)
Fieldworker collects the legend of St. Francis of Assisi from a Franciscan Monk while on a trip through Italy.

1982-014 - Narratives: Fables: Tortoise's Cracked Shell (Africa) (Fieldworker: Shafan, Naaman)
Fieldworker collects narrative explaining how the tortoise came to have a "cracked" shell: tricking birds to give him their feathers, a feast in the sky, the fall from the sky.

1982-015 - Narratives: Legends: Human Fireballs (Fieldworker: Hoy, Jamie)
Fieldworker collects narrative describing a case of human spontaneous combustion.

1982-016 - Narratives: Personal: Learning to Ski (Fieldworker: Shirey, Tom)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative from informant about her first time skiing: humerous anecdote about getting scared jumping off the ski lift.

1982-017 - Beliefs: Music from out of nowhere (Fieldworker: Eldredge, Michele)
Fieldworker collects family narrative/belief from her grandmother about fieldworker's father: he was plowing a large field when he heard symphonic music come out of nowhere.

1982-018 - Narratives: Occupations: The nude model and an office initiation (Fieldworker: Swanson, Belinda)
Fieldworker recounts her personal occupational narrative about enountering a nude model in an art class room.

1982-019 - Arts: Brick Making in Mount Union, PA (Fieldworker: ue, Linda)
Drawing on her father's stories, supplemented with research, the fieldworker describes/discusses the folk art of brickmaking: techniques/traits, practices of the silica brick plant in Mount Union, Pennsylvania, etc.

1982-020 - Narrative: Personal: Supernatural: Watch Stopped When Father Died (Fieldworker: Watson, Patricia)
Fieldworker collects informant's story about his father's death from cancer; informant's watch had a new battery in it, but stopped at the very time his father died.

1982-021 - Foodways: Festivals: Religions: Easter's Roast Lamb, Red Eggs (Greek Am) (Fieldworker: Ziu, Theodora)
The fieldworker elaborates on the traditions and symbolism of Easter rituals within the Easter/Greek Orthodox Church: significance of lambs, red eggs, baked wheat, etc.

1982-022 - Narratives: Legends: Babysitter and the Man Upstairs (Fieldworker: Watson, Pat)
Fieldworker collects urban legend about the babysitter who receives phone calls from a person who just breathes into the line, she calls the police who inform her the caller is in the same house as her.

1982-023 - Jokes: Man and his Birthday Suit (Fieldworker: Alderman, Jeff)
Fieldworker transcribes joke told by his brother about a man when his wife and kids seemingly ignore his birthday, who takes him to lunch and then to her house; he gets undressed, thinking to be seduced, his wife, kids, and the secretary appear with a cake.

1982-024 - Oral History: Life: John Jackson, Blues Musician (Fieldworker: Padgett, John )
Fieldworker's interview of John Jackson, a blues guitarist/singer. Includes the personal history of informant: growing up with music in a rural black community, meeting other well-known performers, etc.

1982-025 - Rites: Three Day Wake (Irish Am) (Fieldworker: Downs, Corky)
Informant describes family funeral customs from her Irish childhood-when a family member died, he or she would be kept for a three day wake in the front parlour. Customs of the family.

1982-026 - Beliefs: Cemetary Rabbits (African Am) (Fieldworker: Tims, Micheal)
Fieldworker collects belief about "boppin rabbits" that hide behind gravestones waiting to hit people on their heads. The belief is part of a repetoire of folktales.

1982-027 - Rites: Wedding Customs: Bridal Gifts, gathering water (Albanian Am) (Fieldworker: Ziu, Theodora)
Fieldworker's personal narrative about Albanian wedding customs practiced by her family at her wedding. Customs include: gift of gold coins "flori" to bride from husband's relatives, bride's gathering of water, etc.

1982-028 - Jokes: Bartending, Proctology (Fieldworker: Stork, Richard)
Informant tells a joke comparing the work of proctologists to bartenders during a particularly busy night where the informant and fieldworker work serving customers at a restaurant.

1982-029 - Jokes: Longevity of sexual disease (Fieldworker: Nagy, Sara)
Fieldworker describes two incidents, one at work, one at home, where the same joke about the relative nature of love as compared to sexually transmitted disease was told by two separate informants, one female, one male.

1982-030 - Narratives: Family: Great grandfather's socks (Fieldworker: Montgomery, Paula)
Fieldworker collects family story about a great grandfather who one day believes he is having a stroke due to loss of feeling in his foot; it turns out he just had two socks on one foot, none on the other.

1982-031 - Jokes: Ethnic: Clerks Discriminating Against Jews (Russian Am) (Fieldworker: Bukzin, Constance)
Fieldworker collects joke about an immigrant Jew in an Italian neighborhood in the US unable to find a hotel due to his ethnicity.

1982-032 - Beliefs: Pregnancy: Raising Arms Above Head (Fieldworker: Downs, Corky)
Fieldworker collects belief form grandmother that by raising her arms, a pregnant woman endangers her baby, causing it to strangle in the cord.

1982-033 - Jokes: Californians Screwing in Lightbulbs (Fieldworker: Glover, Barbara)
Informant tells joke she heard from a coworker from Tennessee that makes fun of Californians' percieved promiscuity, playing on the word "screw."

1982-034 - Narratives: Jokes: Joke told as true story to trick listeners (Fieldworker: Riggs, Regina)
Fieldworker collects joke about a man who is robbed and then robs the thief's mother.

1982-035 - Medicine: Healing Water (Spanish Am) (Fieldworker: Junquera, Begona)
Fieldworker collects narrative about the informant sipping healing water from Spain sent to heal his arthritis.

1982-036 - Beliefs: Broom Sweeping Feet Means Death (Italian Am) (Fieldworker: Morgan, John )
Fieldworker recites an incident during training at a seamanship school when he brushed a broom over the feet of a fellow trainee who believes that this action is an expression of a death wish.

1982-037 - Jokes: Occupations: Waiter with Crabs (Fieldworker: Knight, Billie)
Fieldworker collects joke about a "rush" at a restaurant: at a seafood restaurant, the waitress plays on the word "crabs."

1982-038 - Jokes: Occupation: Corporate Chairman's Three Envelopes (Fieldworker: Fee, Nancy)
Fieldworker collects narrative joke: a new chairman receives three envelopes form his predecessor to aid him in times of trouble. As the company fails, the chairman opens each of the envelopes, the third advising to make similar notes for his sucessor.

1982-039 - Jokes: Embarrass the Holiday dinner Guest (Fieldworker: Craig, Patrick)
Fieldworker collects family joke: family member rolls a pea under the guest's plate so that when the father calls for everyone to lift their plates for an inspection of manners the guest is teased.

1982-040 - Jokes: Narrative Trick (Fieldworker: Cornell, Dayna)
Fieldworker tells of being at a dinner with some strangers; informant tells a story as though it wrere personal experience, it ends up being a joke on the fieldworker, who then feels less nervous.

1982-041 - Proverbs: Proverbial Rhyme (Fieldworker: Topper, Linda)
Fieldworker describes memory of learning a family rhyme/proverb from her father who is also quoted elaborating on the meaning and importance of the rhyme.

1982-042 - Customs: Bracelet for March First (Albanian Am) (Fieldworker: Ziu, Theodora)
Fieldworker describes family custom of wearing a red and white string bracelet at the beginning of March to bring good health.

1982-043 - Narratives: Legends: Family: Miraculous Sign (Fieldworker: Topper, Linda)
Informant relates family legend about an irreligious uncle's death. When the family, concerned about the uncle's salvation, visits where he died, they find a message in dew.

1982-044 - Beliefs: Family: Enough Food and Money (Fieldworker: Frizzell, Barbara)
Fieldworker examines a family belief that goes back for at least three generations.

1982-045 - Jokes: Angel Has All The Lines, Move to the Thousand Islands (Fieldworker: Zillian, Patricia)
Fieldworker relates two jokes.

1982-046 - Narratives: Legends: Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn on the Light; How Dixie Got Its Name (Fieldworker: Zillian, Patricia)
Fieldworker presents an etymology for the name "Dixie" and relates the popular urban legend about the Coed who doesn't turn on the light when she comes in late.

1982-047 - Jokes: Three Whoppers to St. Peter (Fieldworker: Dastnan, Farshad)
Fieldworker relates joke about the three explanations for their sins that the sinners tell St. Peter at the Pearly Gates.

1982-048 - Legend: Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn On the Light; Joke: Pantless Trumpeter (Fieldworker: Colby, Sharon)
Fieldworker recounts a version of the classic urban legend and tells of an incident during a marching band competition.

1982-049 - Jokes: You Have No Idea Who I Am? (Fieldworker: Bonham, III, Paul )
Fieldworker recounts a joke about a student who makes sure the prof. doesn't know him before he turns in a blank exam.

1982-050 - Narrative: Legend: Ghost: No One LIVES There Now. (Fieldworker: Prehals, Melissa)
Fieldworker tells a story of a haunted house where a whole "weird" family, who wore plastic bags on their hand and feet when they came out of the house, disappeared.

1982-051 - Narrative: Legend: Practicla Joke: Toll Booth Attendant and the Severed Arm (Fieldworker: Lyons, Bob)
Fieldworker collects a narrative of a group of medical school students who stole a cadaver arm from school and glued a quarter to it. Students drove through a toll booth and left arm with attendant; attendant, in surprise, has heart attack.

1982-052 - Jokes: Russia To Hell Is Only A Local Call (Fieldworker: Reilly, Karen)
Fieldworker tells joke about Breznev trying to call the Devil from the Whitehouse and being charged long-distance rates VS local rates from the Kremlin.

1982-053 - Jokes: Either You Go Or We Go (Fieldworker: Hassan, Ahmed)
Fieldworker tells joke about the dictator who is thought to be in a long line for a passport out of the country. When the people are told this, the lines dwindle down to nothing.

1982-054 - Jokes: Telegraph Narrative (Fieldworker: Whittaker, Angele)
Fieldworker presents joke in the form of a poem about a man from the Eton Tribe: he is asked to send a message to his brother in England through the telegraph. He talks to the telegraph pole thinking that the pole would send the message for him.

1982-055 - Narratives: Family: Pretty Lucky For You I Got Married, Huh? (Fieldworker: Allen, Cynthia)
Fieldworker relates story told her grandmother it concerns family tension between mother-in-law to son-in-law.

1982-056 - Narrative: Legend: Supernatural: Haunted Fort Hunt Park; Narrative: Anecdote: Family: Icepick in the Cradle (Fieldworker: Sheard, Mary-Carol)
Fieldworker collects two narratives: one, about a friend's aunt who goes insane after a man with a wooden leg enters her house and leaves an icepick in the headboard of her baby's bed; and the other, collected from a friend about haunted occurrances at Fort Hunt Park in Alexandria, Virginia.

1982-057 - Legends: Reason Why Babies Don't Talk (Ibo: Nigerian) (Fieldworker: Iwu, Antonia)
Not available

1983-001 - Festivals: National Cherry Blossom (Fieldworker: Marra, Michele)
Fieldworker uses personal observation and research to describe the events of the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC. With photographs throughout the text, she outlines the history of the Tokyo May 5 gift of the cherry trees.

1983-002 - Festivals: Mason Day, Bands and Beer (Fieldworker: Emilio, Otong)
Fieldworker uses interview material along with personal observation to describe the events and purposes of the annual Mason Day festival which happens on the George Mason University campus every Spring. Bands play, beer served, food sold, etc.

1983-003 - Narratives: Legends: Paralyzed Football Star (Fieldworker: Harwick, Robert)
Fieldworker collects legend from informant about his college: a superstar football player who got drunk and ran into a telephone pole, paralyzing himself from the waist down. In a car accident ten years later, the player was killed and the driver with whom he collided was similarly paralyzed.

1983-004 - Narratives: Legends: Supernatural: The Screaming Statue (Fieldworker: Lewis, Micheal)
Fieldworker collects legend about Lynchburg, Virginia: a Dean of a school keeps a mentally and physically challenged daughter hidden. When she dies he builds a statue above her grave. The statue reportedly moans and screams on the day she died.

1983-005 - Narrative: Legends: Dog accidently dragged by chain on car bumper (Fieldworker: Hill, Micheal)
Fieldworker collects narrative about a family on their way to a picnic accidentally decapitating their dog by leaving him chained to their car bumper.

1983-006 - Jokes: Why God Created Man First (Fieldworker: Steele, Lori)
Fieldworker lists joke/proverb heard from her sister who saw it on on an office sign. The joke gives the reason why God created man before woman as one that favors woman.

1983-007 - Jokes: Mayor Barry's Phone Number (Fieldworker: Courtney, Sue)
Fieldworker collects joke from her boyfriend: makes fun of African Am dialect, playing on the beginning of a common fairy tale rhyme.

1983-008 - Jokes: Girl Loses Her Top In the Ocean (Fieldworker: Gilbo, Tina)
Fieldworker collects joke from her fiance's grandmother about a girl who loses her bikini top in the ocean and two boys refer to her breasts as "little brown noses puppies"; Informant discusses grandmother.

1983-009 - Jokes: When Life Begins (Baptist) (Fieldworker: Sanders, Carolyn)
Fieldworker collects joke about a church dinner in which three ministers from different denominations discuss when life begins.

1983-010 - Legends: Local Big Foot Argo (Fieldworker: Courtney, Sue)
Fieldworker collects information on a local Big Foot creature named "Argo." It is described as a legend people claim to see and hear in the mountains of West Virginia

1983-011 - Narratives: Personal: Two Weeks of Bad Luck (Fieldworker: Philpott, Sherri)
Fieldworker narrates a personal experience of time in which several car accidents an dothe rmishaps all occurr within a two weak period.

1983-012 - Narrative: Legend: Ghost: Richmond Train Tracks (Fieldworker: Gilbo, Tina)
Fieldworker's account of informant's legend of a ghost that wanders a railroad track in Richmond, Virginia looking for his decapitated head. Part of the track is closed off; here a light that swings back and forth has caused the deaths of fraternity students and been seen by scientists and informant's friends. If it swings three times it will follow the observer.

1983-013 - Music: Schoolchildren's version of folk song (Fieldworker: Swift, Amy)
Fieldworkers collection of two children's songs as sung by young informant: traditional songs "On Top of Old Smokey" and "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory" that detail the hatred towards and demise of teachers/authority figures.

1983-014 - Jokes: American Tourist in Bavarian Bar (German Am) (Fieldworker: Kuniholm, Andrew)
Fieldworker collects joke from Bavaria: an American tourist, instead of ordering the local beer asks for soda; this offends the bartender, who, in revenge, shakes the bottle and ends up spraying his Bavarian friend.

1983-015 - Narratives: Legends: Family: Civil War Cannonball (Fieldworker: Tucker, Beverly)
Fieldworker's mother recounts family legend about a female ancestor-Southern-becoming crippled due to a cannonball coming through her chimney and knocking out her hip during the Civil War.

1983-016 - Narrative: Legend: Supernatural: Devil's Trampin' Ground (Fieldworker: Pompino, Susan)
Fieldworker heard this legend from the informant, who heard it growing up in North Carolina. The story tells of a plot of ground wherethe devil's shadow may be seen in the dirt; nothing can grow in the area, and anything placed on it--including beer cans and a tent of people--gets mysteriously moved.

1983-017 - Medicine:Vitamin C,Water for Sore Throat (Fieldworker: Mattaino, Robert)
Fieldworker describes Informant's prescription for a sore throat, a folk remedy that requires three vitamen C's taken with as much water as possible.

1983-018 - Legends: Occupations: Military: Air Force Dearmament Man (Fieldworker: Tedrick, Ann)
Fieldwoker collects legend of a de-armament man from the Air Force whose job was to to de-arm missiles in cases of "hang fire." After several years of doing nothing, a hang fire occurred, instead of fixing, he drove away.

1983-019 - Anecdotes : Everyone A Vital Employee (Fieldworker: Larry, Elizabeth)
Fieldworker collects anecdote about heavy snowfall in DC in the 1970's, and the traffic jams that resulted when the government requested only the most vital employees attend work one day.

1983-020 - Narrative: Anecdote: No ghosts in the Death Car (Fieldworker: Graverson, Darrell)
Fieldworker realtes informant's story of how he bought his car: the informant's next door neighbor committed suicide in the car by setting herself on fire; the neighbor quickly sold it to the informant. Fieldworker sees this as a counter-example to classic "death car" stories, since the informant experiences nothing odd in the car.

1983-021 - Narrative: Anecdote: Supernatural: A Radio Playing in the Coffin (Micronesian) (Fieldworker: Emilio, Otong)
Fieldworker and his friends were telling stories and drinking when informant related this story he heard from a classmate: that the classmate's grandfather died, and as is the custom in Yap, his possessions were buried with him. This included a radio which mysteriously began to play a drinking song during the funeral, seemingly due to supernatural causes.

1983-022 - Place: Teenage Hangouts (Fieldworker: Hill, Michael)
Fieldworker attempts to catalogue and define the teenage "hangout" using material from casual interviews. Hangouts discusses include the car, pools, bowling alleys, movie theatres, parking lots, parks and malls.

1983-023 - Groups: Sports: Superbowl's Football Fans (Fieldworker: Rusk, Jennifer)
Fieldworker uses interviews and newspaper reports to discuss the Superbowl football fans, the events, terminology, rituals, activities, tailgate parties, and paraphenelia worn by Redskin fans.

1983-024 - Groups: Russian Am Women's Identities (Fieldworker: Harrington, Beverly)
Fieldworker investigates the ethnic identity of Russian Am women focusing on the educational aspirations, food & language use, religious affiliations and other social factors. The fieldworker compares survey results with aspects of Russian women's lives.

1983-025 - Oral History: The Growth of Fairfax (Fieldworker: Eyerly, Richard)
Fieldworker inteviews and summarizes information from informant about the history of Fairfax, Virginia; memories of Oakton High School, the black community, first automobiles, corderoy roads.

1983-026 - Place: Twitty City (Fieldworker: Courtney, Sue)
Fieldworker visits and analyzes country singer theme park in Nashville/Conway Twitty.

1983-027 - Narratives: Personal: From Farmlife to the CIA (Fieldworker: Gilbo, Tina)
Fieldworker collects narratives from a CIA photo interpreter: Kennedy and latrines during the Cuban Missle Crisis, four stories about growing up on a farm, stories of about a Model T, living in North Africa as a GI.

1983-028 - Narratives: Comparing Universities (Fieldworker: Loveless, Amy)
Using questionaires from students attending several different Virginia universities as well as college catalogues, newspaper reports, and statistics, the Fieldworker examines these universities for atmosphere, student opinion, and activities.

1983-029 - Foodways: Family: The Art of Cherry Pie (Fieldworker: Hofer, Jeanne)
Fieldworker describes context of conversations between her and her grandmother: memory of baking a cherry pie, Sunday morning breakfast tradition, describing her grandmother's cooking as an art.

1983-030 - Beliefs:Southerner's Attitudes Towards the North (Fieldworker: Smith, Fran )
Fieldworker combines personal and family narratives with library research to explore Southern beliefs and attitudes towards Northerners in terms of geography, history, ballads, customs, etc; focusing on her own family's move from North Carolina to Maryland

1983-031 - Groups: Outlaw Bikers (Fieldworker: Graverson, David)
Fieldworker's research into magazines and Hunter S. Thompson results in this compilation of jokes, clothes, terminology, history and habits of motorcycle riders, or "outlaw bikers." Hells Angles.

1983-032 - Narratives: Family: History of Sanders-Jones Family (Fieldworker: Sanders, Carolyn)
Addressing her child, the Fieldworker presents a series of family narratives in the form of letters, retelling stories of weddings, births, travels, a family tree, explanation of who relatives are and of places where the family has lived.

1983-033 - Speech: Folk Speech of GMU Dorm Residents (Fieldworker: Pompino, Susan)
Fieldworker interviews fellow students living on-campus for the purpose of compiling a list of terms: these include location names, nicknames for campus secruity and authority figures; fieldworker discusses meanings of terms and the group as a whole.

1983-034 - Medicine:Types and Functions of Folk Medicine Cures (Fieldworker: Mattaino, Robert)
Fieldworker outlines general history and types of folk medicine, identifying three classifications: magical/religious, plant and herbal, and the overlapping of the two. Fieldwork relies on library research as well as the recorded narrative of an informant.

1983-035 - Speech: Occupations: Hospital Terms, Jokes, Rituals (Fieldworker: Tedrick, Ann)
Fieldworker's research and interviews with hospital staff are compared and analyzed to produce a range of definitions of hospital slang terms, jokes, and initiation rites, as pertaining to various sections and jobs within the hospital.

1983-036 - Foodways: Family: Virginian Recipes (Fieldworker: Courtney, Sue)
Fieldworker presents recipes from a variety of family members along with information as to the recipe's origin, length of use, when served, and what other foods are served with it. Recipes: steaks, cookies, chicken, peach cobbler.

1983-037 - Medicine: Hiccups, Warts, Toothaches (Fieldworker: Gilbo, Tina)
Fieldworker traces family folk medicine and beliefs to Potsdam, New York, ethnic heritage and French and Indian War-the farming community from which her family came. Folk remedies passed down from family.

1983-038 - Narrative: Legend: Supernatural: Pohick Crypt (Fieldworker: Eyerly, Richard)
Informant tells fieldworker legend while two drink at a bar. The legend explains the attempt of two boys to teal statues from a tomb; they almost make it up the ten foot wall to escape but the old man who guards the crypt has his dogs attack them; the boys were never seen again but their screams are still heard.

1983-039 - Narratives: Legend: The Original Dead Man's Hand (Fieldworker: Krehmeyer, Lorraine)
Fieldworker examines a story told and demonstrated by her mother, using a deck of cards. Legend of a stranger in a Wyoming town who won locals' land in a poker game and was shot dead.

1983-040 - Narratives: Family: The Original Sloppy Joe (Fieldworker: Guiffre, Joan)
Fieldworker collects family narrative detailing the origin of the "sloppy joe."

1983-041 - Narrative: Legend: Ghost: Farm Ghost (Fieldworker: Lacey, Timothy)
Fieldworker examines a former teacher's story of a crazed hermit who comes back to protect his land and treasure.

1983-042 - Jokes: Spoonerism on "Tricks are for Kids" (Fieldworker: Cramer, Jonathan)
Not available

1983-043 - Narratives: Occupations: Merchant Seamen's Narratives (Fieldworker: Morgan, John )
Fieldworker collects occupational narratives from ex-merchant seamen for their experiences in the Merchang Marines.

1984-001 - Belief: Family: No dirty laundry carried over to the New Year (Fieldworker: Daly, Richard)
Fieldworker recalls his mother's belief that any dirty clothes carried over from one year to the next symbolized a future death in the family.

1984-002 - Narrative: Anecdotes: Supernatural: Blood and paint spot that keeps coming back (Fieldworker: Hahn, Virginia)
Fieldworker collects cousin's narrative about a paint/blood stain on asphalt around a house which could not be cleaned by new owners of the house. Original stian occurred when cousin's father fell to his death from a ladder while painting family's house.

1984-003 - Narrative: Anecdote: Supernatural: The Little Man With the Red Beard (Fieldworker: Weisenburger, Susan)
Fieldworker collects her uncle's narrative about a little man with a red beard who followed the informant's second cousin home after the cousin had been drinking. The little man appeared in the cousin's room through a window each night for a week. His parents sighted the little man and called a priest to bless the house. The little man was not seen again.

1984-004 - Jokes: The size of the Fish (Fieldworker: Fisher, Susan)
Fieldworker collects cousin's narrative about a paint/bloodstain on asphalt that could not be cleansed. Original stain occurred when cousin's father fell to his death from a ladder while painting family's house.

1984-005 - Narratives: Local Character Joe Abb (Fieldworker: Ruggiero, Donna)
Fieldworker collects narrative about a miser called Joe Abb. Joe falls down well and waits in the well until fieldhands go on their break before getting their help.

1984-006 - Medicine: "Anything bacon grease won't cure, turpentine will." (Fieldworker: Brown, Georgine)
Fieldworker collects story about bacon grease as a cure-all. Dog eats poison and owner feeds it bacon grease to cure it.

1984-007 - Narratives: Legend of Phi Mu Sorority Initiation (Fieldworker: Wicklund, Dawnlaurel)
Fieldworker collects narrative about the mysterious "machine" of the Phi Mu Sorority Initiations.

1984-008 - Narrative: Legend: Supernatural: Legend of haunted treasure and the result of greed (Fieldworker: Brown , Cheryl)
Fieldworker collects her step-father's legend of an "entity" who guards a treasure northeast of Tuscon, Arizona. The entity allwos treasure hunters to take it's treasure, but only if they can take all of it. Informant states some of his friends have been found dead with old coin in their pockets.

1984-009 - Beliefs: "Never move a broom or you will have bad luck." (Fieldworker: Skeehan, Judy)
Fieldwork collects belief from her mother about moving a broom from its house, saying it will bring bad luck to do so.

1984-010 - Narrative: Legend: Supernatural: A Haunted House and Civil War Ghosts (Fieldworker: Sanderson, Cynthia)
Collector/informant recalls hearing stories from classmates of an ante-bellum house next to an elementary school that was supposedly haunted by the ghosts of Confederate soliders. House is now gone; site of park.

1984-011 - Narrative: Legend: The Killer in the Back Seat of Car (Fieldworker: Russo, Anthony )
Fieldworker collects a legend from a roomate about a woman who was driving when a truck flashed his lights at her from behind. The truck driver believed he had seen someone in the back seat preparing to strangle the female driver. Upon inspection, no one was found in the back seat.

1984-012 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: Phenomenon of Music (Fieldworker: Oddenino, Linda)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her father about his old home where a broken victrola is heard playing from the attic.

1984-013 - Narrative: Personal: Ghost: Death at a Barn Raising (Fieldworker: Currie, Lisa)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her mother about an old man who was killed on their family farm during a barn raising. Mother believed old man haunted the attic, and once saw him bending over her daughters as they slept.

1984-014 - Narrative: Legend: Ghosts: Ghost of a boy killed by a train (Fieldworker: Kann, Stephen)
Fieldworker collects friend's version of a legend about a boy who, a century earlier, was unable to stop his bike from riding off a ledge into a ravine, where the boy was then run over by a train. Every night at midnight, the boy is seen riding down the train tracks with the image of a train behind him.

1984-015 - Narratives: Family: A Rose as a Sign from God (Fieldworker: O'Brien, Regina)
Fieldworker collects narrative about a penitent woman whose home is next to a rose bush that never blooms. When the woman dies her daughter asks for a sign that her mother went to heaven: a rose from the roseless bush.

1984-016 - Narratives: Occupations: The Crew Member who Won't Work (Fieldworker: Vogel, Jonathon)
Fieldworkers brother tells a story about working on a crew at an apartment complex with a guy who didn't work; makes generalizations about coworkers falling into a range of types from who work to those who don't.

1984-017 - Foodways: Family: The Importance of Rice (Phillipines) (Fieldworker: Fisher, Susan)
Fieldworker discusses the importance of rice to Filipino culture and foodways at large. Focuses on one family's value they see in pure, clean rice, dishes within which it is served, how it is prepared.

1984-018 - Foodways: Family: Special Dinners and Customs (Fieldworker: Oddenino, Linda)
Fieldworker discusses special family veal traditions of her immediate family, the jokes told, the streudal, pecan pie served, etc.

1984-019 - Narratives: Personal: Embarrassment at the Movies (Fieldworker: De Avies, Christie)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative about being in a movie theatre, returning from the bathroom with his zipper down, only to zip it up catching the hair and jerking the head of a woman in the seat in front of him, so that he had to rip it open again.

1984-020 - Narrative: Legend: Supernatural: The Site of the Airplane Crash (Fieldworker: Kiser, Marion)
Fieldworker collects her brother's version of an airplane crash. The trooper's car windows froze on the inside, a cold wind blew without moving trees, and he saw a small girl who dissappeared upon investigation. She was sighted in the place where her body was found after the crash.

1984-021 - Oral History: Life: One Grandmother's Childhood in Georgia (Fieldworker: Hahn, Virginia)
Fieldworker's interview and analysis of her grandmother who grew up in Georgia in an era still marked by the Civil War. The grandmother's stories of the family plantation before it was sold, her childhood school building, her mother's death, etc.

1984-022 - Groups: Rituals, Beliefs, of the Phi Mu Sorority (Fieldworker: Wicklund, Dawnlaurel)
Fieldworker uses personal experience and interviews as material for her discussion/description of the legends, rituals, ballads, badges, and values of her sorority, Phi Mu. Includes items such as candle ceremony, pictures of the badge, history, ect.

1984-023 - Oral History: Life: Music: Life History told Through Songs from West Texas and WWII (Fieldworker: Brown, Georgine)
Fieldworker transcribes her husband's memories of growing up during the Depression in West Texas, the songs he sang as a child, the quartet he belonged to, lyrics from music he learned on the ranch.

1984-024 - Narratives: Customs: Religions: Mormon Courtship Narratives, Practices, Faith (Fieldworker: Daly, Richard)
Fieldworker examines five Mormon courtship narratives and analyzes them in terms of fundamental Mormon belief: Temple significance, spiritual confirmation of courtship, church activities, correspondence, and length of courtship.

1984-025 - Oral History: Life: Adventures of Army Nurse, Africa, WWII (Fieldworker: Brown, Cheryl)
Fieldworker collects narrative from informant who during WWII was stationed at a hospital in Africa as a nurse in the Army. She met her husband there, wore her engagement ring on her dogtags; stationed in Italy amind air raids, etc.

1984-026 - Foodways: Festivals: Family Christmas Dinner (Italian Am) (Fieldworker: Ruggiero, Donna)
Fieldworker describes the traditions of her family's Italian/Catholic Christmas, focusing especially on food preparation/dinner customs, like the proscription against eating meat on Christmas Eve, celery, meat served in all courses, who cooks the food.

1984-027 - Narratives: Occupations: The Rude Customer (Fieldworker: Miller, Raymond)
Fieldworker collects story from coworker/friend and employer about a customer insulting the employee's knowledge of store inventory to which the employer responded with a funny insult.

1985-001 - Narratives: Arts: Carved Duck that Could Fly (Fieldworker: Behning, Nancy)
Fieldworker collects information on a woodcarver from Maine who makes decoy ducks.

1985-002 - Narrative: Legned: Supernatural: Midnight walks to a grave help solve a murder (Fieldworker: Corbin, Frederica)
Fieldworker collects a narrative from her step-mother about a couple who moved into a ranch across from a cemetary in the country. The husband sleepwalks every night to this cemetary, and stands in front of a certain gravestone. His wife discovers this and together they research old newspapers to find the story of a woman murdered in the house next to cemetary. When they believe they have figured out who the murderer is, the huband's walks cease.

1985-003 - Beliefs: "Don't point at the moon." (Malaysian) (Fieldworker: Hew, Susan)
Fieldworker recounts Grandmotehr's Malaysian phrases about pointing at the moon, milk teeth, and other beliefs.

1985-004 - Narrative: Legend: Supernatural: Legend of the Headless Figure (Malaysia) (Fieldworker: Ismail, Zainon)
Fieldworker collects legend from grandfather about a man who sees a headless hitchhiker on a Malaysian highway, but does not offer him a ride. At a gas station, the driver offers a man a ride and, while in the car, tells passenger of his earlier sighting. Passenger pulls off his own head and driver loses control of car.

1985-005 - Foodways: Yorkshire Pudding (Fieldworker: Long, Vera)
Fieldworker recalls her mother's Yorkshire pudding: how to make it, circumstances surrounding its preparation.

1985-006 - Narratives: Family: Kane's Cat (Fieldworker: Lauck, Carolyn)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her fiance about a neighbor who possessed a number of cats. She was attributed as having mystical powers.

1985-007 - Jokes: Slamming Knuckles on the Table (Fieldworker: Bullin, Robert)
Fieldworker recalls a joke played on him by his father and grandfather: slamming ones knuckles against a table. Recalls other family jokes about an a deceased uncle.

1985-008 - Narratives: Personal: Military: British GI Brides (Fieldworker: Long, Vera)
Fieldworker collects narratives of warbrides from the British Isles: focuses on the meetings of their GI husbands durring WWII, the perceptions/relations with the US, stories and anecdotes.

1985-009 - Beliefs: Occupational: How military branches view each other (Fieldworker: Brady, Dorothy)
Based on extensive interview material, the fieldworker discusses on servicemen from the four branches of the military, how they view each other, perception of inter-service rivalry, their jobs, women, using songs and recruiting slogans as part of the focus.

1985-010 - Narratives: Family: Playing the Boonies (Fieldworker: Bullin, Bob)
Fieldworker describes and discusses origins and circumstances of tapes made by his siblings (with him) when they were children. The recordings are of make-believe characters called "boonies" which they acted/played/developed throughout their youths.

1985-011 - Speech: Place Names of Fairfax County (Fieldworker: Roesly, Babs)
Using extensive research and an interview, fieldworker compiles a list of classifications of place names, and a collection of place name origins in the Fairfax County Area. Includes histories and legend about road names, city and county names.

1985-012 - Customs: Wedding:Gifts of Sweets and Gold (Albanian Am) (Fieldworker: Dargue, Pam)
Informant describes her marriage in the Albanian tradition to the fieldworker: the arrangement, engagement, dowry,ceremony, and consummation of the wedding.

1985-013 - Festivals: Chinese New Year (Chinese Am) (Fieldworker: Pang, Jeannie)
Fieldworker collects information from family members on the customs of Chinese New Year as celebrated in the USA. Traditions include: giving food to friends, the payment of debts, kitchen rituals, incense burning, cleaning, food, etc.

1985-014 - Arts: Knitting: Symbolic Stitches of Aran Isles (Irish Am) (Fieldworker: Lauck, Carolyn)
Fieldworker discusses informant's knitting: using designs made by two women from Aran Isles (West Ireland) she makes sweaters. Analysis of designs: twisted half-moons represent fishermen's rope, etc. Different stitches have different symbolism.

1985-015 - Festivals: Military: Rite of Passage "Crossing the Line" (Equator) (Fieldworker: Behning, Nancy)
Fieldworker researches and discusses the tradition on ships to Poseidon/Neptune initiating new sailors.

1985-016 - Narratives: Family: Supernatural: Omens of Death (Fieldworker: Roche, Laurie)
Not available

1985-017 - Festivals: Family: Hayward's Day (Fieldworker: Corbin, Frederica)
Fieldworker relies on interviews with family as well as personal experience to describe the annual family get together, it's traditions, origin, customs, the focus of it being the church service and the kitchen preparation.

1985-018 - Narratives: Family: Nicknames, Games, Mishaps (Fieldworker: Potock, John )
Fieldworker collects stories of his family about other family members: mispronouncing words, losing an arm, the Boston Molasses Spill, being a pilot in the Airforce.

1985-019 - Narratives: Personal: Learning About Love (Fieldworker: Watkins, Suzanne)
Fieldworker collects narrative about growing up in North Carolina, learning about romance by watching her aunts and uncles fall in love, along with descriptions of the local schoolhouse and the lyrics of songs as well as beliefs and memory of being told the Bluebeard story.

1986-001 - Arts: Textiles: Batik Making (Malaysia) (Fieldworker: Hassan, Marhaini)
Using several written sources as well as an interview, the fieldworker tells the story of one Malaysian family's success making Batik patterened clothe, describes the process, economic, and cultural value of the clothe.

1986-002 - Festivals: Kite Flying Contest (Malaysia) (Fieldworker: Ismail, Anwar)
Fieldworker describes the Malaysian kite flying festival where the community gathers together allowing young people to flirt, wear their best clothes, kite contests, eating special food.

1986-003 - Narratives: Legends: Beliefs: Roman Catholic School Days (Fieldworker: Schumacher, Barbara)
Fieldworker collects stories, beliefs, legends, and jokes from coworkers, all of whom attended Roman Catholic Schools as children.

1986-004 - Narratives: Personal: Music: Songs and Jokes of Military Aviators (Fieldworker: Leenerts, Cynthia)
Fieldworker presents a large collection of personal narratives, folk speech, folk music, jokes, etc. Gathered from several informants, all of whom served in the Navy as pilots. A range of themes and subjects: gender stories, initiations, punishments.

1986-005 - Groups: Occupations: Bank Tellers (Fieldworker: Lenehan, R.)
Fieldworker conducts a detailed analysis of the bank teller occupation.

1986-006 - Festivals: One Family's Easter Egg Hunt, Apple/Cherry Celebrations (Fieldworker: Andrle, Barbara)
Fieldworker relys on personal experience as well as research to describe and analyze three festivals that her family participates: Easter Egg Hunt, cherry picking, football/apple picking.

1986-007 - Jokes: Family: One Family's Humor (Fieldworker: Roslewicz, Elizabeth)
Fieldworker combines research with personal experience, discussing her family's humor, giving personal examples of family jokes.

1986-008 - Narratives: Family: Woman in Black, Cat at Father's Funeral (Fieldworker: Querini, Betsy )
Fieldworker collects narrative from her mother about her father's death. Details of the funeral rites and story of a grey cat running beneath the coffin.

1986-009 - Narratives: Personal: Mennonite Farm Life (Fieldworker: Scherrer, Lisa)
Fieldworker interviews coworker from Harrisburg, Virginia about her life on the farm: memories, games, family reunions.

1986-010 - Oral History: Farmer's Market, Old Town, Alexandria (Fieldworker: Tower, Jeannie)
Using a questionaire and an interview, fieldworker discusses Alexandria, Virginia's Farmers Market. Focuses on one vendors story of selling cakes there for over thirty years.

1986-011 - Narratives: Personal: Ukranian Identity in America (Fieldworker: Maksymonko, Emily)
Fieldworker collects narrative describing what it has meant for her and her family to be Ukrainian immigrants to the US-her parents escaped labor camps in Germany to immigrate. She has trouble with language in school; retention of ethnic identity.

1986-012 - Foodways: Narratives: Cajun Food and Narratives (Fieldworker: Worchester, Carrie)
Combining research with an interview, the fieldworker discusses Cajun foodways, recipes, and occasions for Gumbo. Also discusses Cajun history, stories about love for food, and customs like Mardi Gras.

1986-013 - Narratives: Family: Impersonating a Con Man (Fieldworker: Carnahan, Megan)
Fieldworker collects narrative passed on from her grandfather about a snake-oil medicine man who conned people into giving him money for oil he never came back to town with. The grandfather dressed up as the con man to trick the people.

1986-014 - Narratives: Legends: Kidnapped Girl in Tyson's Corner Shopping Center (Fieldworker: Oresky, Marcia)
Fieldworker describes urban legend told to her by neighbor about a woman in a clothing store who loses track of her child, notifies security, when the child is found, her curls are cut off and she is dressed as a boy. Story also heard from sister in Chicago.

1986-015 - Narratives: Family: Poems in the Hamburger Press (Fieldworker: Coleman, Jeanette)
Fieldworker describes Aunt's story of receiving a wooden hamburger press for a prize playing bingo at her convent. Aunt gave the gift to her father with a poem inside it. For years the gift was passed back and forth with a poem inside.

1986-016 - Music: Ballad: Military: There are no Fighter Pilots Down in Hell (Fieldworker: Leenerts, Cynthia)
Fieldworker collects a Navy fighter pilot ballad from her father.

1986-017 - Narratives: Personal: Beating the Kangaroo (Fieldworker: Neely, Brian)
Fieldworker collects narrative from informant about the latter's visit to Ireland where he came across a kangaroo in a cage with boxing gloves on its paws. Any man who could stand in the cage for a minute without being beaten by the kangaroo won $100.

1986-018 - Beliefs: Suffering for Beauty (Italian Am) (Fieldworker: Andrle, Barbara)
Fieldworker recalls a saying of her mother's passed through the female side of her family from Italy and discusses its function and meaning.

1986-019 - Narratives: Family: Rowdy Children (Fieldworker: O'Brien, Jane)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative about leaving her four children with her mother. The children wreaked havoc on the grandmother's apartment, throwing the girl's doll out the window and rearranging the furniture.

1986-020 - Narrative: Personal: Supernatural: Handprint on the Mirror in a Haunted House (Fieldworker: Scherrer, Lisa)
Fieldworker collects story of informant, whose family lived in a very old house in Germany which had been used as a hospital/morgue during a war. Pillows and rugs were mysteriously moved while no one was home; a handprint appeared on a mirror all the time; one room stayed warm, which the family believed to be haunted.

1986-021 - Medicine: A Pea to Remove a Wart (Fieldworker: Rohan, Regina)
Fieldworker describes an occasion of being on vacation with four female friends and one of them describing a wart removing magic involving a cooked pea split in half, part of it on the wart, the other buried at a crossroads at midnight.

1986-022 - Narratives: Legends: Farmer, His Horse, His wife (Fieldworker: Roslewicz, Elizabeth)
Fieldworker collects narrative about an unnamed farmer who shoots his horse after it stumbles three times pulling his carriage, implying he will do the same to his wife if she rebels against his authority.

1986-023 - Jokes: Two Gerbils (Fieldworker: Quarton, Elizabeth)
Fieldworker collects this joke while working at a health club: the urban legend about the man who apparently inserted gerbils in his rectum for sexual pleasure.

1986-024 - Jokes: Is the Hippo a Radio? (Fieldworker: Burzynski, Jonathon)
Fieldworker collects joke about a rhinocerous, hippopotamus, soap, and a radio that is played on new people in their social group.

1986-025 - Jokes: Practical: Poisoned Pilots (Fieldworker: Scherrer, Lisa)
Fieldworker collects a joke she played on her flight crew when employeed as an stewardess. The crew angered her by spilling trash on the floor constantly; to take revenge, she make them a drink that made them sick out of chocolate and olive juice.

1986-026 - Narrative: Personal: Ghost: Two Ghosts and a Reoccurring Red Stain (Fieldworker: Saylor, Gail)
Fieldworker collects story from informant who moves into a haunted house inhabited by two ghosts at the age of 10. Three times a man was seen waving from the attic window by people driving by the house. Informant's parents had it blessed by a priest. The informant herself remembers seeing a bluish figure by her bed and finding a sticky red substance on the floor which continued to seep through rugs placed over it.

1986-027 - Speech: Origin of the Term "Faggot" (Fieldworker: Cappelletti, Micheal)
Fieldworker examines her father's family's belief in the bird as a harbinger of death.

1986-028 - Narratives: Family: Love Narrative in San Fransico Quake (Fieldworker: Chattman, Ray)
Fieldworker discusses a tale of mischief toldy by her father about his childhood-entertainment and warning.

1986-029 - Narrative: Legend: Body in the Base of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, New York (Fieldworker: Rodgers, Steven)
Fieldworker collects story of the construction of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge in New York. Informant's friend's father fell into the base of the bridge while working on it, and the other workers poured cement over him knowing they couldn't help him. Fieldworker beli

1986-030 - Narratives: Personal: Pagan Babies (Catholic) (Fieldworker: Schumacher, Barbara)
Fieldworker examines a narrative told about her father's home in the Ukraine

1986-031 - Oral History: Women and Politics (Fieldworker: Oresky, Marcia)
Fieldworker interviews members of Organized Women Voters of Arlington, a local, nonpartisan political org, gathering personal narratives concerning the development of political skills.

1986-032 - Beliefs: Pain Predicts Rain (Fieldworker: Reynolds, Elizabeth)
Fieldworker describes family reunion of friends and the belief expressed by her friend's uncle that a person can tell if it will rain by a pain in the finger.

1986-033 - Narrative: Legend: Boy Who Vanished (Fieldworker: Worchester, Carrie)
Fieldworker retells legend about a boy who diappeared from the dorms at her college, Miami University of Ohio. Apparently a woman saw him years later, as did a professor, and the mysterious disappearance was never explained. Fieldworker discusses underground tunnels beneath dorms, and various legends surrounding them.

1986-034 - Arts: Family: Grandmother's "Bananoramas" (Fieldworker: O'Brien, Jane)
Fieldworker uses personal experience as well as interviews to discuss the dynamics and functions of the shadow boxes "bananorams" her mother makes for her grandchildren.

1986-035 - Narrative: Legend: Ghost: Escaped Prisoner becomes Sawmill Ghost (Fieldworker: Klein, Holly)
Fieldworker discusses boyfriend's narrative of an escaped convict, who was killed and and haunts a North Carolina sawmill.

1986-036 - Jokes: Family: Fantastic=B.S. (Fieldworker: Seney, Elizabeth)
Fieldworker collects and examines a family inside joke about the word "fanstastic."

1986-037 - Narratives: Family: Detroit Tigers -- The Movie (Fieldworker: Krajewski, Dawn)
Fieldworker discusses her father's story of watching baseball video's as a kd in a city where baseball is an important part of the city's social fabric.

1986-038 - Beliefs: Clean Feet=Good Sleep (Fieldworker: Ismail, Anuwar)
Fieldworker discusses the Malay belief about hygiene and rest: if one doesn't wash one's feet before sleeping you'll have nightmares.

1986-039 - Festivals: Festival: Table Gifts For Christmas (Fieldworker: Allen, Jackie)
Fieldworker discusses her family Christmas tradition of "table gifts:" each Christmas Eve the children receive a gift at the dinner table.

1986-040 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: Toppled Headstone (Fieldworker: Tower, Jeannie)
Fieldworker collects a narrative about a number of teenagers who find a toppled headston in a cemetary; the date on the headstone is that same day-ninety-years earlier.

1986-041 - Narratives: Family: Are You the Alcohol Man? (Fieldworker: Marshall, Melanie)
Fieldworker relates an incident that occurred during Prohibition in regard to her great-grandfather trying to get alcohol.

1987-001 - Customs: Family: Music: Father's Bedtime Song (Fieldworker: Jochum, Jamie)
Fieldworker recounts his family custom of a song that his father sang to the children on hot summer nights. Now it is sung only on holidays.

1987-002 - Oral History: Life: Grandmother from Mississippi (Fieldworker: Stieneker, Laurence)
Fieldworker's interview of his grandmother transcribed and discussed; focusing on her life growing up in rural Mississippi; the occasion of her birth, marriage, the food she eats, etc.

1987-003 - Oral History: Life: Grandmother's Life Courting and Cooking (Fieldworker: Harmening, Kate)
Fieldworker transcribes and discusses conversation with grandmother about the latter's life, including the rules followed in courting, cooking pies, and being a wife.

1987-004 - Narratives: Arts: Family: Grandmother's Life with Quilts (Fieldworker: Wawrzyniec, Vicki)
Fieldworker describes her grandmother's life in relation to quilting piecing together information together from memory and her mother's memory about the fole of quilting in female communities, church, and family throughout the years.

1987-005 - Narratives: Personal: Two Mothers Discuss Life (Fieldworker: Ireland, Sandy)
Fieldworker collects interviews with the two informants into a comparision and discussion about their roles as mothers, concentrating on issues like pregnancy, sex education, oral transmission of information about motherhood and sex, expectations percieve

1987-006 - Oral History: Chantilly and Down's Store (Fieldworker: Carabello, Nicholas)
Fieldworker's collection of interviews with members of the community in Chantilly Estates focues on the town's history with special emphasis on a neighborhood store as the central location of contact for the people.

1987-007 - Oral History: McLean, Virginia (Fieldworker: Framinan, Pablo)
Fieldworker interviews and researchs the history and development of Mclean, Virginia: local dairies, a turkey shoot contest, Christmas traditions, plowing snows with horses, black religious community, more.

1987-008 - Medicine: From Ginseng to Acupressure (Vietnamese Am) (Fieldworker: Speakes, Kalyn)
Fieldworker collects information on alternative medicines like ginseng, foods, garlic, herbs, ect, for illnesses used by her family. Also discusses oil, acupressure, remedies for cuts, bloodynoses, more.

1987-009 - Festivals: St. Martin's Day (German Am) (Fieldworker: Taylor, Cynthia)
Fieldworker's collection of information from interview/observation about the celebration of Saint Martin's Day by a German family. Includes two version of the Legend of St. Martin, recipe for a dough-made man cookie, description of food, parade, music, lanterns, decorations used her and in Germany.

1987-010 - Music: Carter Family Fold (Fieldworker: Holmes, Tracey )
Fieldworker's paper uses written questoinaires, video, and books as sources in her discussion of the Carter Family Fold, in Scott County, Virginia the site of the folk music of the Carter Family.

1987-011 - Narratives: Personal: The Hello Girl; Growing Up Mid Century (Fieldworker: Simonsen, Christina)
Fieldworkers collects personal narratives from informant: owning a horse, working as a switchboard operator, dealing with sleazy men, courting, etc. Fieldworker notes these stories were told as lessons and examples to her as she grew up.

1987-012 - Rites: American Funeral Rituals (Fieldworker: Enright, Louise)
Fieldworker collects and analyzes funeral types and functions.

1987-013 - Narratives: Personal: Narratives of Growing Up (Fieldworker: Simonsen, Christina)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative about her sibling as they were growing up

1987-014 - Narratives: Family: Bees and Hogs in East Texas (Fieldworker: Asendorf, Toni)
Fieldworker collects family narrative about cutting bee trees, gathering honey, smoking the bees, cutting out stingers, rounding up hogs, vaccinating hogs, all on a farm in East Texas.

1987-015 - Beliefs: To Live Near the King (Korean Am) (Fieldworker: Gonter, Paul)
Fieldworker collects information on the Korean belief that it is beneficial to live near the King or ruler.

1987-016 - Place: Montclair, Virginia (Fieldworker: Jochum, Jamie)
Fieldworker collects information about Prince William County's Monclair. (Virgina)

1987-017 - Place: Cabin Branch Mine (Fieldworker: Jochum, Jamie)
Fieldworker describes the history, day-to-day living of workers, and business of the of Cabin Branch Mine in Prince William County, Virginia.

1987-018 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: Fork in the Grave (Fieldworker: Hogan, Jenny)
Fieldworker discusses her mother's interpretation of an old folktale: sticking a fork into a grave, the dead pulling one into the grave.

1987-019 - Narrative: Legend: Supernatural: Ghost of Murdered Woman Haunts Woods (Fieldworker: Dawson, Steve )
Fieldworker examines a family legend of an African American hired hand having killed his wife, and her spirit haunts the house where it happened. Permanent blood stain.

1987-020 - Beliefs: Family: Bird as Harbinger of Death (Fieldworker: Hedrick, Ann)
Fieldworker examines her father's family's belief in the bird as a harbinger of death.

1987-021 - Narratives: Family: Childhood Mischief (Fieldworker: Grady, Joellyn)
Fieldworker discusses a tale of mischief told by her father about his childhood-entertainment and warning.

1987-022 - Narratives: Family: No One Works After Dinner (Ukraine Am) (Fieldworker: Maksymonko, Emily)
Fieldworker examines a tale told about her father's home in the Ukraine

1987-023 - Festivals: Family: A Swedish-American Christmas (Fieldworker: Robinson, Karen)
Fieldworker discusses her family's customs around Christmas.

1987-024 - Narrative: Anecdote: Supernatural: Fairfax Banshee (Fieldworker: Cooke, Pamela)
Fieldworker collects story about how he and neighbors heard a terrible shriek and some saw a creature. They attribute the creature's appearance to the tearing down of trees to build a new office complex.

1987-025 - Medicine: Family: Folk Medicine from several sources (Irish Am) (Fieldworker: Lannon, Linda)
Fieldworker discusses folk medicine and medical lore, acquired from family members.

1988-001 - Festivals: The 100th Day Birthday (Korean Am) (Fieldworker: Doan, My)
Fieldworker interviews Korean womanabout the social context, food preparations, costumes, gifts, and photo session involved in a traditional celebration of a baby's hundredth day alive.

1988-002 - Narratives: Personal: Occupations: Wicked Teacher Narrative (Fieldworker: Penick, Rebecca)
Fieldworker writes a fairy tale based on "Hansel and Gretel" about a wicked, child-eating elementary school teacher.

1988-003 - Narratives: Family Folklore (Fieldworker: Kapp, Elizabeth)
Fieldworker discusses family traditions anecdotes, customs, and history

1988-004 - Narratives: Family: Train, Trucks, and a Wolf (Fieldworker: Giacomelli, Susan)
Fieldworker's sister recorded the stories of her family for fieldworker. Sister tells a story about a train in Africa named "blackie." Also included: children's stories of trucks and animals.

1988-005 - Narratives: Personal: Growing Up in Florida (Fieldworker: Sommers, Alicia)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative about the multiple facets of the informant's life gowing up in coastal Florida. The narrative of the informant is analyzed for the purpose of recognizing the multiple genres which are touched upon.

1988-006 - Narratives: Maggie Green: Appalachian Storyteller (Fieldworker: Sims, Lana)
Fieldworker discusses the storytelling styles of an acquaintance of her's, who tells stories of numerous genres

1988-007 - Short Story: Supernatural: The Skeleton Boy (Fieldworker: Landon, Jeff)
Fieldworker discusses storytelling using a short story he wrote.

1988-008 - Customs: Housekeeping Traditions, 1750-1850 (Fieldworker: Hurt, Carla)
Fieldworker discusses domestic traditions in American History.

1988-009 - Family: Oral History: Gerhart Store (Fieldworker: Randall, Jane)
Fieldworker, having interviewed relatives and others, discusses importance of the family stove to the community.

1988-010 - Short Story: Yin, Yang, Baseball, and the Wild Blue Yonder (Fieldworker: Horndahl, Sandy)
Fieldworker discusses three concepts and their relationship to folklore. She incorporates them into a short story she wrote.

1989-001 - Narratives: Family: Poodle and Construction Site Danger (Fieldworker: Neese, Kenan)
Fieldworker collects narratives from his father. The first set is about the informant's father, "Poodle," an alchoholic often the victim of family practical jokes. Second set of narratives about working construction.

1989-002 - Narratives: Family: Lost Wedding Ring--Eddie's Secret Love (Fieldworker: Carter, Elizabeth)
Fieldworker collects narratives told by her mother about rural Virginia around the Civil War Era: stories about her great great aunt who fell in love with her sister's husband. Also how she saved herself from being raped by a Northern soldier.

1989-003 - Narratives: Festivals: Family: Tumbleweed Christmas Tree (Fieldworker: Bass, Carol)
Fieldworker collects story told by her mother about Christmas in California; poor and lacking the traditional tree, the mother and daughter gathered tumbleweeds from the desert and decorated them with the usual ornaments and lights.

1989-004 - Legend: Ghost: Alice Flagg of the Hermitage (Fieldworker: Rodgers, Mary)
Fieldworker describes her family's experience and relationship to the ghost Alice Flagg at the Hermitage Plantation in Georgetown, South Carolina: seeing the ghost's pale white dress. Alice's history, lost ring, graveside rituals.

1989-005 - Joke: Practical: Washing with Go Jo (Fieldworker: Rodgers, Mary)
Fieldworker describes practical joke played on her husband Joe when they visited Joe's great uncle. Uncle tricks the husband into washing hands with an unwashable substance.

1989-006 - Narratives: Family: Rural Virginia Farm Life (Fieldworker: Stevens, Janet)
Fieldworker discusses and categorizes several family stories told by various of her rural Virginian family. Stories range from tales of daily farm life to holiday customs, the cornshucking harvest event, and family dealings with gypsies, African Am.

1989-007 - Narratives: Family: Church Bell Ringer with No Arms (Fieldworker: Olechnowich, Debby)
Fieldworker collects Uncle's narrative of a church bell ringer with no arms who falls from the bell tower; when a crowd gathers, the fieldworker's mother says, "his face rings a bell."

1989-008 - Narratives: Family: Jumping From the Barn Loft (Fieldworker: Stevens, Janet)
Fieldworker collects her mother's narrative about the time her brother dared her to jump off a barnloft, she did, there was no hay to cushion her fall.

1989-009 - Narratives: Family: Maggie the Soap Maker (Fieldworker: Neese, Kenan)
Fieldworker collects her father's narrative about being a child and being warned by his mother about Maggie, an African Am maid, who supposedly made soap out of children who failed to keep themselves clean.

1989-010 - Narratives: Family: Post Civil War Narratives, Heirlooms (Fieldworker: Carter, Elizabeth)
Fieldworker collects family narrative from her mother about her great grandmother during/after the Civil War, relationships to African Ams, pictures of dresses, quilts, jewelry, shoes, etc.

1989-011 - Narratives: Legends: Ax Man in Disguise at the Mall (Fieldworker: Storey, Sally)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her mother about a girl offering a to give a ride to an old woman. She gets a security guard and she witnesses the old lady losing her wig, revealing herself to be a man sitting on an axe.

1989-012 - Narratives: Legends: Boy Profanes the Eucharist (Fieldworker: McCashin, Lorraine)
Fieldworker collects narrative about a Catholic nun who tells of a young boy who secretly holds the Holy Eucharist-the blood of Christ stains the boy's hands.

1989-013 - Narratives: Family: The West Family's History (Fieldworker: West, Caroline)
Fieldworker collects narratives from her uncle and aunt about his parent's meeting, explains what happened to various properties and person in the family i.e. the lost fortune, concentrating on the Fieldworker's grandfather.

1989-014 - Narratives: Family: Fortune Teller's "Radio Mind" (Fieldworker: Shawhan, Dorothy)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her father about a fortune teller who used his "radio mind" to tell people where to find lost items or pets, although he was reported to threaten a sweetheart with his psychic ability as well.

1989-015 - Narratives: Family: Forgetting the Youngest Son (Fieldworker: Carter, Linda)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her parents about the time they left their youngest son at a gas station where they had stopped for gas and to let their son use the bathroom.

1989-016 - Folk Music: Song: Suffering a Poptail (Fieldworker: West, Caroline)
Fieldworker recalls the lyrics of a family song and discusses with the Informant the origin of the song. The parents would sing to remind the children to behave in the car or else suffer a "poptail" or a slight spanking.

1989-017 - Jokes:Practical: Hunting Snipe (Fieldworker: Sylvester, Ginny)
Informant describes joke played on her as a child: she stood in the woods with a paper bag hunting a fictional animal.

1989-018 - Jokes: Ethnic: Jews in a Volkswagen (Fieldworker: Cronin, Denise )
Fieldworker presents joke as told by a Jewish informant: joke references the Holocaust in terms of fitting Jews in a German-made car using ashtray.

1989-019 - Narratives: Family Narratives (Fieldworker: Balzhiser, A. )
Fieldworker relates some of her childhood memories and stories about her family and their significance.

1990-001 - Narratives: Occupations: Hospital Ghost Narratives (Fieldworker: Carter, Linda)
Fieldworker collects narratives from hospital employees about ghosts: a little girl in the hall, moaning from a stairway, "Charlie" the ghost pushing mop buckets, and lights flickering off and on in the Children's Ward.

1990-002 - Narratives: Personal: Military: Heroism in the Vietnam War (Fieldworker: Speakes, Kalyn)
Fieldworker collects narrative of a Vietnam veteran about ideas of heroism in terms of Joseph Campbell's description of mythic heroism. Reasons and perceptions in the culture now of the war and the men who fought in it.

1990-003 - Narratives: Connie Pottle, Storyteller, on Telling Tales (Fieldworker: Dove, Robert)
Fieldworker collects narrative form informant about the latter's involvement and knowledge with storytelling; talk about being a librarian, Native Am cultures, Cinderella, and symbolism.

1990-004 - Narratives: Family: Ghosts: Sounds of a Mother's Spirit (Fieldworker: Rangel, Joy)
Fieldworker's mother tell narrative of being a child alone with siblings by her father after her mother died. Noises like stove pipes falling and worse frightened them when their father was gone. Informant believes these were the sounds of her angry mother.

1990-005 - Narrative: Legend: Supernatural: Beating your Dead Son's Hand (Fieldworker: Thornberg, Colleen)
Fieldworker retells and discusses story told by grandmother about a mother who failed to punish her son for beating her. After he died, his hand stuck up out of the grave, and her priest told her to beat it with a stick.

1990-006 - Narratives: Fairytales, Siblings, and Maturation (Fieldworker: Maslanka, Peg)
Fieldworker collects narratives of fairytales, siblings, and maturation. She compares personal sibling dynamics with the fairytale "Hansel and Gretel." Analyzes male and female maturation in fairtales using Jungian theory.

1990-007 - Place: Oswego County (New York) (Fieldworker: Waters, Susan)
Fieldworker examines the history, narratives, and foodways of Oswego Country.

1992-001 - Sports: Ethnography of Redskins Professional Football Team (Fieldworker: Peak, Jason)
Fieldworker collects ethnography of Washington Redskins: football humor, language, games.

1992-002 - Groups: Occupations: Fairfax City Fire and Rescue #3 (Fieldworker: Hinkson, Nicole)
Fieldworker collects occupational folklore about the folkgroup of firefighters in Fairfax City, Virginia. Analyzes speech, humor, apprehension of death and violence, and rituals of initiation for new firefighters.

1992-003 - Festival: Family's German Christmas Traditions (Fieldworker: Hertag, Michelle)
Fieldworker collects Christmas traditions of her German relatives: analysis of the Christkind, of the character of Hans Trapp, the tradition of gifts for boys and girls, and the analysis of dollhouses within her family.

1992-004 - Narratives: Manaport Hair Center (Chinese) (Fieldworker: Gore, T)
Fieldworker collects narratives from his mother-in-law about her hair salon. She tells him about unruly customers and how her business is operated.

1992-005 - Narratives: Narratives of Reported Speech (Fieldworker: Fennell, Gwen)
Fieldworker recounts the creation of phrases of inside jokes: "But the shoes," Let's have eggs, " What about Kevin." Phrases convey an emotion thorugh a cipher only understood by those who experienced its context.

1992-006 - Narratives: Jewish Family Folklore (Fieldworker: Spector, Elizabeth)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her father-in-law about Jewish identity: narratives of ethnic solidarity in the family and the translation of Jewish named from German to English.

1992-007 - Ethnography of Virginia Hunter (Fieldworker: Cate, Matthew)
Fieldworker describes the process of becoming a certifed hunter: historical analysis of wildlife management, the role of hunters in that management.

1992-008 - Speech: Private Language of a Women's Friendship Group (Fieldworker: Campbell, Mary)
Fieldworker analyzes private language developed between her friends: the words "J," "Bondin," and "Leb." Each word is cipher only known to the folkgroup of her friends.

1992-009 - Groups: Military: Vietnam Veterans (Fieldworker: Reames, Jeffrey)
Fieldworker collects interviews from two Vietnam war veterans. They describe their experiences and opinions of the war.

1992-010 - Narratives: Family: Naming of Stuart's Draft; Humorous Irish Narratives (Fieldworker: Fauber, Laura)
Fieldworker collects narratives from various oral and written sources concerning the naming and history of Fieldworker's hometown, Stuart's Draft, alon gwith a family tree; she recounts several Irish stories told to her by her grandfather.

1992-011 - Narratives: Family: Knocking the Snout off Father's Fish (Fieldworker: Fingerhut, Daniel)
Fieldworker collects narratives from his father describing two incidents in his childhood: fighting and knocking the snout off a mounted snailfish, knocking the teeth out of a mounted barracuda.

1992-012 - Narratives: Family: Stealing Tootsie Pops (Fieldworker: Keagle, Kay)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her mother about the fieldworker and a friend as children stealing candy from the local store, getting caught, having to confess their crime.

1992-013 - Narratives: Personal: Woman Assaulted on the Bus (Fieldworker: Harwood, Marilyn)
Fieldworker collects narrative from a woman assaulted on the bus: woman beaten on the bus, witnessed by a packed bus, left to fend for herself against her assailant.

1992-014 - Narratives: Personal: Place: Memories of South Dakota Frontier (Fieldworker: Glover, Nancy)
Fieldworker analyzes informant's stories from his Memoirs in terms of time period and South Dakota/prairie motifs.

1992-015 - Narratives: Family: Taking Care of Dorie (Fieldworker: Shutika, Debra)
Fieldworker discusses a conversation with her grandmother about the latter's experience taking care of an aunt who was dying of cancer: aspects of nursing, family personality.

1992-016 - Narratives: Family: Life Narratives (Fieldworker: Groves, Abigail)
Fieldworker collects narratives told by aunt and other family members: her great grandmother who came to the USA after being raped by a Cossack in Krakow, grandmother becoming a nurse, having a brain tumor.

1992-017 - Oral History: Life: World of the Tlinget Indian (Fieldworker: Jacobsen, Linda)
Fieldworker collects stories of life in Alaska as a Tlinget Indian, berry picking, family relationships, poems, description of wildlife and landscape, environment; spiritual beliefs.

1992-018 - Legends: Religions:Samurai and Old Man (Japan, Zen Buddhism) (Fieldworker: Kitchen, George)
Fieldworker details two versions of a story told by a Kyudo Master from Japan about a young samurai mistaking a great teacher for a worthless old man due to the man's appearance.

1992-019 - Narratives: Family: A Mother's Frustration (Fieldworker: Campbell, Louise)
Fieldworker collects narrative of her grandmother explaining that as a mother, frustration at the noise of her children sometimes led her to imagine swinging them silent by the feet.

1992-020 - Folk Music:Song:West Virginia Silent Night (Fieldworker: Kilgour, Jordan)
Fieldworker describes learning and performing song-joke "West Virginia Silent Night" with brother for their family at Christmas.

1992-021 - Narratives: Legends: Eddie Murphy in the Elevator (Fieldworker: Glover, Nancy)
Fieldworker collects narrative about a woman who found herself in an elevator with three African men, the woman is leery, and misunderstands the dialect of the men. One of the men turns out being Eddie Murphey.

1992-022 - Narratives: Family: Men are Babies (Fieldworker: Groves, Abigail)
Fieldworker describes grandmother's life context of being married and at home for most of her life and giving advice that "men are babies" as a way to deal with men.

1992-023 - Oral History: Life: Great Aunt immigrates from Lebanon (Fieldworker: Monseur, Mary)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her great aunt which recounts a poor childhood in Sidon, Lebanon, being sent to work as a servant in Egypt. Arabic words, customs, festivals.

1992-024 - Narratives: Family: Supernatural: Perils of a Fairy Road (Irish Am) (Fieldworker: Kane, Beth)
Fieldworker collects narrative about her cousin driving on the Fairy Road in Ireland after dark. As the landlady warned, the informant was punished when the next day she woke to two flat tires.

1992-025 - Narratives: Family: "Lord Billy" (Fieldworker: Garson, Scott)
Fieldworker collects narrative about a relative who married an oil heiress from Texas and consequently bought an English lordship to be passed on to his children.

1992-026 - Narratives: Family: Revenge at the Naval Academy (Fieldworker: Karafilis, Andrea)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her father about his being in the Naval Academy and getting punished for cutting hair.

1992-027 - Narratives: Family: Grandmother's Gift of her Ring (Fieldworker: Shutika, Debra)
Fieldworker describes incident when the informant presented her with a wedding ring belonging to informant's mother and requested the fieldworker to take care of it and remember where it came from.

1993-001 - Narratives: Family: Boy saves food during Civil War (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker collects family narrative about a great grandfather as a boy who saved a turkey platter when Northern troops burned the small farm in Maryland during the Civil War; analyzes function of story.

1993-002 - Jokes: Ethnic: A Family's Jokes about Irishmen (Fieldworker: Fauber, Laura)
Fieldworker collects from sister Irish jokes told by deceased grandfather.

1993-003 - Omens: Death and Birth Omens in Ireland and Brooklyn, NY (Fieldworker: McAteer, Kerry)
Fieldworker collects several beliefs, proverbs, superstitions, and narratives from Irish Am grandmother about birth and death, cause and effect, etc.

1993-004 - Music: Gestures in Baptist Children's Song (Fieldworker: Newman, Dena)
In this personal narrative, Fieldworker analyzes/describes gestures practiced in songs sun by her church choir, their function and transmission.

1993-005 - Groups: Computer Folklore-- "Hacker Purity Tests" (Fieldworker: Pon, Malcolm)
Fieldworker uses personal experience to describe/discuss internet folklore including terminology and customs, specifically the "Purity Test" that tests a users familiarity with computers.

1993-006 - Festivals: Foodways: Family: Polish-American Christmas (Fieldworker: Ward, Valerie)
Fieldworker discusses the making, decoration, and occasion of painted cookies made by her family, the heritage they represent and the festivals they help celebrate.

1994-001 - Narratives: Family Survival Narratives (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker collects narrative with siblings about their three years living with an alcoholic father. They had no water, electricty, and often no food in the house.

1994-002 - Narratives: Groups: Occupations: Outback Steakhouse (Fieldworker: Shane, Lara)
Fieldworker collects occupational narratives from herself and her coworkers who all work in a restaurant together. Stories include: helping a choking customer, dealing with rude customers.

1994-003 - Beliefs: Festivals: Family Folklore Collection (Fieldworker: Clarke, Robin)
Fieldworker collects superstitions and narratives from aunt and grandmother. Include materials about Halloween, about how a man should enter the house New Year's Day ("first footing")

1994-004 - Place: Franklin, Virginia (Fieldworker: McKain, Jennifer)
Fieldworker collects legends of African Am homeless person named Hogbear who eats lightbulbs and other odd substances as told by her stepfather and his brother.

1994-005 - Festivals: Christmas: Russian, German, Spanish, Polish (Fieldworker: Gustin, Meredith)
Fieldworker collects information on customs and traditions about Christmas from around the world using research and interviews with family members.

1994-006 - Arts: Dollhouses (Fieldworker: Thompson, Kristin)
Fieldworker discusses dollhouses as items of material culture: used as part of a life review process, a hobby, a tradition; its history. Includes pictures, uses research, and interviews.

1994-007 - Festivals: Family: Christmas (Fieldworker: Steidel, Karen)
Fieldworker discusses the history of the Christmas tradition and compares the legends with the personal experiences of a specific family, specifically focusing on beliefs and customs surrounding Santa Claus.

1994-008 - Arts: Family: Quilting (West Virginia) (Fieldworker: Bourkland, Wendy)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative from great grandmother about quilting designs and customs: discusses female community of quilting that supersedes family.

1994-009 - Narratives: Family: Why Frogs Cry in Rain (Korean Am) (Fieldworker: Kim, Yuna)
Fieldworker collects story she once heard from her mother, then from her father about a mother frog's death and burial by her children being the reason frogs cry when it rains.

1994-010 - Narratives: Beliefs: Vietnamese Folk Narratives (Fieldworker: Marsch, William)
Fieldworker collects from his Vietnamese fiance and her uncle several folktales as well as beliefs about houses.

1994-011 - Festivals: Marriage, Italian Practices (Fieldworker: Grimaldi, Margaret)
Fieldworker collects own personal narrative and that of her cousins about getting engaged to compare the Italian Am and Italian customs and ceremonies involved, especially the waiting time and significance of rings.

1994-012 - Narrative: Family: Relative designs London Bridge (Fieldworker: Parlatore, Chrissy)
Fieldworker collects legend from grandmother and uses research to collaborate the story that one of her ancestors designed/built the London Bridge.

1994-013 - Arts: Crochet (Fieldworker: Thomasian, Anastacia)
Fieldworker collects informant's personal narrative about crochet. Traces history of crochet and analyzes patterns.

1994-014 - Groups: Vampire Wannabes (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker collects interviews/discusses folkgroup/subculture of people wearing fangs pretending to be vampires at dance clubs/restaurants/on-line.

1994-015 - Festivals: Marriage, Polish Practices (Fieldworker: Zielaskiewicz, Julie)
Fieldworker collects customs at a cousin's Polish wedding ceremony, i.e. kettle dance, propaviva, etc. Catholic aspects

1994-016 - Arts: Family: Quilting (Fieldworker: Romesburg, Jamey)
Fieldworker collects stories about quilting from grandmother.

H-1994-027 - Halloween (Fieldworker: Williamson, Gigi)
Not available

1994-018 - Arts: Family: Quilting through Four Generations (Fieldworker: Mason, Shonda )
Fieldworker collects narratives about a family's folk art (quilting) through four generations.

1994-019 - Jokes: Occupations: Joking at Ringling Accounting Department (Fieldworker: Rosso, John)
Fieldworker collects jokes from workers at the Ringling Brothers Accouting Department in Fairfax.

1994-020 - Joke: Joke about Leukemia (Fieldworker: Murphy, Michael)
Fieldworker collects joke from his friend about a boy with leukemia.

1994-021 - Narratives: Groups: Personal Narratives of Choral Musicians (Fieldworker: Edmonds, Pauline)
Fieldworker collects narratives from choral musicans about their worst performances.

1994-022 - Narratives: Japanese Folk Narrative (Fieldworker: Brown, James)
Fieldworker collects folk narrative from elementary school teacher about a tree that gave money if you were kind to it.

1994-023 - Occupations: Folklore in a Mental Health Setting (Fieldworker: Tolchin, Susan)
Fieldworker analyzes the occupational folklore of two subgroups working in a mental health setting.

1994-024 - Narratives: Military: Tall Tale, U.S. Navy (Fieldworker: Monahan, James)
Fieldworker collects narrative from experienced Navy man about an experience he had while serving in Pearl Harbor.

1994-025 - Narratives: Jokes: Military: Humor in U.S. Army Aviation (Fieldworker: Cook, Mary)
Fieldworker recounts jokes from her experiences as a Blackhawk helicopter pilot.

1994-026 - Narratives: Family Narrative about Son (Fieldworker: Steidel, Karen)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her grandmother about the time her father, as a child, painted the garage.

1994-027 - Jokes: Joke about Dyslexia (Fieldworker: Tolchin, Susan)
Fieldworker collects jokes about dyslexia at a psychiatric rehabilitation center in Fairfax.

1994-028 - Narratives: Personal: Omens: Woman senses illnessl (Fieldworker: Bourkland, Wendy)
Fieldworker collects a narrative about the time her grandmother experienced an omen: her grandmother sensed that a friend would get cancer.

1994-029 - Riddles: About Cows (Fieldworker: Zielaskiewicz, Julie)
While driving in a car, fieldworker collects riddle about cows from her mother.

1994-030 - Narratives: Tall Tales about Rattlesnake (Fieldworker: Shupe, Jr., Robert)
Fieldworker collects narrative from his father about an enormous rattlesnake in Marion.

1994-031 - Narratives: Personal: Omens: Man senses brother's accident (Fieldworker: Marcus, Jennifer)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her mother about her great-great grandfather: a strange light guides him home.

1994-032 - Narratives: Chinese Folk Narrative (Fieldworker: Song, Susan)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her mother about a thrifty man who saves the leftover rice of his rich neighbor.

1994-033 - Narratives: Family Narrative about Sister (Fieldworker: Lynch, Kathleen)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her sister about the time the fieldworker got shocked by pulling a cord from an electic socket with her teeth.

1994-034 - Narrative: Personal: On Poverty during the Depression (Fieldworker: McClinsey, Megan)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her grandmother about stealing coal as child during the Depression.

1994-035 - Jokes: Bawdy Joke of Older Woman (Fieldworker: Comerford, Adrienne)
Fieldworker collects joke from her aunt about a Latino whose accent makes others misunderstand him. misunderstood.

1994-036 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: Near Death Experience (Fieldworker: Whiting, Heather)
Fieldworker collects narrative from friend about the time he drifted into the ocean by himself and was surrounded by sharks.

1994-037 - Narratives: Family Narrative on the Depression (Fieldworker: Romesburg, Jamey)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her aunt about the time during the Depression when the aunt's parents fed her starch because there wasn't any other food.

1994-038 - Proverbs: Family: Italian Proverb about Love (Fieldworker: Grimaldi, Margaret)
On the day she was engaged, fieldworker collects proverb about love from her father-in-law.

1994-039 - Narratives: African American Narrative About Family Joke (Fieldworker: Stockton, Leslie)
Fieldworker collects joke from her family about a woman who wears a wig.

1994-040 - Narratives: Family: Boys' Prank at Christmas (German American) (Fieldworker: Koenig, Brenda)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her grandfather about the time a man playing Santa Claus was run over by pigs.

1994-041 - Narratives: Legends: Babysitter and the Man Upstairs (Fieldworker: Ruthazer, Bill)
Fieldworker collects narrative told to him by a friend when he was twelve years old about a babysitter who is threatened over the telephone.

1994-042 - Narratives: Family Narrative (Fieldworker: Shane, Lara)
Fieldworker collects family narratives about times when members of her family were scared: a cow "mooing," "The Incredible Hulk."

1994-043 - Rites: Militiary: Funeral Rites at Naval Academy (Fieldworker: Lauder, Heather)
Fieldworker collects a Naval Academy custom: a stone is placed on top of a grave marker to hold down a message for the deceased. If the message disappears, it is understood that the deceased has received the message.

1994-044 - Narrative: Native American Folktale told to White Children (Fieldworker: Linse, James)
Fieldworker collects a Native Am folktale from a Native Am about a child who learns to be good after being punished by the Great Spirit.

1994-045 - Narratives: Family Narrative on Stars and Fear of the Dark (Fieldworker: Buckley, Kathryn)
Not available

1994-046 - Narratives: Chinese Legend told by Vietnamese Woman (Fieldworker: Marsch, William)
Fieldworker collects narrative from his Vietnamese fiance about a king who reforms his ways after experiencing his kingdom in the guise of a commoner.

1994-047 - Jokes: Dentist and Contaminated Peanuts (Fieldworker: Walters, Jennifer)
Fieldworker collects joke from her father about a man who unknowingly eats peanuts that had their chocolate coating sucked off by a receptionist.

1994-048 - Narratives: Family: First Experience with Alcohol (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker collects the narrative of his father's first experience with alcohol.

1994-049 - Narratives: Family: On Ethnic Prejudice against Italians (Fieldworker: Rosso, John)
Fieldworker collects narrative from his father about a baker who knocked out a red-neck who was prejudice against Italians.

1994-050 - Narratives: Family Narrative Told to Adopted Korean Granddaughter (Fieldworker: Debrow, Melissa)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her grandmother about how an ancestor discovered a rudimentary form of penicillin. Remark on how family history is different for adopted children.

1994-051 - Narratives: Family Narrative about Food (Fieldworker: Hosey, Monica)
Fieldworker collects a family narrative from her mother about the time her mother tried avoid eating a beet.

1994-052 - Narratives: Family Narrative on Lying about Christmas Burglar (Fieldworker: Richardson, Andrew)
Fieldworker collects narrative from his mother about the time she lied about a burglar breaking into their apartment and destroying their Christmas tree.

1994-053 - Narratives: Family Narrative about Ethnic Prejudice (Russian German American) (Fieldworker: Gustin, Meredith)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her grandmother about an incident of predjudice that occurred at her grandfather's workplace during the Cold War.

1994-054 - Narratives: Family: Consequences of Missing School (Fieldworker: McMichael, L)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her grandmother about a little girl who missed school, played all day at a shed, and was punished for missing school.

1994-055 - Narratives: Family: Robbers During the Depression (Fieldworker: Kratovil, Ed)
Fieldworker collects narrative about an incident his grandmother experienced in which robbers attempted to steal her father's suit during the Depression.

1994-056 - Narratives: Family: On Pregnancy and Adversity (Fieldworker: Raines, Darlene)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her mother about the time during the construction of an addition to their house that her mother had difficulty doing laundry because of a set of incomplete stairs.

1994-057 - Narratives: Personal: Small Town Life (Fieldworker: McKain, Jennifer)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her step-father about a man named "Hogbear" who would eat lightbulbs for money and beer.

1994-058 - Narratives: Family: On Simple Pleasures, Food (Fieldworker: Karman, Pauline)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her mother about foods she ate when she was a child and how that relates to her presently.

1994-059 - Narratives: Family: Grandmother's Agility (Fieldworker: Clarke, Robin)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her mother about her grandmother jumping across a creekbed when frightened by a snake.

1994-060 - Beliefs: Grandmother's Folk Beliefs (Fieldworker: Moran, Kellie)
Fieldworker collects her grandmother's folk beliefs about omens.

1994-061 - Narratives: Family: Babysitting (Fieldworker: Cook, Mary)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her mother about babysitting two unruly boys when she was a teenager.

1994-062 - Custom: Family Traditional Whistle (Fieldworker: Williamson, Georgiana)
Fieldworker collects a family custom from his father: the "Williamson family whistle." The whistle is used to locate family members and to call them home.

1994-063 - Jokes: OJ Simpson (Fieldworker: Parlatore, Chrissy)
Fieldworker collects joke from her brother about OJ Simpson and his trial.

1994-064 - Narratives: Family: Lying to Parents (Fieldworker: Yockers, David)
Fieldworker collects narrative from William Yockers about the time he lied about choking a turkey to death and receiving a spanking from his father.

1994-065 - Narratives: Family: Prohibition (Irish, Italian) (Fieldworker: Gyomory, Barbara)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her husband about his mother's account of watching police search her family's apartment during prohibition. They found alcohol and threw it out the window.

1994-066 - Narratives: Family: Grandfather Struck by Lightning (Fieldworker: Determan, Cara)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her grandmother about the time her grandfather was sitting outside during a rainstorm and was struck by lightning.

1994-067 - Narratives: Family: Grandmother Sews Everything (Fieldworker: Posnett, Sara)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her father-in-law about his mother: sewing canvas for clothing, saving money, the size of her family.

1994-068 - Narratives: Family: Courtship: Parents' First Date (Fieldworker: Myers, Melody)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her parents about their first date. It was plagued with disaster: rain, spilled ice cream, reticent mother, etc.

1994-069 - Narratives: Jokes: Family: "Watch for Falling Rock" (Fieldworker: Cassell, Mary)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her father explainging the origin of signs that say "Watch for Falling Rocks:" a joke about a rivalry between two Native Am brothers competing to be Chief of their tribe.

1994-070 - Narratives: Family: Close Call with Child Abductors (Fieldworker: Capps, Jennifer)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her mother about the time the fieldworker evaded two child abductors while walking her dogs.

1994-071 - Narratives: Family: Women Abused by Alcoholic Men (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her mother: describes the birth of the fieldworker and how her husband was drunk and emotionally unavailable during her labor.

1994-072 - Narratives: Legends: Place name: The "Dollyhole" in the Holston River (Fieldworker: Coleman, Catherine)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her father about a place in the Holston River called the "Dollyhole." The "Dollyhole" is supposedly the place where a elephant was buried.

1994-073 - Foodways: Polish Family Foodways (Fieldworker: Monahan, James)
Not available

1994-074 - Narratives: Family: Made up Story - The Duck Story (Fieldworker: Marrazzo, Kim)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her father retelling a story he learned in Italy about a duck.

1994-075 - Narratives: Family: Great-grandmother as College Housemother (Fieldworker: Edmonds, Pauline )
Fieldworker collects narrative from her great-grandmother about living a good life.

1994-076 - Narratives: Family: Father's Story about Horse Chestnuts (Fieldworker: Teech, Jennifer)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her father concerning the reasons why he carries chestnuts: luck, for arthritis.

1994-077 - Narrative: Legend: Ghost: Guatemalan Tale of La Llorona (Fieldworker: Onwudiwe, Chinwe)
Informant tells a ghost story about a woman who stabs her unfaithful husband then drowned herself and baby. Her ghost runs through the streets crying for the baby.

1994-078 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: Aunt Mutt's Angel (Fieldworker: Yerks, Ann)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her mother and grandmother about an unknown child visiting fieldworker's aunt, telling her it was not time to die: angels.

1994-079 - Narratives: Family: Grandmother's Narrative (Fieldworker: Sherman, Ashley)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her grandmother about the time she had an out of body experience.

1994-080 - Narratives: Personal: English Toilet Narrative (Fieldworker: Blackwell, Carole )
Fieldworker collects narrative from her sister about a toilet stolen in England.

1994-081 - Narratives: Family: Birth of a Son (Fieldworker: Reid, Gregory)
Fieldworker collects narrative from his father about fieldworker's birth: doctor dressed casually.

1994-082 - Narratives: Family: An Illness (Fieldworker: McCarthy, Francis)
Fieldworker collects narrative from mother about how his father survived spinal meningitis.

1994-083 - Narratives: Family: Papaw's Story of Old Texas Jack (Fieldworker: Johnson, Kelly )
Not available

1994-017 - Narratives: A Family Narrative from 1919 (Fieldworker: Bruns, Nancy)
Fieldworker collects narrative from aunt about the story of the aunt's sister's death in 1919.

1995-001 - Beliefs: Medicine: Pregnancy Folklore (Fieldworker: Agnew, Amy)
Fieldworker collects narratives from three women about the stories and beliefs they heard during their pregnancy separated into context of place and discusses function of the passing of these stories as well as discerns the difference in types.

1995-002 - Groups: Fraternity, JMU (Fieldworker: Williamson, Gigi)
Fieldworker and informant discuss/read/compare Sanday's findings about initiation in college fraternities with informant's personal experiences.

1995-003 - Groups: Occupations: Narratives: Speech: Automobile Salesmen (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker collects narratives, folk speech and customs within "family" of a car dealership; analyzes components, motifs and themee as they relate to power, sex, gender and sales.

1995-017 - Narratives: Family: Powell Family Narratives (Fieldworker: Allen, Elizabeth)
Fieldworker collects from great-aunt stories abou her great-grandmother during the Civil War and growing up in the true South.

1995-018 - Groups: Entering a Nursing Home (Fieldworker: Nepodal, Angela )
Fieldworker collects narratives from elderly women retirement home.

1995-019 - Rites: Honoring Ancestors with Mirror, Memorial Ceremonies (Vietnamese) (Fieldworker: Ray, Mary )
Fieldworker collects from Vietnamese mother two customs and beliefs that surround mirrors and other material culture objects in/around their home, as well as funeral ceremony description, festival of Tet, discusses identity as biracial person.

1995-020 - Foodways: Roma Sausage Company (Italian Am) (Fieldworker: Tutora, John)
Not available

1995-021 - Groups: Speech of Postal Workers (Fieldworker: Miller, Lynne)
Not available

1995-022 - Narratives: Legends: Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe (Fieldworker: Singleton, Angela )
Not available

1995-023 - Narratives: Family: A Conflict at Border Crossing in England (Fieldworker: McCommons, Ian)
Not available

1995-024 - Proverbs: Chinese Proverbs in Hong Kong (Fieldworker: Chan, Deborah)
Not available

1995-025 - Family Narratives: Family: Grandparents' First Married Years (Fieldworker: Carroll, Lorretta)
Not available

1995-026 - Narratives: Legends: Killer in Back Seat of Car (Fieldworker: Lopez, Kristine )
Not available

1995-027 - Narratives: Family: Boys Steal Cherries from Old Woman's Tree (Fieldworker: Lohmann, Keri)
Not available

1995-028 - Narratives: Family: Visiting New Baby in Hospital (Fieldworker: Steiner, Marjorie)
Not available

1995-029 - Narratives: Ghosts: Civil War Ghosts in Alexandria, VA (Fieldworker: Cushman, Dustin)
Fieldworker collects a narrative from his mother about her experience of a supernatural experience in Alexandria, Virginia when she was a child.

1995-030 - Narratives: Occupations: Smokejumpers (Fieldworker: Super, Helen)
Fieldworker collects narratives about a smokejumper by the name of Frank Kippy.

1995-031 - Oral History: Life: Grandfather tells of W.W.I, Pancho Villa, Postal Service (Fieldworker: Nepodal, Angela )
Fieldworker collects narrative from her childhood friend about his grandfather: W.W.I, fighting Pancho Villa, serving the Postal Service. Analyzes how this history reflects upon his identity in the family

1995-032 - Narratives: Family: Sibling Rivalry (Fieldworker: Merritt, Erin)
Fieldworker collects narrative from his mother about a time when, as a child, she played a joke on her older brothers. Analyzes male/female power relations.

1995-033 - Narratives: Ghosts: Visit to Site of Unjustly Lynched African American (Fieldworker: Lackner, Mary)
Fieldworker collects a legend from her mother recounting the story of a lynched African-American: the man was hung outside the courthouse in Alabama. He declared he would haunt the premises. Now people say they can see him haunting the vicinity.

1995-034 - Jokes: Swedish Immigrant (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker collects Swedish jokes from coworker.

1995-035 - Family Narratives: Family: Cousins (Fieldworker: Eilers, Rebekka)
Fieldworker collects family narrative from her mother about when her mother as child was threatened by cousins. Analysis of familial relations.

1995-036 - Narratives: Family: Supernatural: Legend of the Devil Cat (Fieldworker: Kiehl, Jennifer)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her Grandmother at a family reunion about the "Devil Cat" that visited the grandmother in her childhood.

1995-037 - Narratives: Family: Disastrous Vacation: "Arabian Knights" (Hispanic-Arabic) (Fieldworker: Velarde, Emmy)
Fieldworker collects from her siblings the story of the time in Florida when they went to a disastrous dinner theater performance.

1995-038 - Narratives: Family: Military: Painting Room (Fieldworker: Miller, Lynne)
Fieldworker collects story from her friend about painting her bedroom.

1995-039 - Narratives: Family: Courtship Narratives (Fieldworker: Mizerak, Lorilee)
Fieldworker collects story from her mother about how her parents met.

1995-040 - Narratives: Personal: Racial Slurs and Klan (African American) (Fieldworker: Staub, Dawn)
Fieldworker collects two personal narratives about being differentiated, name-called due their African Am identity.

1995-041 - Narratives: Family: Disastrous Vacation and Divorce (Fieldworker: Hammond, Casey)
Fieldworker collects story about a couple's disastrous trip to California.

1995-042 - Narratives: Personal: College Football Game (Fieldworker: Hosick, Heather)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative about a college football game at Virginia Tech University.

1995-043 - Narratives: Personal: Chicken Theft (Fieldworker: Ellison, Alberta )
Fieldworker collects narrative from her grandmother about stealing a chicken from her neighbor.

1995-044 - Narratives: Personal: Military: Humorous Incident in Air Force (Family) (Fieldworker: Tutora, John)
Fieldworker collects narrative from his wife about a humorous incident about a drunk singing Frank Sinatra.

1995-045 - Narratives: Family: Surviving a Boating Accident (Fieldworker: Murphy, Matt)
Fieldworker collects narrative from his parents about living in Alaska and surviving a boating accident with the help of the Coast Guard.

1995-046 - Narratives: Supernatural: Hunters Encounter Monster (Fieldworker: McTamney, Michelle)
Fieldworker collects narrative about a monster that had mauled and stolen the hand of a hunter. Analyzes folktale for exoteric, esoteric meaning.

1995-047 - Narratives: Personal: Teacher Fools Student (Fieldworker: Meyer, Gayla)
Fieldworker collects narrative from a teacher about the time she tricked her students into being attentive during a quiz.

1995-048 - Narratives: Family: Bedtime Narrative about Monster (Fieldworker: Pearson, Chris )
Fieldworker collects father's narrative about the "Monster of Lagar." A bedtime story used to scare and amuse children.

1995-049 - Narratives: Family: Prank Played on Father-in-Law (Fieldworker: Allen, Elizabeth)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her father about the time he tricked his Father-in-Law into eating extremely hot salsa.

1995-050 - Jokes: Practical: Joke Played on New Employee of N. Virginia Regional Park Authority (Fieldworker: Conlon, Mike)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative about a practical joke played on a coworker at Regional Park.

1995-051 - Narratives: Personal: Accident While Slopping Hogs (Fieldworker: Arnold, Brian)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative from roommate about growing up in a rural Southwestern Virginia and having adventures with his best friend finding hogs on their farms.

1995-052 - Narratives: Marchen: Family: Choosing from Among the Many (Greek) (Fieldworker: Maoury, Andrew)
Fieldworker collects narrative from father told to him by his cousin about a princess choosing a rose and waiting to long to pick one so ending up with an ugly one, a story proves analagous to the cousins picking a christmas tree.

1995-053 - Narratives: Family: Supernatural: Dreams of Death Lead to Birth of Child (Fieldworker: Singleton, Angela )
Mother's narrative about the fieldworker's birth. Mother dreamt that her husband would die, so she wanted to start a family. When her brother died, she realized dream was about her brother whose name was same as her husband

1995-054 - Narrative: Family: Courtship Narrative (Fieldworker: Terninko, Miriam)
Fieldworker collects from dying stepmother the story of her courtship with Fieldworker's father, meeting for the first time.

1995-055 - Narratives: Family: Brother's Military Service in Nicaragua (Fieldworker: Barrett, Kevin)
Fieldworker collects narrative from wife about her brother joining the Sandanistas and her mother's reaction to it, which was leaving the country and coming to the US.

1995-056 - Narratives: Family: Gift of Special Kitten (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker collects from mother story of her growing up in suburbs of Chicago watching her pet cat die from a furball.

1995-057 - Narratives: Family: Courtship Narrative (Fieldworker: Tice, Neva)
Fieldworker collects courtship narrative from her mother about her grandmother in Indiana-first choosing between two men to marry and then ends up marrying both.

1995-058 - Narratives: Supernatural: Legend of the Devil Bending the Teeth of a Crosscut Saw (Fieldworker: Brown, Tom)
Fieldworker collects narrative from his grandfather about the legend of the Devil bending the teeth of a saw. Origins of the crosscut saw.

1995-059 - Narratives: Personal: Military: Serving in WAC during World War II (Fieldworker: Sisk, Jennifer)
Fieldworker collects story from grandmother about her days in WWII working in the Richmond foundry and then joining WAAC.

1995-060 - Narratives: Family: Fight among Siblings (Fieldworker: Packman, Lisa)
Fieldworker collects family narrative from siblings and mother about the time her sister hung her out a moving car window.

1995-061 - Narratives: Ghosts: Vanishing Hitchhiker (Fieldworker: Cushman, Dustin)
Fieldworker discusses three popular ghost stories relating them to Halloween.

1995-062 - Narratives: Ghosts: Family: Dead Male Relatives Appears to Descendants (Fieldworker: McCommons, Ian)
Fieldworker collects narrative from Watkins family about sightings of a bearded man in their old rural southern home, apparently a dead male family member appearing to give advice to his descendents.

1995-063 - Narratives: Ghosts: Ghost Appears to Family who Builds House on old Foundation (New York) (Fieldworker: Nepodal, Angela )
Fieldworker collects narrative from informant about his brother's house being haunted by a local man know to be depressed and who shot himself. Salad dressing levitating, children playing with the ghost, hands felt on shoulders, smell of pipes, etc.

1995-064 - Festivals: Carnival in Basel, Switzerland (Fieldworker: Thurneysen, E)
Fieldworker collects from father details about Swiss version of Halloween: masks and other carnival-like features, role reversal, etc.

1995-065 - Jokes: Functions of Jokes (Fieldworker: McTamney, Michelle)
Fieldworker collects jokes from friends and emai. She discusses the purpose/function and types of jokes.

1995-066 - Jokes: Handicapped Woman on Beach (Fieldworker: Miller, Regan)
Fieldworker collects joke from a girl he meets on the beach about a girl with no arms or legs.

1995-067 - Narratives: Family: Courtship Narrative (Fieldworker: Smith, Sesila)
Fieldworker collects from mother and father the story of their courtship

1995-068 - Narratives: Legends: Old Horse becomes Race Horse (Fieldworker: Gomena, Julie)
Fieldworker collects narrative from great uncle about a racetrack-horse in barn turned into a champion race horse.

1995-069 - Narratives: Personal: Car Accident at Church (Fieldworker: Burnett, Angella)
Fieldworker collects from sister a narrative about a couple driving into a church.

1995-070 - Narratives: Family: Family Forgets Child at Festival (Fieldworker: McMillan, Carla)
Fieldworker collects story from grandparents about forgetting their son at a festival.

1995-071 - Narratives: Supernatural: Family: Occurences at Death of Grandmother (Filipino American) (Fieldworker: Lopez, Kristine)
Fieldworker collects narrative describing the funeral customs of her Filipino family on the death of her grandmother.

1995-072 - Narratives: Arts: Craftswomen's Narratives of Their Lives (Fieldworker: Funk, Donna)
Not available

1996-001 - Foodways: Family: Biscuits (Fieldworker: Edwards, Frances)
Not available

1996-002 - Foodways: Family: Spaetzle (German Am) (Fieldworker: Phillips, Matthew)
Fieldworker collects the foodways of spaetzle: a dish made of flour, eggs, and water. He collects grandmothers narrative about their German Am heritage.

1996-003 - Foodways: Family: Fried Cornbread (Fieldworker: Cushman, Dustin)
Fieldworker collects foodways information about cornbread from his grandmother. He describes it's origin in hi family history and the process of it's making.

1996-004 - Foodways: Family: Cornbread (Fieldworker: Parmele, Sandy)
Fieldworker collects foodways information about cornbread from her mother's boyfriend.. He discusses the origin of cornbread in his family and how to make it.

1996-005 - Foodways: Family: Irish Soda Bread (Fieldworker: Keller, Leigh-Cregan)
Fieldworker collects foodways information on Irish Soda Bread from her mother. The mother relates the origin of the foodways in her family and the fieldworker analyzes the modification of the recipe according to the ingredients availability.

1996-006 - Foodways: Family: Polenta (Italian Am) (Fieldworker: Shepard, Mary)
Fieldworker collects foodways information on Polenta from her mother. The fieldworker analyzes the process of making Polenta and particular gender roles in the making.

1996-007 - Foodways: Family: Chocolate Mousse (Fieldworker: Coleman, Catherine)
Fieldworker collects foodways information on her family's recipe of thanksgiving chocolate mousse. She analyzes the origin of the foodways in her family and the relationship of the recipe between family members.

1996-008 - Foodways: Family: Pecan Pie (Fieldworker: Pressley, Che)
Fieldworker collects foodways information on her family's tradition of pecan pie making.

1996-009 - Foodways: Family: Marzipan Dates (Italian Am) (Fieldworker: Willwerth, Kristy)
Fieldworke collects foodways information on her family's making of Marzipan. She traces it's origins in her family to her grandmother and relates how the recipe has changed over the years. Italian Am

1996-010 - Foodways: Family: Pancit (Filipino Am) (Fieldworker: Salapan, Rosalinda)
Fieldworker collects foodway information on pancit, a traditional Filipino dish. She provides the recipe and analyzes the way it is traditionally served.

1996-011 - Foodways: Family: Homemade Ice Cream (Fieldworker: Nepodal, Angela )
Fieldworker collect foodways information on homemade ice cream from her mother. She provides recipe, analyzes the ice cream tradition in her family, and how the process of making the dish is an example of community.

1996-012 - Foodways: Family: Fried Chicken Birthday Dinner in Rota, Spain (Fieldworker: Moran, Kellie)
Fieldworker collects foodways information about the Fried Chicken Birthday Dinner of her mother. She provides receipe and analyzes the meal's meaning.

1996-013 - Foodways: Family: Coconut Cake (Fieldworker: Merritt, Erin)
Fieldworker collects foodways information from her mother about the process of making the Christmas Coconut Cake. She analyzes the cake's origin in her family and provides the receipe.

1996-014 - Foodways: Family: Tropical Fruit Hoe-Cakes (African Am) (Fieldworker: Sims, Angela )
Fieldworker collects foodways information from her grandmother about Tropical Fruit Hoe-Cakes. She traces the path of the the cake from it's African origins, through slavery, to it's present day manifestation. African Am

1996-015 - Objects of Memory: Fish Mounts; Life on Holston River (Fieldworker: Coleman, Catherine)
Fieldworker collects information on her father's mounted fish. These objects of memory represent for her the life her father has led in the Holson River Region

1996-016 - Objects of Memory: Family Photo of Immigration to USA from South Vietnam (Fieldworker: Lewis, Terrese)
Fieldworker collects her friend's family's story about their immigration from Vietnam to the USA. She analyzes a photo of the family at an airport when they arrived in the USA.

1996-017 - Objects of Memory: Family: Grandmother's Wedding Ring (Fieldworker: Keller, Leigh-Cregan)
Fieldworker collects information from her mother about her Grandmother's wedding band. She analyzes the significance of the wedding band and how it symoblizes feminine unity within the family.

1996-018 - Arts: Ethnography of a Quilter (Fieldworker: Shepard, Mary)
Fieldworker collects art information on the practice of quilting. She analyzes the varied history of quilting and it's aesthetics.

1996-019 - Proverbs: Tea Cups, An Uncle's Advice to his Niece on Dating (Hispanic Am Women) (Fieldworker: Fuentes, Sandra)
Fieldworker collects a proverb from her uncle comparing young women to various cups.

1996-020 - Narratives: Supernatural: Legends of the Black Sisters as Witches (Fieldworker: Sizemore, Kristin)
Fieldworker collects legend about a pair of sisters who run a private girl's school. The "Black Sisters" burn a girl to death for disobeying their rules.

1996-021 - Narratives: Family: Farm Animals (Fieldworker: Mosley, D)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her father about the farm animals he owned while growing up.

1996-022 - Jokes: Practical: Hetero Man Feigns Attraction to Hetero Man (Fieldworker: Veerman, Susanne)
Fieldworker collects information on a joke played on her boyfriend: a coworker of the fieldworker's called her boyfriend and acted like a homsexual who was attracted him. Analysis of jokes in the dynamic of relationships.

1996-023 - Narratives: Ghosts: Ghosts of Confederate Soldiers (Fieldworker: DiSandro, Holly)
Fieldworker collects ghost narratives from her grandmother. The grandmother recounts various ghost tales in Orange, Virginia.

1996-024 - Narratives: Family: Supernatural: Drunken, Abusive Husband Sees Religious Vision and Changes (Fieldworker: Feingold, Daron)
Fieldworker collects narrative from his friend about an ancestor who disrespected his wife, only to give her great respect when, in a drunken stupor, he sees her in the moonlight as a vision of God.

1996-025 - Narratives: Family: Birth of a Daughter (Fieldworker: Bell, Malia)
Fieldworker collects from her mother her personal narrative about finding an empty photo album when she was seven years old.

1996-026 - Narratives: Supernatural: Family House Haunted by Grandparents (Fieldworker: McKain, Jennifer)
Fieldworker collects supernatural narrative about a house that was haunted by a family's grandparents after they deserted the home.

1996-027 - Narratives: Family: Narratives about Outrageous Family Women (Fieldworker: Cors, Darcy)
Fieldworker collects family narratives from a friend's mother. The narratives recount outrageous and unusual memories: dressing up farm animals like dolls, deformed men being bad omens, and dinner party costume games.

1996-028 - Jokes: Priest and Ten Commandments (Fieldworker: Wolfe, Beth)
Fieldworker collects joke about a priest who remembers where he misplaced his umbrella after a sermon on the Ten Commandments.

1996-029 - Narratives: Marchen: Vietnamese Marchen (Fieldworker: Hung, Michael)
Fieldworker collects a Vietnamese folktale about two sisters receiving an inheritance: one receives great wealth, the other, a few coins. The girl with the coins buys a fish that she faithfully feeds. When the girl has nothing, the fish becomes gold.

1996-030 - Narratives: Ghosts: Hitchhiker of Walney Road (Fieldworker: Donahoe, Steve)
Fieldworker collects ghost narrative from his friend about a hitchhiker that haunts a Chantilly, Virginia road.

1996-031 - Narratives: Family: "Uncle Stanley Narratives" (Fieldworker: Kolankiewicz, Roxana)
Fieldworker collects family narrative from her husband about the eccentric behavior of one "Uncle Stanley."

1996-032 - Groups: Occupations: Folklore of Plumbers (Fieldworker: Wade, Lelo)
Fieldworker collects information about the occupation of plumbing. She collects the details from a plumber who elaborates on the various social responsibilities of plumbing.

1996-033 - Narratives: Ghosts: Family Ghost Legends from Louisiana (Fieldworker: Schmid, Sherda)
Fieldworker collects ghost legends from her sister-in-law about hauntings in Chopin. Louisiana.

1996-034 - Festivals: Thanksgiving Dinner (Fieldworker: Orndorff, Krista)
Fieldworker collects information on the Thanksgiving festival as it is prepared and celebrated by the Sabol family.

1996-035 - Arts: Family: Depression Quilts (Fieldworker: Bresnahan, Ann)
Fieldworker collects and analyzes her art of quilt making: the use of stitching quilts as a form of grieving.

1996-036 - Narratives: Maerchen: Merseyside Women's Literature Collective Rewrites Maerchen (Liverpool, England) (Fieldworker: Stainthorp, Alice)
Fieldworker collects three revised fairy tales and narratives from the feminists who wrote them.

1996-037 - Narratives: Personal: Childhood in Hamilton County Tennessee (Fieldworker: Nguyen, Christian)
Fieldworker collects narratives from a coworker describing his childhood in Hamilton County, Tennessee: lynchings, the first television, and derailed trains.

1996-038 - Narratives: Maerchen: Young Adults discuss Snow White as a Role Model (Fieldworker: Orndorff, Krista)
Fieldworker collects narratives from two siblings about the Snow White fairytale. She analyzes Snow White's qualities for a female role model.

1996-039 - Narratives: Legend of the Sugarcane Factory Murders (Fieldworker: Anderson, Dave)
Fieldworker collects two different legends about the death of sugercane factory workers at the hands of disturbed local villagers. Economic analysis.

1996-040 - Groups: Occupations: Theater Box Office Folklore (Fieldworker: Sizemore, Kristin)
Fieldworker collects information on the occupational jargon of Box Office attendents.

1996-041 - Foodways: Thanksgiving Stuffing (Fieldworker: Wojcieck, Lynne)
Fieldworker collects foodways information on the history of stuffing and it's use on Thanksgiving.

1996-042 - Foodways: Festivals: Thanksgiving Customs and Foodways (Fieldworker: Gabrielle, Ron )
Fieldworker collects foodway's information on his family's tradition of Thanksgiving. He analyzes how the holiday helps moderate familial relationships. Italian Am.

1996-043 - Narratives: Ghosts: Family: Personal Narratives of Spirit Sightings, Experiences with Haunted Music Box (Fieldworker: Finn, Allison)
Fieldworker collects ghost narratives from informants about a family ghost, a haunted music box, and the ghost of a little girl.

1996-044 - Rites: Weddings in Jordan (Fieldworker: Ali, Ettihad)
Fieldworker collects and describes the rites of two traditional Jordanian weddings. (Jordan)

1996-045 - Narratives: Family: Different Versions of One Family Narrative (Fieldworker: McGee, Melissa)
Fieldworker collects three different versions of the same narrative about a family situation concerng the time a three year old drove the family car into another car.

1996-046 - Festivals: Croatian Easter (Fieldworker: Miller, Sonia)
Fieldworker collects information on the Croatian preparation for Easter: the making of Easter eggs.

1996-047 - Narratives: Family: Pembleton Family Lineage and Narratives (Fieldworker: French, Mat)
Fieldworker collects the family narrative about his great grandfather Mathew Pembleton: Civil War diary, the West, and civic duty.

1996-048 - Narratives: Family: Tales of Irish Homeland (Fieldworker: Adams, Melissa)
Fieldworker collects family narrative about her great grandmother who immigrated to the USA from Ireland. She carried a leather bag of Irish dirt around with her so she would be buried under Irish soil. Feminism.

1996-049 - Narratives: Legends: Roommate's Death (Fieldworker: Lindenburg, Debra)
Fieldworker legend of a roommate's death in a dorm room. One roommate goes out for the evening and comes back to discover after sleeping that her roommate is dead.

1996-050 - Narratives: Legend of Screeching Wagon (Fieldworker: Moran, Carol)
Fieldworker collects legend told to her by her father of the Screeching Wagon driven by death that took away children who wouldn't go to sleep.

1996-051 - Rites: Vietnamese Traditional Wedding (Fieldworker: Nguyen, Christian)
Fieldworker collects the detailed rites of a traditional Vietnamese courtship and marriage.

1996-052 - Groups: Occupations: Teacher Folklore (Fieldworker: Kiang, Gary)
Fieldworker collectives group narratives about unruly children in their classrooms and schools.

1996-053 - Arts: Tattoos (Fieldworker: Keller, Leigh-Cregan)
Not available

1996-054 - Narratives: Personal: Ghosts in Family Home (Fieldworker: DiSandro, Heather)
Fieldworker collects personal ghost narrative from her friend's family and discusses the accounts of hauntings in their old home.

1996-055 - Groups: Occupations: Firefighter Folklore (Fieldworker: Merritt, Erin)
Fieldworker collects information on firefighter folklore by accompanying two firefighter on a training day. The older firefighter teaches the "rookie" how to drive the truck through use of folklore.

1996-056 - Jokes: Practical Jokes on a Hotel Night Shift (Fieldworker: Boland, Dan )
Fieldworker recounts working as a night shift auditor at a hotel and how they used jokes to relieve the stress.

1996-057 - Festivals: Family: Decoration Day (Fieldworker: Blalock-Duncan, Charity)
Fieldworker collects information on an Alabama Decoration Day Service and conveys the importance of this festival from the informants narratives.

1996-058 - Narratives: Supernatural: Legend of Candy Meadows (Fieldworker: Veerman, Susanne)
Fieldworker collects a supernatural legend of family members who experienced strange happenings in a house known as Candy Meadows. The paper also includes legend and history of the house before the Fraziers occupied it in the Summer of 1984 in Warrenton, Virginia

1996-059 - Narratives: Speech: Grandfather's Narrative and Jargon (Fieldworker: Rogstad, Michael)
Fieldworker studies his Grandfather's jargon and it's meanings while recording his personal narratives about the Polka and the accordian.

1996-060 - Narratives: Family: Uncle Neiman Narratives (Fieldworker: Feder, J. Lester)
Fieldworker collects informant's family narratives known as Uncle Neiman Stories. Neiman was a man who praised and scolded by different narratives.

1996-061 - Narratives: Personal: Pre-teens Attempting to Invade Teen Party (Fieldworker: Whitmoyer, Elena )
Fieldworker collects a personal narrative from her friends about trying to "crash" a teen party and being scared by one of the teens instead

1996-062 - Narratives: Personal: Death of a Childhood Friend (Fieldworker: Fetterman, Diana )
Fieldworker retells narrative about the drowning of her childhood friend that was never explained to her. She elaborates on how this incident and the silence surrouding it has greatly affected her understanding of death.

1996-063 - Narratives: Family: Immigrating to Kansas (Fieldworker: Schmid, Sherda)
Fieldworker collects her mother-in-law's narrative about her husband's immigration from Germany to Kansas, USA.

1996-064 - Narratives: Personal: A Courtship (Fieldworker: Wojciech, Lynne)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her father about the time when he realized who would be his wife by divine proclamation.

1996-065 - Narratives: Occupations: Firefighter Retrieving Corpse (Fieldworker: Merritt, Erin)
Fieldworker collects her boyfriend's occupational narrative about the time when he pulled a dead body from a structure fire.

1996-066 - Narratives: Family: Father's Poor Childhood (Fieldworker: Hess, Kristen)
Fieldworker collects a narrative from her father as he uses it to silence his four daughters at the height of an argument over who received the most Christmas presents.

1996-067 - Narratives: Supernatural: The Defenders of Bumrathy Castle (Fieldworker: McKeever, Kristen)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her friend's father about the time when a spirit seemed to hold his friend while crossing the path of Bumrathy Castle.

1996-068 - Narratives: Personal: "The Potato Salute" (Fieldworker: Larkin, Elizabeth)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her husband about his experience of watching the shooting of a PVC potato gun.

1996-069 - Narratives: Personal: A Weekend in Jail (Fieldworker: Kiang, Gary)
Fieldworker collects a narrative from the informant about the time he spent in jail due to drunk driving.

1996-070 - Narratives: Personal: Oneonta Narratives (Fieldworker: Parmele, Sandy)
Fieldworker collects her husbands personal narrative about his childhood mischief in Oneonta, New York.

1996-071 - Narratives: Family: Legend of the Rainpeople (Fieldworker: Finn, Allison)
Fieldworker collects a narrative from her boyfriend about how his grandmother would tell him as a child that when it rained it was good because the rainpeople were allowed outside to play and dance.

1996-072 - Narratives: Supernatural: The Jersey Devil (Fieldworker: Gabrielle, Ronald)
Fieldworker collects supernatural narrative about a impoverished woman who wished her thirteenth child was a devil. The babe was born a demon and killed his family and he still haunts campsgrounds in the US.

1996-073 - Proverbs of a Soldier (Fieldworker: French, Matt)
Fieldworker collects proverb from his barracks in Fort Riley, Kansas after the Gulf War and analyzes it's meaning.

1996-074 - Jokes: Bill Gates Joke (Fieldworker: Bresnahan, Anne)
Fieldworker collects joke from her friend who used the humor to alleviate the stress of his recently divorced daughter having moved back into her parents home.

1996-075 - Jokes: Truck-driver Joke (Fieldworker: Burnette, Kerril)
Fieldworker collects joke from her father about a woman whose arm catches on fire and then is ticketed by a police officer

1996-076 - Narratives: Personal: In Rothenburg, Germany (Fieldworker: Wade, Lelo)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her friend about the history of Rothenburg, Germany.

1996-077 - Narratives: Personal: The Empty Photo Album (Fieldworker: Bell, Malia)
Fieldworker collects from her mother her personal narrative about finding an empty photo album when she was seven years old.

1996-078 - Narratives: Legends: Oxford University Admission Interview (Fieldworker: Stainthorp, Alice)
Fieldworker collects legend about the Oxford University admission interview that requires interviewees to throw brick through window

1996-079 - Festivals: "Winter Festival"; Jewish Family Combines Christmas, Hanukkah Traditions (Fieldworker: Feder, J. Lester)
Collector interviews his Jewish family about their winter festival celebration that is composed of aspects of Hanukkah and Christmas practices. Interview conducted in the family house a month before the winter celebration of 1996.

1996-080 - Narratives: Anecdotes: Catholic Seminarian Crashes Bar-Mitzvah (Fieldworker: Wiley, Deborah)
Fieldworker collects an anecdote from a priest during his homily during Sunday mass.

1996-081 - Narratives: Family: Meeting Appalachian People (Fieldworker: Roystone, Jean)
Fieldworker collects narratives from her brother-in-law about his encounters with the peoples of Appalachia.

1996-082 - Narratives: Personal: Rites: Christmas Wafer Ritual (Fieldworker: Muzik, Donald)
Fieldworker collects a personal narrative from his mother and aunt about their ritual of breaking wafers on Christmas Eve.

1996-083 - Narratives: Family: Festivals: About Saint Nicholas (Fieldworker: Buchman, Belinda)
Fieldworker collects the German narrative of Saint Nicholas from her father. The father explains what the narrative means to him and how it evolved as he grew older.

1996-084 - Narratives: Family: Immigration to U.S. in a Covered Wagon with a Broken Wheel (Fieldworker: Ruths, Tammy )
Fieldworker collects narrative from her grandfather about their families immigration to the USA in a covered wagon that broke down.

1996-085 - Narratives: Family: The Boogyman (Fieldworker: Ali, Ettihad)
Fieldworker collects her grandmother's narrative about the Jordanian boogeyman.

1996-086 - Legends: Macphie of Colonsay (Black Dog Will Have His Day) (Fieldworker: Connolly, Linda)
Fieldworker collects a narrative from her fiance about Macphie of Colonsay: he receives a black dog that will only perform his duty for Macphie on one day. The dog saves his life.

1996-087 - Narratives: Personal: A Car Theft and Robbery Scam (Fieldworker: Johnson, Bret)
Fieldworker collects a personal narrative from his roommate about a friend who had his car stolen, returned with NFL tickets, and, after attending the game, found his apartment broken into and robbed.

1996-088 - Narratives: Personal: Deerjacking (Fieldworker: Fetterman, Diane)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative from her deceased husband's childhood friend: she relates the narrative about his hunting of a deer and being carried away on it's back.

1996-089 - Narratives: Legends: Urinating in Swimming Pool Turns Urine Purple (Fieldworker: Dow, Daniel)
Fieldworker collects narrative from his younger brother about the legend that the lifeguards put chemical into the pool that make it turn purple if someone urinates in the pool water.

1996-090 - Narratives: Personal: Cross Dressed Male Sent for Gynecological Exam (Fieldworker: Cohen, Daniel)
Fieldworker collects a narrative from her father about a nurse who once confused a cross dresser for a woman.

1996-091 - Narratives: Skookum Jim and his Frog Helper (Fieldworker: Anderson, Dave)
Fieldworker collects narrative from a friend who attended the Whitehorse International Storytelling Festival: the Tale of Skookum Jim and his Frog Helper.

1996-092 - Narratives: Family: Jockabean, Grandfather's Magic Monkey (Fieldworker: Hawkins, Jennifer)
Fieldworker collects her father's bedtime story that he used to put his children to sleep: he tale of Jockabean the Magic Monkey.

1996-093 - Ethnography: A Life of Her Own: Middle-Aged Female Students at GMU (Fieldworker: Ellison, Karen)
Fieldworker collects and interviews five older women studying for a bachelor's degree for their reasons/experiences/expectations in going to college in middle-age.

1996-094 - Ethnography: Narratives: Personal: Coming Out Stories of Gay Men at GMU (Fieldworker: Hess, Kristene)
Fieldworker collects personal narratives from two gay men and their "coming out." Anaylzes the reaction and reception of family, friends, and community to "coming out."

1996-095 - Ethnography: Children of the Hunt View Day School (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker collects data for an ethnography of a children's daycare center for the wealthy. He collects data describing how teachers at the daycare are more parents than the actual parents of the children.

1996-096 - Jokes: Jewish Ethnic Joke (Fieldworker: Boland, Dan)
Fieldworker collects a Jew Ethnic Joke about a Chinese man and a Jewish Man at a bar.

1996-097 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: A Haunted Sandwhich Shop in Fairfax, VA (Fieldworker: Stanley, John)
Fieldworker collects a personal narrative from an employee of Subway who relates the "haunting" at his store. Fairfax, Virginia

1997-001 - Arts: Messages in Collages (Fieldworker: Udell, Kim)
Fieldworker relates experiences in creating collages depicting her struggles with body image and "beauty." Analyes the role of the collage and the process of the psyche in creation.

1997-002 - Narratives: Revision of Lakota (Native American) Gender Narratives (Fieldworker: Reese, Bernadene)
Fieldworker recounts the act of revising her Lakota beliefs in order to communicate them to GMU students. Gender narratives.

1997-003 - Jokes: Men's Jokes about Women and Sexuality (Fieldworker: Wade, Lelo)
Fieldworker collects and analyzes jokes about women and sexuality as told by three African Am men in her family.

1997-004 - Narratives: The Coming Out Narrative: A Rupturing of Silence (Fieldworker: Carrigan, Michael)
Fieldworker collects the "coming out" narratives of a gay man and a lesbian. Reflection on the significance of "coming out" in relation to their identity and sexuality.

1997-005 - Rites: Shamanism (Fieldworker: West, E)
Fieldworker collects information on Shamanism and it's rites by attending a new age Shamanistic Workshop.

1997-006 - Objects of Memory: Jewelry (Fieldworker: Williams, Pam )
Fieldworker's mother's jewelry are seen as objects of memory. Father remembers mother's narratives about the origins of the jewelry.

1997-007 - Narratives: Family: Italian Immigration to United States (Fieldworker: Riccardi, Paul)
Fieldworker collects narratives from his grandfather about immigrating from Southern Italy to the United States. Family struggles through the Great Depression.

1997-008 - Narratives: Ghosts of Gloucester County (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker collects narratives of ghosts in Gloucester County: including tales of young woman who, unconscious, is buried and then rises only to die of exposure to a snow storm and tale of forlorn woman who wanted to escape from her country home.

1997-009 - Groups: Occupations: Bar Bouncers and Masculinity (Fieldworker: Orndorff, Krista)
Fieldworker collects narratives about working as a Bouncer at bars. Analysis of masculinity and the virtues of sight as determining masculinity discussed

1997-010 - Narratives: Family: Andy Narratives, Tales about Memorable Great-Grandfather (Fieldworker: Snyder, Mary)
Fieldworker recounts the fabulous tales of her great-grandfather Andy.

1997-011 - Narratives: Family: Courtship: How Eleanor Met Andy (Fieldworker: Masler, Susan)
Fieldworker collects personal courtship narrative told to fieldworker's older sisters by parents (mother) during a work break, while preparing to move household. This story was told in response to a question about how their parents met. How narrative has changed over years, especially when fieldworker became an adult.

1997-012 - Narratives: Family: Watch Out for Falling Rock: Tale told on Family Car Trips (Fieldworker: Finck, Melissa)
Fieldworker collects her father's narrative abou the legend of Falling Rock, his quest to win the Princess' father's approval, his disappearance, and why the road signs read "Watch out for Falling Rock."

1997-013 - Narratives: Living With Animals (Fieldworker: Not available, Arrietty)
Fieldworker collects various about the informants youth when she cared for a variety of animals.

1997-014 - Narratives: Family: Encounter With Gypsies in Russia (Fieldworker: Wiedemann, Richard)
Fieldworker collects narrative from grandmother about the time a relative traded with a gypsy: a basket of cherries for a dog.

1997-015 - Narratives: Supernatural: Banshee Legends from Ireland (Fieldworker: Henry, Lara)
Fieldworker collects Banshee Legend from a childhood friend: two stories on how a Bashee's wail foreshadows a death.

1997-016 - Narratives: Personal: Encounter with Old Woman Who Ate Dogs (Fieldworker: Hampton, Lisa)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative from her stepfather about the time he went to check on a water meter and found a pekinese dog roasting on an old woman's stove.

1997-017 - Narratives: Family: Uncle Dee's Outhouse Experience (Fieldworker: Skarlis, W)
Fieldworker collects a family narrative from her uncle about the time he fired his shotgun to kill a spider and destroyed his outhouse.

1997-018 - Narratives: Personal: The Story of Two Sids (Fieldworker: Burns, Holly)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative from her mother about dating two guys with the same name Sid.

1997-019 - Narratives: Personal: Growing Up Poor in WV (Fieldworker: Bailey, R)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative from his father about being poor in West Virginia: shooting ailing dogs for money, outrunning a bull to a pool of water.

1997-020 - Jokes: Male/Female Marital Relationships (Fieldworker: Babel, Sara)
Fieldworker collects two jokes from her friend about male-female marital relationships that she learned over the internet.

1997-021 - Jokes: A Catholic Priest (Fieldworker: Ashbrook, Lori )
Fieldworker collects joke from her husband about a Catholic priest concerning child molesting. Husband learned about the joke off the internet.

1997-022 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: A Dead Grandfather's Spirit (Fieldworker: Caron, Rachael)
Fieldworker collects personal supernatural narratives from a friend about her grandfather visiting her from the "otherside" and sensing of an evil presence.

1997-023 - Legends: A Legend from Saudi Arabia (Fieldworker: Al-Faiz, Mai)
Field worker collects narrative from his grandmother about a legend in which a young woman, determined to earn her father's respect, bests the men in her tribe in combat.

1997-024 - Narratives: Personal: Story of a Minister (Fieldworker: Eason, Tracy )
Fieldworker collects personal narrative from her father, a minister, who tells his family about his experience with an older white woman under his pastoral care. Use of humor. Issue of racism.

1997-025 - Narratives: Personal: Martial Arts Instructor Bruce Lee (Fieldworker: Rockwell, Jeff)
Fieldworker narrates his personal experience with a martial arts instructor who was a student of Bruce Lee.

1997-026 - Narratives: Ghosts: The Vienna Cliff's Ghosts (Fieldworker: Phipps, Adam )
Fieldworker collects narrative from a stranger who tells a group of boys about the ghost that keep refighting a Civil War battle that occurred in Viena, Virginia.

1997-027 - Narratives: Personal: A Mother's Camping Narratives (Fieldworker: Stewart, Cathy)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her mother about camping trips she took when she was a child.

1997-028 - Narratives: Family: Egleston Family Narrative About Table Manners (Fieldworker: Stump, Cynthia)
Fieldworker collects family narrative about teaching the use of "please" and "thank you" at the dinner table.

1997-029 - Narratives: Family: Grandmother's Language Usage (Cussing) (Fieldworker: Montague, Dixie)
Fieldworker collects the vernacular of her grandmother from narratives told by her family.

1997-030 - Narratives: Family: Let's Go Camping---NOT!! (Fieldworker: Lynch, Joanne)
Fieldworker collects family narrative about when their family decided to attempt to "camp" by setting up a tent in the backyard.

1997-031 - Narratives: Personal: The Swinging Egg (Fieldworker: Cantwell, Paul)
Fieldworker recounts a personal narrative where a practical joke with a swinging egg is played on him.

1997-032 - Beliefs: Sports: The Dallas Cowboys and the Blue Jersey Jinx (Fieldworker: Monroe, Patrick)
Not available

1997-033 - Speech: Snaps: Playing the Dozens (African Am) (Fieldworker: Brown, Gwenlyn)
Fieldworker collects "snaps" from her friends. "Snaps" are witty remarks whereby challengers attempt to make funnier or more absurd versions of a joke.

1997-034 - Narratives: Legends: Kidney Theft Legend (Fieldworker: Moore, Leah)
Fieldworker collects narrative from an acquaintance about the time she went home with a strange man, was drugged, and had her kidneys removed.

1997-035 - Narratives: Ghosts: Paget Family Ghost Narratives (Fieldworker: Perkowski, Christopher)
Fieldworker collects stories from the Paget family about their encounters with the supernatural: ghosts.

1997-036 - Narratives: Customs: The Snipe Hunt (Fieldworker: Porter, Christina)
Fieldworker collects a narrative about the custom of the Snipe Hunt: the snipe is a myth to scare children; the custom involves taking the children for the hunt and then scaring them.

1997-037 - Narratives: Killer Clowning: A Child's Legend of a Killer Clown in Vogelweh A.F.B, Germany (Fieldworker: Rogenski, Michelle)
Fieldworker collects legend on the latent fear of clowns. Study of veiling of emotion and the natural fear of children toward that veiling.

1997-038 - Narratives: Family: The Conception of Ivy (Fieldworker: Bethea, Olenthia)
Father tells daughter his favorite story: how relatives teased a childless cousin that his tumble in a baseball game shook up his sperm and enabled him to father a child.

1997-039 - Narratives: Legend of the Murder of a Civil Rights Supporter (Fieldworker: Alexander, Stephen )
Fieldworker collects narrative from his father about the shooting of Reverend William Colar, head of the largest Baptist church in New Orleans during the Civil Rights movement.

1997-040 - Narratives: Mythological Narrative From India (Fieldworker: Ganesh, Manjula)
Fieldworker collects narratives from visiting grandmother from India. She tells about the God Tathasta Devata and then a story about her father.

1997-041 - Festivals: Reflections of a Lithuanian Kucios (Fieldworker: Carry, Annette)
Fieldworker collects from informant the customs of Kucios, a traditional Christian Lithuanian Festival.

1997-042 - Narratives: Ghost Narrative from Culpepper, VA (Fieldworker: Bradford, David)
Fieldworker collects from informant a narrative of a Culpepper, Virginia Ghost: light appears at site where a white man killed his pregnant white daughter and her black lover.

1997-043 - Narratives: Ghosts: Snake-Eyes: A Family Ghost Narrative (Fieldworker: Nichols, Stephanie)
Fieldworker collects narrative about "Snake-eyes," a distant cousin. An alcoholic, musican, "Snake-eyes" stayed at one relative's home or anotehr until the night no one let him in. After he died that night, children see his eyes looking in the windows.

1997-044 - Narratives: Personal: Emigrating from Ireland (Fieldworker: Farragher, Kieran)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative from his father about his emigration from Ireland to England.

1997-045 - Narratives: Maerchen: The King's Secret (Thailand) (Fieldworker: Bunnag, Peter)
Fieldworker collects narrative about a Thai folk tale about a King who hid his baldness.

1997-046 - Narratives: Personal: Richard and His Puppy, Blackie (Fieldworker: Harrod, Mindi)
Not available

1997-047 - Narratives: Personal: Witchcraft at the Veterinarians Office (Fieldworker: Ptak, Emily)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her employer about the time a "witch" brought her cat to the Veterinarian to be put to sleep and how it would not die.

1997-048 - Narratives: Ghosts: A Colorado Ghost Narrative (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker collects narrative about a ghost that haunts a restaurant in Georgetown, Colorado.

1997-049 - Objects of Memory: Costa Rican-American Family's Frying Pan (Fieldworker: Artavia, Luis)
Fieldworker collects objects of memory from a family of Costarican Descent: frying pans.

1997-050 - Groups: Sports: Circle the Wagons: Folklore of Dallas Cowboy Fans' Preparation for Game Time (Fieldworker: Monroe, Patrick)
Fieldworker discusses how he and two other Cowboy football fans prepare for games by "talking trash," selecting particular clothes to wear, and gathering together.

1997-051 - Narratives: Ghosts: The Haunted Church; Aquia Episcopal Church (Fieldworker: Rogenski, Michelle)
Fieldworker collects ghost narrative about Aguia Church in Stafford City, Virginia to see if they can catch sight of a young women who committed suicide there after being spurned by her fiance at the altar.

1997-052 - Foodways: Armenian Foodways; Cultural Significance of a Unique Cuisine (Fieldworker: Moore, John)
Fieldworker collects foodway information on the Armenian dish of gananj kufte. It is eaten during Lent.

1997-053 - Foodways: Sunday (Soulfood) Dinners (African Am) (Fieldworker: Brown, Gwenlyn)
Fieldworker collects information from her family about Sunday "Soulfood" dinners. Recounts origins of "soulfood" and it's evolution since slavery.

1997-054 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: A Grandfather's Spirit (Fieldworker: Brewer, Todd)
Fieldworker collects narratives about the supernatural experiences his family has lived through. The spirit of their deceased grandfather is believed to be the spirit.

1997-055 - Narratives: Legends: The Stone Wall and the Lilac Bush: A Change in Legend (Fieldworker: Ptak, Emily)
Fieldworker collects narratives from his family about a grave marked by a Lilac bush: different versions of the legend state a man or his children startled a buck and then he or they were gored to death.

1997-056 - Beliefs: The Dove in Expressions of Traditional Belief (Fieldworker: Snyder, Mary)
Fieldworker collects information on the historical significance of dove symbolism. Anaylzes personal relationships and significations of the dove.

1997-057 - Variation in Hallowe'en (Fieldworker: Bailey, R)
Fieldworker collects narratives from four people about their differing perspectives on Hallowe'en.

1997-058 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: Ouija Board Narratives (Fieldworker: Caron, Rachael)
Fieldworker collects personal narratives from her friends that have used Ouija boards.

1997-059 - Narratives: Family: Three Generations of Thanksgiving (Fieldworker: Norstern, Dana)
Fieldworker collects three family narratives from older relatives about their Thanksgiving traditions.

1997-060 - Customs: Traditions of Polish Gardening (Fieldworker: Lynch, Joanne )
Fieldworker recounts her family's tradition of gravetending as a method of familial unity and process.

1997-061 - Festivals: The Frenzy of a 'Fantasy Fest' (Fieldworker: Sklaris, W)
Fieldworker collects information on the "Fantasy Fest" that occurs in Key West every mid-October.

1997-062 - Beliefs: Sports: Beliefs in Soccer (Fieldworker: Farragher, Kieran)
Fieldworker collects insights into use of folklore before games and the practice of routines in sports (soccer).

1997-063 - Narratives: Legends: The Escaped Psychomaniac (Fieldworker: Simmons, Ivy)
Fieldworker collects narrative about the legend of a woman whose dog is murdered by an escaped psychomaniac.

1997-064 - Jokes: Practical Joke Played on Funeral Home Janitor (Fieldworker: Brewer, Todd)
Fieldworker collects a joke from his grandmother about his grandfather about a practical joke played on a funeral home janitor.

1997-065 - Beliefs: Sports Buffalo Bills Fans; Ritual and Superstition (Fieldworker: Carry, Anne )
Not available

1997-066 - Foodways: Family: Hulupka; Memories of Grandma Maslar (Slovak, PA) (Fieldworker: Maslar, Susan)
Not available

1997-067 - Festivals: Diwali: The Festival of Lights (India) (Fieldworker: Ganesh, Manjula)
Not available

1997-068 - Festivals: The Fourth of July on Honey Hill Court (Neighborhood) (Fieldworker: Ashbrook, Lorilee)
Not available

1997-069 - Narratives: Personal: Spernatural: The Spirit of Crazy Horse (Fieldworker: Fields, Stephanie)
Not available

1997-070 - Foodways: Festivals: Retaining the Best, Losing the Rest: Change in an Irish Christmas Feast (Fieldworker: Henry, Lara)
Fieldworker collects a family's tradition of Christmas meals from an Irish background to a contemporary American setting.

1997-071 - Festivals: Celebrating Thanksgiving in America and Korea (Fieldworker: Kim, Minyoung)
Not available

1997-072 - Arts: Depression Era Quilt Coverlet With a Swastika Pattern (Fieldworker: Stump, Cynthia)
Not available

1997-073 - Groups: Religions: Customs and Traditions of Thai Buddhists in America (Fieldworker: Bunnag, Peter)
Not available

1997-074 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: The Local Legend of the Bunnyman (Fieldworker: Burgess, Erin)
Not available

1997-075 - Narratives: Personal: The Blues, and I Got 'Em (Fieldworker: Yates, Alicia )
Not available

1997-076 - Narratives: Ghost Narrative from Korea (Fieldworker: Kim, Minyoung)
Not available

1997-077 - Narratives: Personal: Male Magazine Rituals (Fieldworker: Davison, Amy)
Fieldworker collects narratives on the male ritual of looking at Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Magazines.

1997-078 - Group: Sports: Buffalo Bills Sports Fans (Fieldworker: Carry, Anne)
Fieldworker draws from personal experience and interviews to analyze and describe the customs, rituals, beliefs, foodways, and folkgroup culture of football fans, specifically Buffalo Bill fans.

1998-001 - Narratives: Ghosts in a Spotsylvania Farmhouse (Fieldworker: Samuels, Michele)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her co-worker about his experience of a party that occurred in what was once a Civil War hospital.

1998-002 - Narratives: Ghosts: The Witch and the Warlock (Fieldworker: Stewart, Catherine)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her husband about ghosts at Fort Mcnair.

1998-003 - Narratives: Ghosts: The Boat House Ghost (Fieldworker: Buchholz, Juliana)
Fieldworker collects ghost narrative from a woman about the ghost of a little boy who haunts an old boat house in Chesapeake, Virginia. He was somehow left behind ina storm

1998-004 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: Merk, The Family Ghost (Fieldworker: Brown-Holloway, Gwenlyn)
Fieldworker collects narrative told by two members of a large African-Am family about a presence that existed in their childhood home in Valdosta, Georgia.

1998-005 - Narratives: Ghosts: China doll comes alive (Fieldworker: Sisk, Holly)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her friend about a lonely girl who wishes for her china doll to come to life.

1998-006 - Narratives: Personal: Ghosts: Legend Trips in Fairfax County (Fieldworker: Rader, Cynthia)
Fieldworker collects her husband's two personal narratives about occult experiences in Fairfax County. Legend trips.

1998-007 - Narratives: Personal: Ghosts: Haunted House in Greece (Fieldworker: Ptak, Emily)
Fieldworker collects three personal narratives from her coworker about her family's haunted house in Crete, Greece.

1998-008 - Narratives: Ghosts: Malling Kudag; An Indonesian Legend (Fieldworker: Mintz, Naomi)
Fieldworker collects an Indonesian Legend about a boy who immigrates to America but ignores his poor family back home. His mother's curse brings about his death. The ghost now haunts that part of the sea.

1998-009 - Narratives: Ghosts: Tailypo (Fieldworker: Hammer, Alix)
Not available

1998-010 - Narratives: Personal: Ghosts: Father's Ghost Narrative (Fieldworker: Boland, Dan )
Not available

1998-011 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: A very real dream: Recently deceased father appears to daughter (Fieldworker: Henry, Lara)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative from her friend abou the time her recently deceased father visited her in a dream.

1998-012 - Narratives: Personal: The Ghost That Chased Brian Out of the House (Fieldworker: Finn, Allison)
Fieldworker collects personal narratives from her friends about a ghost that haunts their home.

1998-013 - Narratives: Personal: Ghosts: The Mill: Trip to a Ghost Site in Manassas (Fieldworker: Fairman, Joy)
The Fieldworker collects a narrative from her friend about her visit to a haunted Mill. The story states a Mother and her daughter were killed by the miller.

1998-014 - Narratives: Personal: Seeing Angels: A Father's Narratives (Fieldworker: Mustachilo, Camille)
Fieldworker collects two stories from her father before he died about his experiences in seeing angels.

1998-015 - Foodways: Polish Halupki (Fieldworker: Jenkins, Janis)
Fieldworker collects foodways from her grandmother about the tradition of Halupki making.

1998-016 - Foodways: Mushy Peas Make the Meal: A British American Sunday Dinner Tradition (Fieldworker: Sprague, Connie)
Fieldworker collects foodways about a British family in America who retains a their heritage through Sunday Dinner traditions; including mushy peas and more foods.

1998-017 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: Illness caused by dead grandfather's spirit (Korea) (Fieldworker: Kim, Minyoung)
Fieldworker collects peronal narrative from a friend in Korea about how a shaman discovered the origin of the her mother's ailment: her grandfather's uncomfortable situation in the grave.

1998-018 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural Experience on Braddock Road (Fieldworker: Caron, Rachael)
Fieldworker recounts her experience of seeing a speeding truck coming toward her car and then, expecting to die, coming away unscathed.

1998-019 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural Visitors During a Girl's Illness (Fieldworker: McTyre, Monica)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her mother about supernatural visitations they had when the fieldworker, at ten years old, was seriously ill in Fairfax Hospital

1998-020 - Narratives: Personal: Ghosts as Guardian Angels (Fieldworker: Bergeron, Jason)
Fieldworker collects his mother's personal narratives of her encounters with ghosts: the spirit of a friend's murdered daughter as well as the family's dog.

1998-021 - Narratives: Personal: Ghost: Lady in white (Fieldworker: Leech, Dale)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative from her mother about the time she saw a ghost in white in Yeovil, Somerset, England.

1998-022 - Narratives: Personal: Ghosts and Daily Life in Vietnam (Fieldworker: Hartman, Aaron)
Fieldworker collects his mother's personal narrative about her youthful experiences of ghosts in Vietnam.

1998-023 - Foodways: Family: Christmas in Italy (Fieldworker: Rohrbach, Sonya)
Fieldworker collects foodways from her family about the dishes served during a typical Italian Christmas.

1998-024 - Foodways: Family: Cornish Pasties (Fieldworker: Brockman, Jennifer)
Fieldworker collects her family's foodway Cornish Pasty. Relates the pasty as a tie to her past and her mother's past.

1998-025 - Foodways: Family: Nani Schnitten (Fieldworker: Waldron, Colleen)
Fieldworker collects her family foodways Nani Schnitten. She traces its history and meaning.

1998-026 - Foodways: Family: Norwegian Rice Pudding (Fieldworker: Griffin, Kristine)
Fieldworker collects info on the foodways Norwegian Rice Pudding. She traces its history socially and in her family.

1998-027 - Foodways: Family: Portuguese American Felhoses (Fieldworker: Perrault, Stephanie)
Fieldworker learns to make Felhosis, A cake-like desert, from her future husband's uncle.

1998-028 - Narratives: Personal: Communication with Dead Cousin through trance (Fieldworker: LeBoeuf, Daniel)
Fieldworker tells his experience, through a sensitive (psychic/channeler), of contacting his dead cousin whose presence was manifested in an off-and-on again smell.

1998-029 - Foodways: Family: Mexican Lasagna (Fieldworker: Monroe, Patrick)
Fieldworker discusses his mother's Mexican lasagna, now a family favorite

1998-030 - Foodways: Family: Applebutter (Fieldworker: Farley, Patricia )
Fieldworker collects a Virginia/ Pennsylvania family's tradition foodway, Applebutter. She recounts the process the Applebutter has gone through as it has progressed through five generations.

1998-031 - Foodways: Family: Biscuits from Southwest Virginia (Fieldworker: Furtner, Anita)
Fieldworker collects information on her southwestern Virginia family's way of making biscuits, jam, and jelly. Discussion of "dairies" when food is stored.

1998-032 - Foodways: Family: Greek American Lamb Soup at Easter (Fieldworker: Lambros, Carolyn)
Fieldworker collects information on the study of Fiel the Greek tradition of lamb soup

1998-033 - Foodways: Family: Swedish Bullar (Fieldworker: Hellstrom, Rachel)
Fieldworker collects information from her family on the family foodways tradtion of Swedish Bullar.

1998-034 - Narratives: Personal: The Haunted House at Aragona Drive (Fieldworker: Oxford, Amy)
Fieldworker collects her mother's personal narrative about their haunted house at Aragona Drive.

1998-035 - Foodways: Family: Grandmother's Southern Cornbread (Fieldworker: Jameson, Jeannie)
Fieldworker collects information on her family's tradition of Southern Cornbread.

1998-036 - Foodways: Family: Apples and Apple Dishes (Fieldworker: Ptak, Emily)
Fieldworker collects information on her family's stories about apples and their apple foodways, such as apple pie and applesauce.

1998-037 - Narratives: Personal: Merk the Family Ghost and Other Poltergeists (Fieldworker: Brown-Holloway, Gwenlyn)
Fieldworker collects narratives from her family about their family ghost names Merk, and other poltergeists.

1998-038 - Narratives: Ghosts: The Cashtown Inn: Ghosts of Gettysburg as Commodity (Fieldworker: Ptak, Emily)
Fieldworker collects narratives about the supernatural occurrences at the Cashtown Inn in Gettysburg.

1998-039 - Objects of Memory: A Piece of Me (Fieldworker: Brockman, Jennifer)
Fieldworker collects information on her grandfather's process of carpentry. He uses these objects of memory as gifts to his family. Analysis of gifts as family bonds.

1998-040 - Narratives: Urban Legends (Fieldworker: Orndorff, Krista)
Not available

1998-041 - Objects of Memory: Father's Burial at Arlington Cemetary (Fieldworker: Jenkins, Janis)
Fieldworker discusses the loss of her father when she was eleven and his burial at Arlington National Cemetery. Objects of memory: flag of United States of America and casing from bullet in the military salute.

1998-042 - Objects of Memory: Full Steam Ahead into the Past: Father's Model Railroad (Fieldworker: Sprague, Connie)
Fieldworker discusses her father's collection of model railroads. Objects of memory act as anchors to his past as a child. Train collecting.

1998-043 - Objects of Memory: The Jack Plane (Fieldworker: Shelton, Hillary)
Fieldworker disscusses the jack plane her father received that dates back to 1818 when the first Moore arrived in the New World.

1998-044 - Rites: Rituals for Ancestors in Korea (Fieldworker: Kim, Minyoung)
Fieldworker collects information on the rituals used to honor ancestors by Koreans.

1998-045 - Narratives: Personal: Ghosts: Haunted House in Belgium (Fieldworker: Loyd, Shannon)
Fieldworker collects personal narratives from her brother and recounts one herself about the ghost that lived in their house in Belgium.

1998-046 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: Ouija Boards (Fieldworker: Caron, Rachael)
Fieldworker collects personal narratives from her friends that have used Ouija boards.

1998-047 - Objects of Memory: The Shane Tin (Fieldworker: Waldron, Colleen)
Fieldworker discusses the tin boxes of mementos that she, her mother, and her grandmother keep, filled with tokens of love form their husbands.

1998-048 - Narratives: Personal: Ghosts and Space (Fieldworker: Boland, Dan)
Fieldworker collects his father's personal narrative about seeing a ghost while staying at a house after hunting.

1998-049 - Art: Nikki-Hedron (Fieldworker: Kim, Eunnie)
Fieldworker collects information from informant on the metal artwork created by her grandfather. Focuses primarly on the "Nikki-Hedron" a metal sculpture made for informant when she was born.

1998-050 - Narratives: Personal: Two Contemporary Legends. (Fieldworker: Orndorff, Krista)
Fieldworker narrates "The Hook" and "The Killer in the Back Seat" to her friends. Contemporary legends.

1998-051 - Narratives: Personal: A Promotion Ceremony in the Army (Military) (Fieldworker: Moorhead, Richard)
Fieldworker narrates how promotion occurs in the Army and how such ceremonies are presented. Military.

1998-052 - Narratives: Legends: Robbed by a Kangaroo Thought to be Dead (Fieldworker: Sallaway, Elizabeth)
Fieldworker collects the legend from a bartender who recounts how a kangaroo, thought to be dead, beats and robs some unsuspecting travelers.

1998-053 - Narratives: Ghosts: Merk The Family Ghost and Other Poltergeists (Fieldworker: Brown-Holloway, Gwenlyn)
Fieldworker collects ghost story from her family about "Merk" the family ghost and other poltergeists..

1998-054 - Narratives: Legends: Ghost: Four Narratives (Indian Am) (Fieldworker: Stinson, Kate)
Fieldworker collects four narratives about Indian ghost legends from Indian Americans. Discusses the difference between rural and urbaninzed cultures of India.

1999-001 - Narrative: Personal: Growing Up Jewish During the War (Greek Am) (Fieldworker: Levis, Livia)
Fieldworker collects narrative about her Jewish father who as a child followed the crowds that were going after the supplies WWII Allied forces dropped outside of town. He became lost and was taken home by an Albanian girl.

1999-002 - Narratives: Family: Glenn (Fieldworker: Napolitano, Susan)
Fieldworker collects boyfriend's narrative of his father's dissertation about African Americans.

1999-003 - Narratives: Family: Disappearance of a Child (Fieldworker: Murray, Bridget)
Fieldworker collects narrative form her mother about the mother disappearing from her parent's apartment when the fieldworker was a very young child.

1999-004 - Narrative: Personal: Festival: Cappo D'Anno (Italian Am) (Fieldworker: Rohrbach, Sonya)
Fieldworker compares the differences between New Years in the USA and in Italy. Discusses distinctly Italian traditions such as breaking old glass bottle and plates.

1999-005 - Foodways: Family: Christmas Oyster Stew (Fieldworker: Spears, Velma)
Fieldworker's personal narrative describes the role of her mother's Oyster Stew plays in her father's memory of her; foodways as a source of family nuturing.

1999-006 - Beliefs: Don't Cross Your Eyes in the North Wind (Phillipines) (Fieldworker: Figueroa, Carmen)
Fieldworker discusses variation of the warning she was given as a child to never cross her eyes facing the North Wind or risk being permanently cross eyed. Other similar rules discussed in terms of the twin laws of variation.

1999-007 - Narratives: Personal: Running with the Herd (Fieldworker: Sabol, Krista)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative from her husband about his first experience with rural wildlife in the Shenandoah Valley of Western Virginia.

1999-008 - Jokes: Ethnic: Two Hittites, Sven and Ole (Fieldworker: Kyle, Marina)
Fieldworker collects discussion of joke about Swedes who are proven stupid when ordering lumber at a lumber yard; fieldworker discusses eternity and religion affecting how jokes are told. Logging.

1999-009 - Narratives: Personal: Using the Plastic Pumpkin (Fieldworker: Rich, Kathryn)
Fieldworker collects informant's personal narrative about being a child and one day, with her best friend, the informant used a plastic pumpkin floating down a river to excrete in.

1999-010 - Narratives: Personal: Christmas in Kenya (Fieldworker: Fairman, Joy)
Fieldworker collects her mother's children's sermon relating her personal narrative of a Christmas in Kenya where she and her husband sere as missionaries. The mother and father visit orphans at a Charity home and help make it a happy day for them.

1999-011 - Narratives: Family: The Burned Brownie Tray (Fieldworker: De Young, Kristen)
Fieldworker collects a personal experience narrative that became a family narrative. The story of how the fieldworker's father managed to burn some brownies into a solid tray. Story has some aspects of a joke. One natural context and one forced context

1999-012 - Narratives: Family: Car Accident, Lost Child (Argentinan Am) (Fieldworker: Pezzimenti, Martin)
Fieldworker collects two family stories from his mother, one about the father's car accident and the other about a lost child.

1999-013 - Narratives: Personal: Taco Night Tradition (Fieldworker: Figueroa, Carmen)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative about the custom she shares with a group of friends of attending "Taco Night" at a Fairfax, Virginia restaurant every Wednesday night. Discusses the "Taco Joe" character, rules/traditions repeated/changed overtime, with new members, context/meaning.

1999-014 - Narratives: Personal: Learning Restraint in Persian Gulf War 1991 (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative from informant, her husband, about his experience in the army during the Persian Gulf War. It discusses when he was ordered not to return fire for a long time and then facing surrendering enemy soldiers he almost killed. Military.

1999-015 - Festivals: Annual Oyster Roast in Shipman, VA (Fieldworker: Shelton, Alison)
Fieldworker discusses the Hildebrands annual oyster roast in Shipman, Virginia, especially the role of outsiders and foodways.

1999-016 - Narratives: Family: Daughter's Birth Story told by Separated Parents (Fieldworker: Howard, Jessica)
Fieldworker collects her mother's and father's narratives of her birth in 1976. Parents separated after her birth.

1999-017 - Narratives: Legends: Rising Phoenix Retreat Center bases names on Legend (Fieldworker: Biesemeier, Karen)
Fieldworker describes a retreat center based on the phoenix legend.

1999-018 - Foodways: Customs: Christmas/New Year's in Italian Am Family (Fieldworker: Rohrbach, Sonya)
Fieldworker discusses foodways and customs of her family in Italy and in Woodbridge, Virginia. Christmas and New Year's.

1999-019 - Foodways: Family: Black Eyed Peas on New Year's Day (Fieldworker: Spears, Velma)
Fieldworker collects family narratives about the tradition of eating black-eyed peas on New Year's Day. She examines the meaning of this ritual for her family members, and provides a brief history of black-eyed peas.

1999-020 - Narratives: Family: the Courtship of Monica and Marcus (Fieldworker: Figueroa, Carmen)
Fieldworker collects her parent's courtship narrative as they told them together and separately. Evalutes the differences.

1999-021 - Festival: India's Karva Chauth in America (Fieldworker: Sharma, Komal)
Fieldworker collects interviews Indian American women to discuss their attitudes toward celebrating Karva Chauth, a festival where a wife fasts for her husband's long life.

1999-022 - Narratives: Occupations: Nurse's Lounge (Fieldworker: Waxbom, Erica)
Fieldworker collects nurses' narratives in the lounge of an Exton, Penssylvania, operating center where her father, a docter, works.

1999-023 - Narratives: Speech: Elementary School Teachers (Fieldworker: Andriamamenosoa, Ando)
Fieldworker, who is a substitue teacher, collects narratives and folk speech of elementary school teachers.

1999-024 - Photocopy Lore: Wisdom from the Corporate Body (Fieldworker: Nevitsky, William)
Fieldworker collects and anaylzes samples of photocopy lore based on Diane Roemer's theory of the nature of the corporate environment as the motivation behind Photocopy lore concerning the human body. Cartoons, jokes, signs.

1999-025 - Narratives: Personal: Greek Americans caught in Greek War (Fieldworker: Peroustianis, Suzanne)
Fieldworker collects narratives from her mother about the time her family visited Greece and her father, a Greek American, was abducted by the Greek Army.

1999-026 - Narratives: Ghosts: Italian American Mother's Narratives (Fieldworker: Rohrbach, Sonya)
Fieldworker collects legends, beliefs, and ghost stories from mother reflecting Italian and family idenity; discusses father's skepticism and literature pertinent to these stories.

1999-027 - Narratives: Personal: Husband's Spirit Returns to Wife (Fieldworker: Foster, Charlotte)
Fieldworker collects friend's narrative of her husband's spirit

1999-028 - Jokes: Context of Email (Fieldworker: Pekarik, Amy)
Fieldworker collects jokes transmitted between friends over email and analyzes the psychology behind jokes.

1999-029 - Narratives: Occupations: Day Care Center Workers (Fieldworker: Pelton, Susan)
Fieldworker collects narratives from child day care center workers, located in Centreville, Virginia.

1999-030 - Narratives: Family: Generations of Courtship Narratives (Fieldworker: Waldron, Colleen)
Fieldworker collects family narratives from her parents, grandparents, and aunt and uncle about first meeting their spouse. Analyzes romance and the idealization of love.

1999-031 - Festivals: Changes in One Family's Christmas (Fieldworker: Nagler, Lindsey)
Fieldworker discusses the changes in her family's Christmas celebrations diven aging, divorce, and death.

1999-032 - Narratives: Personal: Rebellious Pranks at Church Camp (Fieldworker: Palma, Tony)
Fieldworker collects a personal narrative from his friend about playing rebellious pranks at church camp.

1999-033 - Narratives: Family: Discovering Father is Gay (Fieldworker: Hyman, Melissa)
Fieldworker collects family narratives about discovering their father and husband is homosexual.

1999-034 - Narratives: Occupations: Parking Prattle from GMU (Fieldworker: Kilss, Gretchen)
Fieldworker collects personal experience narratives and folk speech from the parking staff at the GMU Patriot Center.

1999-035 - Narratives: Personal: Family Members Who Have Died (Fieldworker: De Young, Kristen)
Fieldworker collects stories from four people who have lost family members to death.

1999-036 - Narratives: Family: Grandfather's Funeral (Fieldworker: Kilss, Gretchen)
Fieldworker collects family narratives about her deceased grandfather at his funeral reception. Discusses storytelling and humor.

1999-037 - Arts: Mother and Grandmother's Narratives about their Quilts (Fieldworker: Moore, Hillary)
Fieldworker collects narratives from her mother and grandmother about their experiences with quilt making and other quilt related narratives.

1999-038 - Narratives: Mischief and Mayhem in Billy Family (Fieldworker: Billy, America)
Fieldworker collects family narratives about mischief, punishment. Discusses these narratives about practical jokes in relationship to father's alcoholism.

1999-039 - Narratives: Family: Maintaining Individuality through Narratives (Fieldworker: Leech, Karen-Jayne)
Fieldworker examines a family narrative about going down a river's rapid and how it reflects on the issue of identity and difference for one family who emigrated from South Africa to USA

1999-040 - Narratives: Jokes: Deaf Folklore and Culture (Fieldworker: DiSalvo, Jennifer)
Fieldworker, a student of American Sign Language, collects narratives, jokes, and songs from her deaf ASL teacher, Bill Ennis, a stage humorist.

1999-041 - Narratives: Personal: SIDS, the Quiet Killer (Fieldworker: Shelton, Hillary)
Fieldworker collects stories from her mother-in-law who, as a child care provider, had a child die from SIDS. Informant now spreads information about sudden infant death syndrome.

1999-042 - Narratives and Cadence Chants from the US Army (Military) (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker and US Army man collect stories and cadence chants that squad leaders use to influence the behavior of younger US Army men. Military.

1999-043 - Rites: Drama Roast for Outgoing Elks Ruler (Fieldworker: Waldron, Colleen)
Fieldworker discusses the manner in which the Manassas Elks Lodge roasts its outgoing Exalted Ruler. She discusses the "roast" given to her father. Rites. Folk drama.

1999-044 - Narratives: Family: Death of a Hamster (Fieldworker: Kerchner, Romy )
Fieldworker collects a family narrative told by her mother about the time her mother killed the family hamster. Examination of oral traditions and family relationships.

1999-045 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: Ouija Board Prediction (Fieldworker: P., Suzanne)
Fieldworker recounts a particular incident that occurred while she and a friend were experimenting with a Ouija board. Question about fieldworker's mother's earnings is answered by Ouija and corroborated by the mother.

1999-046 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: Black Figure, White Figure Appears (Fieldworker: Schidlo, Sandra)
Fieldworker collects her own story about the time two figures appeared to her when she was a child in New York City. One was black, one was white.

1999-047 - Narratives: Personal: Ghosts: Spirit Follows his Fiancee (Fieldworker: Confidential, Jo)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her Buddhist friend who was told by a fortune teller that her dead fiance's spirit was following her and that she'd never marry.

1999-048 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: Dying Husband Contacts Wife (Fieldworker: Page, Dawn)
Fieldworker collects her friend's story regarding the informant's deceased husband. The informant felt a very sharp pain in her heart at the moment her husband died in the hospital on New Year's Eve.

1999-049 - Narratives: Personal: Ghosts: Housesitter Hears Creature (Falls Church, VA.) (Fieldworker: Stead, Lisa)
Fieldworker collects story from friend that is a memorate of ghost/monster experience in Falls Church as she house sits in a friend's home.

1999-050 - Narratives: Personal: Ghost Seen On Herndon, Va. Legend Trip (Fieldworker: Beauchemin, Cindy)
Fieldworker collected her brother's adolescent legend about a trip to a haunted house that used to be a Civil War hospital in Chantilly, VA and his subsequent feelings about the experience in differing contexts (ie. Male to male, male to female). Brother's story of seeing knife-wielding ghost.

1999-051 - Narratives: Ghost in Fairfax Restaurant (Fieldworker: Wiedemann, Susan)
Fieldworker collects story about the suicide of an employee in a restaurant and his spirit that has been seen in Fairfax, Va.'s Carlos O'Kelly's Restaurant

1999-052 - Narratives: Civil War Ghosts in Gettysburg Office Building (Fieldworker: Von Hinken, Chad)
Fieldworker collects a story about a haunted office building in Gettysburg, Pa, which used to be a Civil War hospital from a co-worker. Ghosts.

1999-053 - Narratives: Personal: Madeline Bell Life Narratives (Fieldworker: Kyle, Martha)
Fieldworker collects stories by Madeline Bel about her life in Occoquan, Virginia: school experiences for black children under segregation, about the grocery store owned by Ogla Haris, raising children, and the work opportunity of three generations of a black Occoquan family

1999-054 - THESIS FOR ABOVE (Fieldworker: Kyle, Martha)
Not available

1999-055 - Narratives: Legend of Bunnyman Bridge (Fieldworker: Dyer, Laura)
Fieldworker tells her version of a legend about a haunted bridge known as Bunnyman Bridge. A man in a bunny costume kidnaps children and kills them at the site and now haunts it. A place legend and a place where legend trips are taken.

1999-056 - Narratives: Personal: Ghosts: The Shadow (Fieldworker: Barnes, Marsha)
Fieldworker tells about her own experience with a ghost-like supernatural creature in her friend's house in Bolivia.

1999-057 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: The Gold Figure at the Foot of the Bed (Fieldworker: Blackwell, William)
Fieldworker collects a story about golden figure that appeared over a friend's sister's bead when they were children.

1999-058 - Narratives: The Ghost Behind You (Fieldworker: Pernia, Edme)
The fieldworker collects a story from a woman friend about a ghost haunting its place of death. In the story, the storyteller's friend Javier (in Argentina) sees the ghost as he is talking to the storyteller in his kitchen at night. The ghost had bothered Javier's sisters before.

1999-059 - Narratives: Ghost In the Mill (Fieldworker: Plaatje, George)
The fieldworker recounts a memorate told by a man who heard what he believes is a ghost. Location: old mill, now a summer house, outside Harper's Ferry, West Virginia.

1999-060 - Narratives: Great Grandfather's Ghost (Fieldworker: Hamilton, Karen)
Fieldworker collects her mother's memorate of the time she (the mother) felt the presence of her great-grandfather's ghost.

1999-061 - Narratives: Ghosts: The Ghostly Axeman on Prom Night (Fieldworker: Nevitsky, William)
Fieldworker collects a memorate of a fellow folklore student who tells of an incident in his Illinois home area that occurred on his senior prom night. He and his date encounter a ghostly figure with an axe.

1999-062 - Narratives: Personal: Ghost Who Hides then Returns Items (Fieldworker: Street, Sallie)
Fieldworker tells her experience with a ghost who 'mishandles' items throughout her friend's house and returns them on request.

1999-063 - Narratives: Ghost of the Cambridge, New York, Hotel (Fieldworker: Prymak, Ian)
Fieldworker collects ghost story from his mother. She and her second husband spend their honeymoon weekend in century-old hotel built by groom's great grandfather. Owner and staff of hotel recount sorties of a female ghost on the thrid floor who haunts male workers.

1999-064 - Narratives: Mother's Ghost Returns to Site of Baby's Murder and her Suicide (Fieldworker: Scanlon, Jr., Jeff)
Fieldworker collects ghost story: Colonial-era parents leave child in house alone. Native American invades house and kills child; mother commits suicide. Her footsteps can still be heard in the house. This was told in a baby-sitting situation.

1999-065 - Narratives: Ghosts: Dead Man Visits Friend (Fieldworker: Hyman, Melissa)
Fieldworker collects story that son tells about a supernatural event that happens after his father died to a friend of his father's. Fallen magnet convinces friend of father's presence and of the existence of the dead.

1999-066 - Narratives: Ghosts: Milk Cartons in the Hallway, Mothers and Sons (Fieldworker: Leech, Karen)
Fieldworker collects a story given by a coworker about strange occurances that took place following the death of her son. An appendix includes several more memorates, including one that tells of a son seeing the ghost of his dead mother.

1999-067 - Narratives: Ghost Hunter Returns to Father who Shot Him ("Vanishing Hitchhiker") (Fieldworker: James , Robert )
A variation of "The Vanishing Hitchhiker" tale. However, tale features a ghostly hunter who tries to return home to his father--the very man who had accidently shot him while they were hunting.

1999-068 - Narratives: Personal: Man Sees Friend's Brother's Ghost (Fieldworker: Earhart, Amy)
Fieldworker collects story from her father's friend Steve who saw the ghost of her father's brother, Richard. Steve was visiting her father and Richard's ghost appeared in the hallway outside the room where he died of cancer.

1999-069 - Narratives: Ghost Narratives in Leesburg's Glenfidditch House (Fieldworker: Nelson, Jenny)
Fieldworker collects ghost story about friend's experience in a house in Leesburg, Virginia, and other stories related to that house.

1999-070 - Narratives: Personal: Exorcism (Fieldworker: Colbert, Victoria)
Fieldworker collects her sister's story about how the sister's brother-in-law's girlfriend had her body taken over by spirits. African American Baptist family prays over her to exorcise the spirits.

1999-071 - Narratives: Ghost Who Signals Death (Fieldworker: Sidwar, Amy)
Fieldworker collects her mother's personal experience narrative, which deals with the mother's brother's ghost visiting her prior to the unexpected death of their father.

1999-072 - Narratives: Ghosts and Poltergeists at ODU and in Norfolk (Fieldworker: McCullough, Meagan)
Fieldworker collects friend's story of supernatural beings and occurances at Old Dominion University and a townhouse in Norfolk, Virginia.

1999-073 - Narratives: Ghosts In a Herndon Home (Fieldworker: Confidential, Confidential)
Fieldworker collects ghost story from her sister-in-law. Unexplained noises, "mara" experiences happen in one rome of their new Herndon, Virginia home.

1999-074 - Narratives: Supernatural: Rocks in the Potomac River; Washington DC and VA (Fieldworker: Sharma, Komal)
Fieldworker collects a supernatural legend told about how three rocks formed in the Potomac River: boys on one side of the river and girls on another drowned trying to neet after their parents had forbidden the meeting. Indian American informant tells story to new immigrants from India.

1999-075 - Festivals: Family: Ramadan (Fieldworker: Ahmed, Syeda)
Fieldworker describes the cultural negotiations her family makes during the festival of Ramadan. The time of the break of the fast and what to eat are discussed and negotiated.

1999-076 - Festival: Family: Sunday Night Festival (Fieldworker: Price, Margaret)
Fieldworker collects her mother's personal experience narrative, which deals with the mother's brother's ghost visiting her prior to the unexpected death of their father.

1999-077 - Rites: Military: Blue Noses and Shellbacks: Rites of Passage in US Navy (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker examines the US Naval traditions involved with crossing the Arctic Circle and Equator. Reports on his, his brother's, and his father's experiences in the US Navy.

1999-078 - Narratives: Personal: Fist Fighting (Fieldworker: Boland, Dan)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative from his father about living in Newark, New Jersey. The father speaks of fist fighting and the "tough" reputation of Newark.

1999-079 - Narratives: Beliefs: Supernatural: Birds As Omens (Fieldworker: Robson, Christopher)
Fieldworker interviews father and mother to gather his family's stories of supernatural events as portents of death, especially birds as omens or messengers of death. Includes stories of supernatural beings, possibly ghosts, who appear as a clown or monk.

1999-080 - Arts: Family Photo Album Christmas Tree (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker collects information on her family's custom of decorating their Christmas tree with photographs of family members and pets. They set up the tree on Thanksgiving, telling stories as they work.

1999-081 - Arts: Quilts By Bonnie White (Fieldworker: Ahmed, Syeda)
Fieldworker describes her friends quilts and quiltmaking. Discusses how quilts tell stories.

1999-082 - Narratives: Ghost of Aquia Church, Stafford County, VA. (Fieldworker: Becker, Tammy)
Fieldworker collects two versions of the legend about the ghost in Stafford County's Aquia Church. Notes attitudes of ownership that longtime residents of area feel toward the story over newcomers' dismissal of the tale.

1999-083 - Jokes: Jokes and Joking in the Family (Fieldworker: McGinty, Aishling )
Fieldworker explores the ways her family reacts to death and other traumas by joking.

1999-084 - Customs: Family: Saturday Trips to Charlottesville (Fieldworker: Dalton, Keri)
Fieldworker describes a family custom: she and her mother visit her grandmother every other week in a Charlottesville nursing home.

1999-085 - Beliefs: Beliefs and Magic in GMU's Women's Rowing (Fieldworker: Ehrman, Kimberly)
Fieldworker collects beliefs (and practices believed to insure success) of her GMU Women's Rowing team. Includes clothing, ways of handling oar in water, and prayer.

1999-086 - Beliefs: Korean American Pregnancy Beliefs (Fieldworker: Kim, Susie)
Second generation Korean American fieldworker collects beliefs and customs surrounding pregnancy of Koreans and now been passed down among generations. Beliefs include food to eat, practices to determine baby's gender, and post-pregnancy actions that insure mother's and baby's health.

1999-087 - Groups: Sports: Women Hockey Players (Fieldworker: Scaramastro, Karin )
Fieldworker discusses the values of a women's ice hockey team as seen through their personal narratives and their costumes.

1999-088 - Narratives: Personal: Cars, Road Tests, and Pranks: A Father's Narratives of His Youth (Fieldworker: Glascock, Angela)
Fieldworker collects narratives that her father Johnny Glascock told her about some of the mischief he got into with his friends when they were growing up in the 1950's and 1960's in Fairfax, Virginia

1999-089 - Narratives: Family: Snipe Hunting (Fieldworker: Scheuring, Kelly)
Fieldworker collects a practical joke narrative about snipe hunting. The meaning, function, and performance of the piece is discussed in relation to the family involved as well as folklore in general.

1999-090 - Groups: Folklore Among Resident Advisors at GMU (Fieldworker: Donaghey, Dianna )
Fieldworker, a Resident Advisor at GMU, interviews other Resident Advisors in the Freshman Dorms. Interviews conducted in Eisenhower Hall at the area desk, George Mason University. Includes personal narratives, nicknames, and material culture.

1999-091 - Foodways: Family: A Mother's Canning Tradition (Fieldworker: McDonald, Cynthia)
Fieldworker discusses the tradition of canning food in her and her mother's family and how it serves as a link to her mother's past, family, and friends. Special mention of cucumber pickles.

1999-092 - Narratives: Personal: Discrimination: Narratives Told By Three Hispanic Brothers (Fieldworker: Miranda, Christina)
Fieldworker collects stories about her husband's Peruvian American family. Discrimination.

1999-093 - Festivals: Muslim Marriages in Northern Virginia (Fieldworker: Hakim, Diala)
Syrian American fieldworker discusses practices of marriage in mainstream America by Muslim emigrants from Egypt and Pakistan

1999-094 - Festivals: Polish American Wigilia (Christmas) (Fieldworker: Ruane, Jeremy)
Fieldworker collects information on the Christmas foodways of his grandmother Caroline Chopko. (Polish American)

1999-095 - Groups: Occupations: Folklore of Servers at P.J. Skidoos Restaurant (Fieldworker: Smith, Glenna)
Fieldworker examines narratives and folkspeech in her occupational group: servers at P.J. Skidoos Restaurant in Fairfax, Virginia. Interviews patrons and managers as well.

1999-096 - Festivals: The Night Before Christmas (Polish Am) (Fieldworker: McDermott, Lynn)
Fieldworker describes her family's Polish Christmas Eve tradition from New York state.

1999-097 - Narratives: Occupations: Bartender Narratives from an Alexandria Restaurant (Fieldworker: Price, Margaret)
Fieldworker reports on the narratives bartenders tell at her place of work: a restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia.

1999-098 - Narratives: Personal: A Grandmother's Ghost Narratives (Fieldworker: de la Torre, Celia)
Fieldworker collects personal narratives her grandmother tells about ghosts in their Falls Church, Virginia home.

1999-099 - Narratives: Personal: Ghosts In Fairfax, Alexandria Movie Theaters (Fieldworker: Maxey, Vanessa)
Fieldworker collects personal narratives and other narratives about the ghost in the Fairfax movie theater where she works. Describes the personal customs individuals use to placate the sometimes troublesome ghost.

1999-100 - Narratives: Personal: Ministry Within The Addison Family (Fieldworker: Addison, Fred)
Fieldworker traces the ritual of church attendance in the Addison Family and presents the personal narration of his father and brother who are ministers, like other male relatives before them. (African Am).

1999-101 - Narratives: Supernatural: Legend of Bunnyman (Fieldworker: Cook, Lisa)
Fieldworker collects different versions of "The Legend of Bunnyman," the legend of a Fairfax, VA murderer and train bridge, and compares them. Fieldworker goes in search of Bunnyman's house on Halloween night.

1999-102 - Narratives: Ghosts: The Coded Language of Emma's Haunting (Fieldworker: Stead, Lisa)
Fieldworker collects four memorates of a woman's experience with ghosts. The fifth story is more of an anecdote that comes out in conversation about her grandmother. Fieldworker explains hos the informant's marital status (single/divorced) and gender determine her narrative language and interpretations.

1999-103 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: Visits from the Dead (Fieldworker: Schidlo, Sandra)
Fieldworker collects personal experience narratives from her co-worker, an African American woman going blind, who receives visits from the dead carrying messages for the living.

1999-104 - Narratives: Ghost Narratives From Vietnam (Fieldworker: Scanlon, Jr., Jeff)
Fieldworker collects ghost stories set in Vietnam from Vietnamese Americans. Involve women in white, warnings about a collapsed bridge, ghosts of aborted babies in trees, and ghost climbing tree.

1999-105 - Narratives: Personal: Ghosts in a Family's Arlington Haunted House (Fieldworker: Blackwell, William)
Fieldworker collects stories told by Tina Posch regarding ghostly appearances in ther childhood home of Arlington, Virginia.

1999-106 - Narratives: Ghosts: Grandmother tells of a Mother Who Murders Her Children (Fieldworker: Beauchemin, Cindy)
Fieldworker collects grandmother's story about neighbor woman who drowns her two children in the new local fish hatchery waters so she could leave town with a man while ther husband was away driving truck. Mother kills self and returns as a wailing ghost to the site of the murder.

1999-107 - Narratives: Personal: Ghost as Family Protector (Fieldworker: Brumley, Michelle)
Fieldworker collects mother's personal account of a spirit that stayed with a family for eight years. The spirit was seen as being their protector, but was also mischievous.

1999-108 - Narratives: Personal: Ghosts in the Home (Fieldworker: Confidential, Confidential)
Fieldworker collects personal experience narrative from sister-in-law about a ghost that live in her home.

1999-109 - Narratives: Legend of Bunnyman Bridge (Legend Trips) (Fieldworker: Dyer, Laura)
Fieldworker collects tellings of the legend of the Bunnyman who is said to have killed and hung people at the bridge. One variant describes killer as enraged farmer whose rabbits were killed. Legend trips.

1999-110 - Narratives: Personal: Family Ghost Narratives from Colombia (Fieldworker: Pernia, Edme)
Fieldworker discusses her Colombian family's memorates of ghostly visitation by grandparents and close family friends.

1999-111 - Narratives: Legends of the Assateaque Island Ponies (Fieldworker: Holliday, Stephanie)
Fieldworker collects the legends of the Assateaque Island Ponies. Legends provide the origin of the wild ponies.

1999-112 - Festivals: One Family's Changing Christmas Traditions (Fieldworker: Lawrence, Jackie)
Fieldworker explores her husband's family's practice of keeping Christmas celebration within the family. Changes of time and space occur, however, the traditions continue. The family prefers to incorporate other traditions to accommodate new members of the group.

1999-113 - Narratives: Legends: Bogie-men and Saints in Brazil (Fieldworker: Page, Dawn)
Fieldworker collects narratives form her husband's Brazilian family: saints legends, tales of "Saci Perere" and "Caipora."

1999-114 - Narratives: The Ghost of Eliza Thompson (Fieldworker: James, Robert )
Fieldworker researches the story of Eliza Thompson, a woman living in Leesburg, Virginia, during the Civil War. Her ghost remains active in the house where she lived. Tale included in Leesburg's Halloween Hauntings tour.

1999-115 - Narratives: Ghost Tales from Waverly, Virginia (Fieldworker: McCullough, Meagan)
Fieldworker collects ghost narratives from Waverly, Virginia, told by man who went on legend trips in area. Railroad, bridges, elderly African American woman involved.

1999-116 - Narratives: Supernatural: Mother-child Bond in Rebirth Narratives From India (Fieldworker: Sharma, Komal)
Fieldworker collects four stories about rebirth from members of her Northern Indian American family. Involve mothers and children: mothers who die young and return to visit their children. Also a boy who dies young and is reborn to his same mother.

1999-117 - Narratives: Personal: The Ghost who Rattled Doors (Fieldworker: Peroustianis, Suzanne)
Fieldworker collects informant's story of an encounter with a supernatural entity that violently rattled her bedroom door.

1999-118 - Narratives: Cultural Mixing in Brazilian Narratives (Fieldworker: Page, Dawn )
Fieldworker collects narratives from her husband's Brazilian family: saints legends, tales of "Saci Perere" and "Caipora."

2000-001 - Foodways: Family: Placek, Polish Coffee Cake (Fieldworker: Brown, Katherine)
Fieldworker collects info on her friend's family's foodways, Placek. The friend shares his story of making Polish Coffee Cake with his family.

2000-002 - Foodways: Family: Jewish: Grandmother Debbie's Matzo Balls (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker collects the history of her Grandmother Debbie's Matzo Ball Tradition. Jewish family foodways. Poland

2000-003 - Foodways: Family: Bread Making (Fieldworker: Adams, Michele)
Fieldworker collects her Pennsylvania Grandmother's breadmaking tradition and other family foodways surrounding the making of it.

2000-004 - Objects of Memory: Toy Bunny (Fieldworker: Berger-Hughes, Bronwyn)
Fieldworker collects information on a toy bunny rabbit she received form her mother. Object of Memory.

2000-005 - Arts: Peruvian Pottery of Polo Ramirez Zapata (Fieldworker: Briggs, Mary)
Fieldworker collects information on the art, the pottery of a Peruvian. Discussion of the blend of traditionand innovation in the ceramic material objects of Polo Ramirez Zapata of Chulucanas, Peru.

2000-006 - Objects of Memory: Family: Necklace of Three Generations of Lebanese Women (Fieldworker: Hassan, Anita)
Fieldworker collects information about a family necklace given to her. Belonged to her grandmother, then her mother. Object of memory.

2000-007 - Arts: Family: Crocheting and Quilting Connect a Family's History (Fieldworker: James, Robert)
Fieldworker collects his mother's narratives and information about their family folklore, crocheting, and quilts.

2000-008 - Arts: Family: Three Generations of Women's Crochet Art (Fieldworker: Leech, Karen-Jayne)
Fieldworker collects her mother's crochet work as folk art. Three generations in family.

2000-009 - Objects of Memory: Knotting Work (Fieldworker: McDonald, Cynthia)
Fieldworker discusses her artistic practice of making objects such as handbags through knotting fibers.

2000-010 - Arts: Crochet Work Among Several Generations of Italian American Women (Fieldworker: Stead, Lisa)
Fieldworker discusses her great aunt Agnes as a textile artist and the tradtion Agnes passed on. Italian American. Plymouth, Massachusetts

2000-011 - Arts: Needlework Among Three Generations of British-American Women (Fieldworker: Sweet, Mary-Gretchen)
Fieldworker documents a three generation practice of needlework among women in her British American family and its use in an Episcopalian Church community.

2000-012 - Narratives: Personal: Objects of Memory: Father's Ring (Fieldworker: Meshalkina, Angelica)
Fieldworker narrates her personal story of her deceased father's ring. Object of Memory.

2000-013 - Foodways: Objects of Memory: Bobotie -- South African Foodway. (Fieldworker: van der Riet, Karen)
Fieldworker discusses her mother's experiences and memories of making and serving Bobotie, a food from their native South Africa. Object of Memory. Foodways.

2000-014 - Arts: Music and Pottery of a Hawaiian in Exile (Fieldworker: Briggs, Mary)
Fieldworker discusses how music and art connects two musicians (Hawaiian and Filipino) to their heritage.

2000-015 - Ethnography: Gay Bars in Washington, DC, Area (Fieldworker: Guy, Debra)
Fieldworker describes gay and lesbian bars in Washington DC and a gay skating rink in Maryland.

2000-016 - Oral History: Life: Father's CIA work during Cold War (Fieldworker: McDonald, Cynthia)
Fieldworker collects father's narrative about his work in the CIA. Analyzes his initial interest in foreign affairs as a child until his vocation as a Middle Eastern Operative overseas.

2000-017 - Ethnography: Friendship Group of Divorced Women (Fieldworker: Price, Margaret)
Not available

2000-018 - Ethnography: Groups: Cavers (Fieldworker: Robson, Christopher)
Not available

2000-019 - Ethnography: Family: Growing Pains:The Narrative of a Family in Business (Fieldworker: Scheuring, Kelly)
Not available

2000-020 - Narratives: Family: Jacob Hamblin and Native Americans (Mormon) (Fieldworker: Cannon, Kathleen)
Fieldworker collects a family narrative from Joyce Erickson about her ancestor Jacob Hamblin and his experience with a Native American Tribe. The story was collected in an interview about Mormon Pioneer Stories.

2000-021 - Narratives: Personal: Father Floats Car in Lake as Prank (Massachusetts) (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker collects father's personal narrative about the time he and his friends floated two VW cars in a Massachusetts lake.

2000-022 - Narratives: Family: Father's Memory of Daughter When Young (Montana) (Fieldworker: Beauchemin, Cindy)
Fieldworker collects personal experience narratives/ family narrative from her father about the time he told her to "pick up her feet." Analysis focuses on her father's changing perceptions of her as his daughter.

2000-023 - Narratives: Family: Skirts from Men's Trousers (West Virginia) (Fieldworker: Stiles, Amorette)
Fieldworker collects a family narrative from her mother Jerilynn Stiles. Jerilynn narrates how her mother used to make clothes from men's clothing during the Depression Era in West Virginia.

2000-024 - Narratives: Family: Father's Fight Narratives (Illinois) (Fieldworker: James, Robert )
Fieldworker collects family narratives form his father about fieldworker's great-grandfather who slit the throat of a man who had attacked him with brass knuckles.

2000-025 - Narratives: Family: Supernatural: Dying Woman Visited by Father's Spirit (Ohio) (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker collects her mother's story of fieldworker's grandmother's vision of her father's spirit. Family narrative. Grandmother had just giver birth and said she did not want to die.

2000-026 - Narratives: Personal: Occupations: FBI Agent (Ohio, Wisconsin) (Fieldworker: Paxton, Annie)
Fieldworker collects narratives from her father about his career as a police officer and FBI Agent. Ohio, Wisconsin.

2000-027 - Narratives: Family: Mormon Pioneer Ancestors (Fieldworker: Cannon, Kathleen)
Fieldworker collects narratives about Mormon pioneer ancestors from twelve members of the Latter-day Saint Church in Burke, Virginia.

2000-028 - Narratives: Personal: Mother and Barn (New York) (Fieldworker: Ehrman, Kimberly)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative from her mother that examines the "barn" as a motif.

2000-029 - Narratives: Family: Male Fight Narratives in Little Egypt (Illinois) (Fieldworker: James, Robert)
Fieldworker collects family narratives of the participation of uncles and grandfathers in fights as rites of passage. Little Egypt, Illinois.

2000-030 - Festival: Fifteenth Birthday (Chilean Am) (Fieldworker: Nastri, Jenn)
Fieldworker examines the social significance of a Chilean sweet fifteen party. She interviewed her friend and comment on the tradition. Foodways, Gifts, Environment.

2000-031 - Festival: Chinese New Year (Chinese Am) (Fieldworker: Chan, Virginia)
Fieldworker compares her family's observance of the celebration versus a traditional observance of the Chinese New Year.

2000-032 - Festival: Family: Christmas (Fieldworker: Arellano, Christopher)
Fieldworker examines the mix of American and Spanish/Philipino Christmas customs in his family.

2000-033 - Festival: Family: Chinese New Year in Malaysia and US (Fieldworker: Frack, Wyleng)
Fieldworker examines family customs for celebrating Chinese New Year in Malaysia versus in the USA.

2000-034 - Narratives: Ghost: Walney Road Narratives (Fieldworker: Yocom, Margaret)
Fieldworker collects variations of the Walney Road Vanishing Hitchhiker.

2000-035 - Festivals: Family: Korean Am Thanksgiving (Fieldworker: Towson, Suzie)
Fieldworker examines the manner in which her dual-heritage family celebrates a Korean Thanksgiving.

2000-036 - Jokes: Ethnic: The Race of God (Fieldworker: Chan, Virginia)
Fieldworker examines the dynamic and conservative elements in an ethnic joke.

2000-037 - Narratives: Ghosts:The Dumpling Store (Korean) (Fieldworker: Lee, Nancy)
Fieldworker examines the dynamic and conservative elements in a Korean legend about a dumpling store and a sham ghost.

2000-038 - Groups: High School Marching Band (Fieldworker: Wade, Jason)
Fieldworker examines the humor, jargon, heirarchies of his high school band. He presents a discussion with his band director to drive his analysis.

2000-039 - Custom: Hair Threading (Indian Am) (Fieldworker: Rahman, Elma)
Fieldworker examines the custom of hair threading, an ancient form of hair removal. Indian Am.

2000-040 - Medicine: Korean Folk Remedies (Fieldworker: Towson, Suzie)
Fieldworker collects three different Korean Folk remedies from her mother: urine for acne, feces for infection, and smoke from burnt rice stalks for poison ivy.

2000-041 - Group: Pre-performance Traditions in GMU Dance Company (Fieldworker: Reynolds, Elizabeth)
Fieldworker examines the pre-performance traditions of the dancers in the GMU Dance Company.

2000-042 - Festival: Narratives: Family: Belief in Santa Claus (Fieldworker: Thompson, Devon)
Fieldworker collects family narratives from her sister, grandmother, and mother about the belief in Santa Claus. Analyzes concepts and terms used in the narratives.

2000-043 - Narratives: Legends: Jackalope (Western U.S.) (Fieldworker: Giovanini, Erica)
Fieldworker examines the legned of the Jackalope as a regional legend of the Western US and as a joke that is played on tourists by westerners.

2000-044 - Groups: Occupations: Family: Station 8 Volunteer Fire Fighters (Fieldworker: Passin, Kate)
Fieldworker examines the rites of passage, workday, and traditions of Station 8 Volunteer Fire Fighters.

2000-045 - Festivals: Mount Vernon Unitarian Church Pinata (Fieldworker: Walker, Meredith)
Fieldworker examines the role of pinatas at Mount Vernon Unitarian Church. Festival.

2000-046 - Festivals: Narratives: Personal: Belief in Santa Claus as Rite of Passage (Fieldworker: Plaisted, Linda)
Fieldworker examines why adults perpetuate the Santa Claus legend. Festival. Narratives. Rites of Passage.

2000-047 - Narratives: Family: The Rape of Nanking (Chinese Am) (Fieldworker: Chan, Virginia)
Fieldworker collects her grandparents family narratives about the rape of Nanking. Chinse American.

2000-048 - Foodways: Family; Pizzelle (Italian Am) (Fieldworker: Brown, Erin)
Fieldworker discusses the importance of the pizzelle in her Scalzitti family. Italian American foodways.

2000-049 - Narratives: Family: Rural Grandparents Meet Urban Grandparents (Fieldworker: Hanna, Michael)
Fieldworker collects historical narratives from both sets of grandparents about their youth. Analyzes the narratives in terms of folklore

2000-050 - Groups: Equestrian Traditions at Stonewall Farm (Fieldworker: Liew, Wyleng)
Fieldworker collects information on the group of equestrians and their traditions at Stonewall Farm. Included are narratives on credo, rites of passage, and the duties of horse care.

2000-051 - Festivals: Significance and Variations of Infant Birthday Celebrations (Korea) (Fieldworker: Lee, Nancy)
Fieldworker describes the Korean festivals of an infant's 100th day and 1st year birthday. Foodways, clothing, gift-giving, and rituals are described.

2000-052 - Groups: Family: Women's Traditions (Fieldworker: Demmel, Lisa)
Fieldworker collects family traditions from her mother and sister about marriage roles, gender roles, and discusses the difference between views.

2000-053 - Narratives: Family: Mother/Child Relationships (Spanish/Philipino Am) (Fieldworker: Arellano, Christopher)
Fieldworker collects family narratives from his mother about her children. Analyzes the mother role and how that role reinforces intimacy in the family. Family as folkgroup.

2000-054 - Narratives: Occupations: Ice Cream Scoopers' Narratives (Fieldworker: Horowitz, Karen)
Fieldworker collects an occupational group narrative from fellow employees of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. Analyzes one incident with an unruly customer.

2000-055 - Narratives: Customs: Practicing Faith Healing (Fieldworker: Rains, Jamie)
Fieldworker collects family narrative from her grandfather and compares its telling to her aunts. Narrative retells an episode of healing that occurred to her great-grandfather. Analysis of faith and of narrative.

2000-056 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: Spook Hill (W. Maryland) (Fieldworker: Nastri, Jenn)
Story of a local haunted area. Fieldworker cites a number of sources, both published and interviews regarding a local legend surrounding the site of a Confederate defeat in Western Maryland. Interviews include mother, family friend, and the fieldworker's own experience

2000-057 - Narratives: Family: Hanging onto Youth (Fieldworker: Keyes, Julianna )
Fieldworker collects narratives from her parents concerning their college experiences. Family narratives support youthful identity.

2000-058 - Narratives: Supernatural: Jersey Devil (New Jersey) (Fieldworker: Coffey, Jennifer)
Fieldworker provides survey of information about the Jersey Devil legend, observations, theories and an interview with a New Jersey native.

2000-059 - Narratives: Family: Supernatural: An Old Farmhouse (Fieldworker: Paisley, Carrie )
Fieldworker presents two ghost stories from a friend who lives in a haunted house.

2000-060 - Narratives: Personal: Father/Son Versions of "Dart in Elbow" (New Jersey) (Fieldworker: Schlosser, Daniel)
Fieldworker collects narratives from a friend and that friend's father. Analyzes the difference in storytelling and content in the recitation of the narrative. (New Jersey).

2000-061 - Narratives: Legends: Chincoteague Ponies (Fieldworker: Cherrix, Tiffany)
Fieldworker collects the legend of the Chincoteague Ponies origins.

2000-062 - Festivals: Groups: Arts: Volkswagen Car Lovers (Fieldworker: Stafko, Alan)
Fieldworker collects information on a Volkswagen festival. Car shows, drag races, and describes the Volkswagen

2000-063 - Narratives: Supernatural: Slumber Party Narrative-Telling (Fieldworker: Howard, Sarah)
Fieldworker provides transcript of a ghost story reading/telling at eleven year olds' slumber party. Analyzes purposes served by telling of ghost stories.

2000-064 - Groups: Older Women of Manassas Beauty Shop (Fieldworker: Switzer, Dana)
Fieldworker collects information about older women who frequent her mother's Manassas Nu-Age beauty shop. The Shop as a place of communication and friendship where narratives are told and pranks played.

2000-065 - Groups: Occupations: Wolf Trap Ushers (Fieldworker: Dennington, Erin)
Fieldworker collects information on the occupational group of the Wolf Trap Ushers. Analyzes speech patterns, vernacular, and coding.

2000-066 - Narratives: Legends: Bunnyman (Fieldworker: Banner/Vance/White, Emmy/Amanda/Nicole)
Three fieldworkers compare and analyze versions of the Bunnyman Legend.

2000-067 - Narratives: Supernatural: The Ghosts of George Mason University (Fieldworker: Porter, Matthew)
Fieldworker submits two ghost narratives regarding the Univeristy dormitories via email.

2000-068 - Narratives: Family: Disappearance of Mr. Tappy (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker collects the family narrative of the disappearance of Mr. Tappy in rural Virginia where moonshine had been made. Analyzes the the relationship between story and place.

2000-069 - Foodways: Meaning of Scrapple (Fieldworker: Porter, James)
Fieldworker collects information on the foodways of Scrapple. Analyzes the origin and historical progession of Scrapple

2001-001 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: Dead Wife Calls Man's Name (Fieldworker: Nevitsky, William)
Fieldworker narrates his personal experience of the aftermath of his wife's death and the effect it had on him. Heard her voice calling his name.

2001-002 - Groups: GMU Sex Hit List (Fieldworker: Yocom, Margaret)
Fieldworker collects from GMU student a list of places at GMU that students try to make love in without getting caught.

2001-003 - Festivals: Family: Nicaraguan American Christmas (Fieldworker: Enriquez, Miriam)
Fieldworker examines the customs of Nicaragua at Christmas and how her family has melded American customs with them.

2001-004 - Narratives: Occupations: Father's Coal Mining Narratives (Illinois) (Fieldworker: James, Robert)
Fieldworker collects his father's personal experience narratives of a Southern Illinois coal miner. The paper covers the dangers of mining. Objects of memory.

2001-005 - Narratives: Family: Frola Family Narratives (Fieldworker: Frola, Nina)
Fieldworker collects her family folklore narratives by interviewing two of her great aunts.

2001-006 - Narratives: Personal: Sheltered Military Brat's Introduction to Cold War Reality (Fieldworker: Nevitsky, William)
Fieldworker relates personal experience narrative of a sheltered child of a military officer whereby he is brought face-to-face with the meaning of the Cold War.

2001-007 - Narratives: Family: Surviving the Great Depression (Fieldworker: Capece, Barbara)
Fieldwoker collects her parents' personal narratives from the Depression years (1930s). Italian American

2001-008 - Festivals: Family: Chipley Thanksgiving (Fieldworker: Chipley, Carter)
Fieldworker compares different versions of her family's stories about Thanksgiving. Changes in foodways when new members enter family.

2001-009 - Narratives: Courtship Narratives of Three Couples (Fieldworker: Garrett, Sarah )
Fieldworker examines the dynamics of three couples through their courtship narratives.

2001-010 - Narratives: Family: Cat's Crossing -- Multiple Cat Family (Fieldworker: Graffeo, Susan)
Fieldworker collect narratives on a woman who owns 65 cats in her Arlington, VA home. Her peronsal narratives about her practice of adopting unwanted cats

2001-011 - Narratives: Personal: First Experiences in College (Fieldworker: Livengood, Paul)
Fieldworker collects personal narratives from his group of male friends about their experiences during their freshman year at college.

2001-012 - Narratives: Family: Remembering the Past (Fieldworker: Moore, Jillian)
Fieldworker collects her mother's family narratives about the fieldworker when a young girl.

2001-013 - Narratives: Family: Variance of Truth in Family Folklore (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker has collected narrative from family and extended family about reunion of siblings after being separated into orphnages at a very early age. Mutliple versions of narrative about fieldworker's grandmother.

2001-014 - Narratives: Groups: Gambling at Pool (Fieldworker: Palmiotto, Kevin)
Fieldworker collects his experience, friend's experience as a gambler at pool in the Northern Virginian area. Games.

2001-015 - Narratives: Personal: Defining "African-ness" (Fieldworker: Piatt, Christian)
Fieldworker interviewed friends who have moved here from Ghana and Zimbabwe. The fieldworker was able to uncover a share sense of identiy as the informants credit new identities for themselves in the US.

2001-016 - Rites: Family: Spring Cleaning (Fieldworker: Simo, Jamie)
Fieldworker examines her family's ritual of Spring Cleaning and its historical background.

2001-017 - Narratives: Personal: Jokes: Initiation Rites for new recruits in the Navy (Fieldworker: Wheeler, Danielle)
fieldworker collects her father's personal narratives about the unoffical "initiation rites" endured by new recruits in the Navy. Practical jokes: "sea bats," "mail buoys," and more.

2001-018 - Festivals: Persian New Year -- Nowruz (Fieldworker: Yowell, Kathy)
Fieldworker discusses the haft-seen table for the Nowruz Festival. Iranian Am

2001-019 - Festivals: Passover Haggadah -- Modern Version of the Traditional Prayer Book (Fieldworker: Zimmermann, Rebecca)
Fieldworker writes about the history and importance of a Jewish prayer book, the Haggadah. She asks her father questions of why, how, and what he did to create his own version of the Haggadah, use for the Passover Seder.

2001-020 - Narratives: Personal: Festival: Sanfermines and the Running of the Bulls (Fieldworker: Rapoport, Emily)
The fieldworkers personal experience at Sanfermines, plus researched information on Sanfermines' religious and cultural background.

2001-021 - Narratives: Walney Road Ghost (Fieldworker: Dennington, Erin)
Fieldworker relates another version of Chantilly's Walney Ghost.

2001-022 - Rites of Passage: Marriage: Indian Am Marriage -- Old & New (Fieldworker: Bell, Nileah)
Fieldworker compares old arragned marriages between families with modern marriages between individuals.

2001-023 - Arts: War Ration Books as Symbols of Nurturing, Community, Transgression (Fieldworker: Coppage, Diane)
Fieldworker looks at how women used war ration books suring W.W. II as symbols of nurturing, community formation, and trasgression. Issues of feminist coding.

2001-024 - Arts: Family Quilts and Quilts Made From Running Marathon T-Shirts (Fieldworker: Goins, Kelly)
Fieldworker discusses her family's multi-generation tradition of quilting, her family's practice of running marathons, and th quilt made of marathon race t-shirts her father had made for her. Family Thankgiving at the races.

2001-025 - Narratives: Personal: Wife's Survival of Abuse (Fieldworker: Kasap, Christine)
Fieldworker collect her woman friend's personal narrative. Policeman-husband violently beat, abused, raped wife until he was killed in the line of duty.

2001-026 - Narratives: Family Narratives at the Dinner Table (African Am) (Fieldworker: Lowe, Perinda)
Fieldworker discusses how her African American family has been tied together by family storytelling and folklore. Includes one narrative told at dinner table

2001-027 - Narratives: Maerchen: Man's vs Woman's Retelling of Cinderella (Fieldworker: Howard, Sarah)
Fieldworker collect a man and a woman's retelling of the narrative Cinderella and notes how the woman uses the tale to discuss her own life.

2001-028 - Narratives: Personal: Men's & Women's Tattoo Narratives (Fieldworker: Peck, Michelle)
Fieldworker collects men's and women's personal narratives about their tattoos and discusses gender differences.

2001-029 - Narratives: Personal: Father's Narratives of Railroad Tracks (Arkansas) (Fieldworker: Vest, Michelle)
Fieldworker collects her father's favorite song used in the family: "Barefoot Boy with Boots on." She also collects his stories of walking along the forbidden railroad tracks in his Arkansas hometown.

2001-030 - Festivals: Family: Crowning A King of the Surf (Fieldworker: Smith, Sean)
Fieldworker discusses his family's Annual King of the Surf contest as an invented tradition. Ocean City, NJ. Presents continuities and changes.

2001-031 - Narratives: Family: WWII Memories (Fieldworker: Aub, Matthew)
Fieldworker discusses his family's history during World War II.

2001-032 - Music: Dulcimer Women and Feminist Coding (Fieldworker: Briggs, Mary )
Fieldworker discusses feminist coding among a group of women mountain dulcimer players in Annandale, Virginia, who say they learned because the dulcimer is "easy."

2001-033 - Arts: Nail Art As Self-Expression and Celebration (Fieldworker: Boulter, Sarah)
Fieldworker examines fingernail decoration as a form of folkart. Gay pride is celebrated.

2001-034 - Legends: Foodways: Poi Pounder (Hawaii) (Fieldworker: Cantu, Theresa)
Fieldworker presents and discusses a person's narrative about a taro processor.

2001-035 - Festivals: Women's Rituals--Wicca (Fieldworker: Cherrix, Tiffany)
Fieldworker, a Wiccan, explores threee different women's rituals: croning, queening, and a full moon ritual. Interview with a Wiccan about her full moon ritual.

2001-036 - Festivals: Traditional Irish Board Dance (Fieldworker: Graffeo, Susan)
Fieldworker examines a traditional dance that is performed at a family reunion in Ireland (not fieldworker's family).

2001-037 - Objects of Memory: Italian Am Women's Family Jewelry (Crosses) (Fieldworker: Dumsha, Denise)
Fieldworker examines her Italian female relatives about the jeweled crosses each woman possesses.

2001-038 - Foodways: Family: African Am. Women's Cooking Practices (Fieldworker: Johnson, Susan)
Fieldworker examines cooking in a traditional manner instad of using convience foods. Cooking allows women to nurture husbands, maintain family ties, and obligate friends and family. It gives women otherwise viewed as without power, control over family and friends. African American.

2001-039 - Arts: Altars in Filipino Am Family Homes and Businesses (Fieldworker: Macapagal, Maria)
Fieldworker examines historical information on the origins of Filipino personal altars with a particular emphasis on the Santo Nino de Praga and the Virgin Mary. Fieldworker also examines the functions and rituals associated with these altars in homes and businesses.

2001-040 - Groups: GLBT: Transgendered People and Name Changes (Fieldworker: Mae, Ridley)
Fieldworker, an FTM, explores how female-to-male (FTM) transgendered people pick their preferred names. (Author formerly named Petra Beierschmitt).

2001-041 - Objects of Memory: Bengali Dolls and Personal Identity (Fieldworker: Rahman, Elma)
Fieldworker examines her life as a Bengali American woman in terms of her doll collection.

2001-042 - Narratives: Personal: Traumatic Childhood Experience about man Butchering Animals (Fieldworker: Nevitsky, William)
Fieldworker describes a process of killing animals that he had witnessed as a child in Chateauvoux, France, and which has haunted him into adulthood.

2001-049 - Narratives: Supernatural: Sound of Father's Weeping for Son (Fieldworker: Jackson, C. Lauren)
Fieldworker recalls story she heard her friend's father tell. A father, a doctor, could have saved his son's life. Son dies; father dies two years later. Sound of weeping in New York House.

2001-050 - Narratives: Ghosts: Ghost in Home in Ashburn (Fieldworker: Kinser, Ryan)
Fieldworker collects family narrative from father's girlfriend: legend of previous occupants of her childhood home on a farm in Ashburn, Virginia. Ghost story focuses on family loss: previous occupants die in home; ghosts open doors, make shuffling noise

2001-051 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: The Jersey Devil (Fieldworker: Melone, Lisa)
Fieldworker collects her mother's version of the Jersey Devil legend. Much emphasis on the mother role. Informant also tells about the time her friend saw the Jersey Devil run across a railroad track.

2001-052 - Narratives: Legends: Supernatural: Bunnyman Bridge (Fieldworker: Confidential, Confidential)
Fieldworker tells her version of the Bunnyman legend and of her experiences on a legend trip. She heard the screams of the children who the facially-deformed man murdered before he committed suicide in Centerville, Virginia.

2001-053 - Narratives: Ghosts: Ghost Mother Kills Babysitters and the Babies (Fieldworker: Peppe, Maria)
Fieldworker collects friend's story of a ghost in South Riding, Virginia. Mrs. Langford found a babysitter's negligence killed her baby. So she now haunts the same house, killing negligent babysitters. She also kills the babies so she can punish the mothers and take good care of the babies herself.

2001-054 - Narratives: Personal: Ghost: Ghosts in the Bedroom (Fieldworker: Giovanini, Erica)
Fieldworker collects her church friend's story of the times he saw a ghost in his bedroom. Ghost looked just like him but changed clothing from time to time. Ghost disappeared when boy ran through it on way to get his mother. Our Lady of Good Counsel church, Vienna, Virginia.

2001-055 - Narratives: Personal: Ghosts: Ghost of the Rising Sun Tavern (Fieldworker: Babel, Sara)
Fieldworker collects her sister's stories about the 17th century ghost of John Frasier in his Rising Sun Tavern of Fredericksburg, Virginia. Her sister worked as a tour guide in historic Fredericksburg.

2001-056 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: Unusual Occurrences at a Cabin in Canada (Fieldworker: DuBois, Kimberly)
Fieldworker collects her mother's story about unusual, possibly supernatural, occurrences at a cabin near La Concepcion, Canada.

2001-058 - Narratives: Personal: Ghosts: The Mysterious Wheelchair (Fieldworker: Blalock-Duncan, Charity)
Fieldworker collects her husband's personal narrative, the time that he believes a ghost made the wheelchair he and his brother were playing with move. They had just moved into a new home in Delaplane, Virginia.

2001-059 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: Near Miss in the Coal Mine (Fieldworker: Vance, Amanda)
Fieldworker collects her father's story of her grandfather who worked in the mines in Bartley, West Virginia. The grandfather had a "bad feeling" and decided not to go into work that day. The coal mine he was working in exploded that day.

2001-060 - Narratives: Personal: Ghosts: Ghost in Family's Home (Fieldworker: Baker, Janice)
Fieldworker collects friend's ghost story. Ghost visits friend's mother in bathroom, father sees ghost, ghost hurls decanter across room. Ghost resides in the family's hutch. Family lived on 125 acre farm that became Herndon, Virginia.

2001-061 - Narratives: Personal: Ghosts: Ghostly Hitchhiker in a New York City Taxicab (Fieldworker: Miller, Shauna)
Fieldworker collects her father's story about the time he picked up a ghostly hitchhiker in New York City when he was working as a taxicab driver.

2001-063 - Narratives: Personal: Ghosts: Ghost of Grandfather Visits His Wife (Fieldworker: Heckler, Luke)
Fieldworker collects ghost narrative from his co-worker. She tells the story she heard from her mother about the time her grandfather's spirit returned to her grandmother (his ex-wife) to say he was going to heaven even though the grandmother prayed for him to go to hell. He returns as he looked when he was young.

2001-065 - Narratives: Personal: Ghosts: Ghost of Unwed Mother in the House (Fieldworker: Confidential, Confidential)
Fieldworker collects her sister's story of the first time the ghost "Lucy" appeared to her outside the family's new home, a South Carolina former plantation. Lucy had lived in the house years before and her father took from her her illegitimate baby.

2001-066 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: Spirit of the Indian Chief (Fieldworker: Scott, Tracy)
Fieldworker collects mother's story about an Indian chief's spirit that haunts a relative's house in Tennessee.

2001-068 - Narrative:s Personal: Ghosts: Rising Sun Tavern, Fredericksburg, Virginia (Fieldworker: Babel, Sara)
Fieldworker collects ghost story from sister about Rising Sun Tavern in Fredericksburg. Ghosts and tourism.

2001-069 - Narratives: Personal: Ghosts Who Emanate from Objects, Furniture (Fieldworker: Baker, Janice)
Fieldworker collects her personal narrative about a ghost and the personal narratives of her friends about a ghost. She discusses how these ghosts' appearances are linked to meaningful objects such as furniture.

2001-070 - Narratives: Legends: Supernatural: Face on Window Glass (Fieldworker: Blalock-Duncan, Charity)
Fieldworker collects Alabama supernatural narrative about an imprisoned African American former slave killed by lightning. The image of his face remains imprinted on the glass.

2001-071 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: Mother and her Abandoned Cabin (Fieldworker: DuBois, Kimberly)
Fieldworker collects her mother's stories about strange occurrences in a wilderness camp. Discussion of the supernatural and the "good enough" mother. Story titled "Red Rock."

2001-072 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: The Jersey House (Fieldworker: Endicott, Allison)
Fieldworker collects mother's story about her and her grandparents' experiences in a Victorian mansion in East Orange, New Jersey. Experiences include pounding from floor above--a sealed off floor of the house--and an older woman in black taffeta dress at the window. Voices heard also.

2001-073 - Narrative: Ghosts: Native American of Occoquan Inn (Fieldworker: Giovanini, Erica)
Fieldworker collects story of Native American, supposedly the last Douge in the area, who haunts the Occoquan Inn. Also ghost of early innkeeper's wife whom the Native American loved.

2001-074 - Narratives: Ghosts: Ghost Haunts Manor House in Surrey County, Virginia (Fieldworker: Confidential, Confidential)
Fieldworker collects mother's and father's story about working as a tour guide/visiting at Nathaniel Bacon's monor house in Surry County, Virginia. Story involves ghost of young girl burned to death and who returns as a moving ball of light.

2001-075 - Narratives: Personal: Ghosts: Supernatural Messengers (Fieldworker: Kasap, Christine)
Fieldworker collects ghsot narratives from her mother and from a friend. Bother are the tellers' personal narratives. One tells of a friend's visit at the moment of his death at gunpoint. The other tells of a ghost who hides a dangerous book to protect the potential reader.

2001-076 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: Happenings at an Abandoned Mill (Fieldworker: Peroustianis, Suzanne)
Fieldworker collects story of four friends who visit an abandoned mill that has a bloody past. Friends encounter supernatural happenings at the mill.

2001-077 - Narratives: Personal: Ghosts: Comparing "Vanishing Hitchhiker" and "Taxicab" Stories (Fieldworker: Miller, Shana)
Fieldworker collects a personal narrative from her father of his experience in New York City driving a taxicab, picking up an old man who disappeared, leaving a scarf behind. Variant of Vanishing Hitchhiker.

2001-078 - Narratives: Personal: Ghosts: The Crossroad (Fieldworker: Hecker, Lucien)
Fieldworker collects ghost narrative from a co-worker. Story is personal narrative of teller's grandmother about the return of her husband,

2001-079 - Narratives: Ghosts: Ghostly Mothers Who Murder Children (Fieldworker: Confidential, Confidential)
Fieldworker collects ghost narratives that tell of ghostly mothers who return and kill children (their own or those living in their houses).

2001-080 - Narratives: Personal: Ghosts: The Spirit of the Indian Chief (Fieldworker: Scott, Tracy)
Fieldworker collects her mother' story of supernatural occurences at her relatives' home in Tennessee.

2001-081 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: Grandfather's Ability to Save Lives in Coal Mines through Intuition (Fieldworker: Vance, Amanda)
Fieldworker collects her father's stories of her grandfather's "bad feelings"--intuition which seemed to predict accidents and deaths in the coal mines of West Virginia. Listening to these omens saved the grandfather and father's lives.

2001-082 - Narrative: Legend: Supernatural: The Devil's Disguises (Mexican American) (Fieldworker: Vogel, Marti)
Fieldworker collects two narratives about devil in disguise who comes to unsuspecting trespassers: a father who drinks away his earnings and a young woman who neglects her housework and goes dancing. Mexican American

2001-083 - Narrative: Personal: Ghost: Legend Trips in New Jersey (Fieldworker: Walsh, Katie)
Fieldworker collects ghost narratives about legend trips in northern New Jersey. One involves a car accident on senior prom night; the other, abandoned, expensive house thought to be the former home of satanic cultists.

2001-084 - Narrative: Personal: Supernatural: Folklore from a Florida Ghetto (Fieldworker: Kinser, Ryan)
Fieldworker examines factors behind ghetto folklore using a personal narrative of the supernatural and a supernatural legend involving a loud "boom" sound. Orlando, Florida

2001-085 - Narrative: Personal: Ghost: Concept of Mother in Korean Ghost Legends (Fieldworker: Confidential, Confidential)
Korean American fieldworker collects ghost narratives told by her grandmother and a family friend. Both concern mothers who kill their children.

2001-092 - Narratives: Personal: Ghosts: Ghosts in Family House, 3 Accounts (Fieldworker: Olguin, Lisa)
Fieldworker collects ghost narratives from her mother, sister, and cousin about unexplained noises and the presence of a dog.

2001-093 - Narratives: Personal: Festivals: Ghosts: Ghost Narratives from Guatemala, Colombia, and Mexico (Fieldworker: Thoesen, Lindsay)
Fieldworker collects Christmas traditions from Colombia, Days of the Dead in Mexico, and Christmas traditions, beliefs from Guatemala. A version of La Llorona from Guatemala.

H-1979-001 - Narratives: Halloween Legend: Tainted Candy (Fieldworker: Rightmire, Diane)
Not available

H-1981-001 - Pranks: Halloween Antics (Fieldworker: Brower, Cathy)
Fieldworker collects Halloween pranks her mother played.

H-1994-001 - Arts: Jack-O-Lanterns at Commercial Nursery (Fieldworker: Francis, Michelle)
Not available

H-1994-002 - Halloween: Family Practices from West Virginia (Fieldworker: Posnett, Sara)
Fieldworker describes how neighbors from West Virginia celebrate Halloween.

H-1994-003 - Halloween in Vietnam (Fieldworker: Marsch, William)
Fieldworker collects his Vietnamese girlfriend's description of Halloween as it is celebrated in Vietnam.

H-1994-004 - Halloween: Seasonal Changes & Customs in a Small Town (Fieldworker: Steidel, Karen)
Fieldworker collects narrative about customs of Halloween; informant speaks of the beauty of the seasonal change, the importance of buckeyes, and filling peoples unlocked cars with leaves.

H-1994-005 - Halloween: Images, Symbols of Death and Joy (Fieldworker: Determan, Clara)
Fieldworker discusses the function of pressure release/reversals of Halloween using examples of decorations, costumes, and her younger sisters.

H-1994-006 - Halloween in Allison Park, PA. (Fieldworker: Lauder, Heather)
Fieldworker discusses and describes the decorations and costumes created and worn every year by her parents and their neighbors during Halloween; includes picturs. Allison Park, PA.

H-1994-007 - Pranks from Fredericksburg (Fieldworker: Sue, Erik)
Fieldworker collects personal narrativefrom friend who compares Halloween to Mardi Gras. Prank: Rolling pumpkins down street in Fredericksburg, VA

H-1994-008 - Halloween: Shopping Malls (Fieldworker: Murray, Micheal)
Using articles from the newspaper and other sources the fieldworker discusses safty concerns regarding children during Halloween. Discusses corporate culture of the shopping mall.

H-1994-009 - Halloween: Perspective of a Jehovah's Witness (Fieldworker: Shane, Lara)
Fieldworker collects school witness informant's belief about Halloween being a demon-worshipping, and pagan celebration.

H-1994-010 - Inventing a Halloween tradition: Haunted Forest of in Greenfield Court (Fieldworker: Karman, Jill)
The collector relates how she and her neighbors hav created a haunted forest Halloween tradition for their neighborhood. The initial creation as well as the evolution are discussed.

H-1994-011 - Military Halloween on an Army base (Fieldworker: Huffer, Karen)
The informant relates his Halloween experiences while an "Army brat" living in Germany.

H-1994-012 - Different Ways of Celebrating Halloween in One Person's Life (Fieldworker: Paixao, Ines)
The informant discusses how his celebration of Halloween has changed through the years. This change is connected to such factors as his having lived overseas, changes in the dynamic of his family, and his maturation. He Celebrated Guy Fawkes in England.

H-1994-013 - Selling Pumkins (Fieldworker: Kratovil, Ed)
The informant discusses what it means to him to sell pumpkins outside a local shopping center. The collector analyzes both what the informant says, as well as what he sees while at the location.

H-1994-014 - Halloween in Several Locations and Generations (Fieldworker: Demas, Micheal)
By looking at both their own experiences, as well as those of their informants, the collectors examine what has changed about the celelbration of Halloween in PA, RI, Upstate NY, and Northern VA.

H-1994-015 - Halloween as the Children of Today Celebrate It. (Fieldworker: Buckley, Kathryn)
The fieldworker discusses her interviews with a group of children the day after Halloween. She explores the new meaning that Halloween has for these kids, and how the practices that she experienced as a child have been altered to fit the challenges, dangers, and media influences of today.

H-1994-016 - Halloween: Ghost Tour at Harper's Ferry (Fieldworker: Thompson, Kristen)
The Fieldworker discusses a ghost tour of Harper's Ferry that she took shortly before Halloween.

H-1994-017 - Halloween: Mistaken for Robbers (Fieldworker: Grimaldi, Margaret)
The informant, a police officer, relates an experience when he was faced with a situation involving two children in Halloween costumes were mistaken by a Korean store owner as being masked robbers

H-1994-018 - Halloween: Now and Then (Fieldworker: Cook, Mary)
The fieldworker interviews friend and discusses how Halloween has changed from her childhood to today. The fieldworker examines what has gone wrong with the celebration.

H-1994-019 - Halloween in Syria and Lebanon (Fieldworker: Hosey, Monica)
The fieldworker collects from the informants how Halloween is or is not celebrated in Lebanon, and how a Syrian American reacts to Halloween in the U.S.

H-1994-020 - Halloween of a North Dakota Childhood (Fieldworker: Gustin, Meredith)
The fieldworker's mother talks about how Halloween was precticed during her childhood in North Dakota. She discusses how the celebrations have changed, how it is no longer safe for children, and how her Catholic upbringing gave her a different perspective on the celebration.

H-1994-021 - Halloween in Arlington and Georgetown, 1950's (Fieldworker: Moran, Kellie)
The informant discusses how Halloween used to be observed in Arlington and Georgetown in the 1950's. She also observes how Halloween has changed in such respects as commercialization and safety.

H-1994-022 - Halloween in the Media (Fieldworker: Monahan, James)
The fieldworker discusses a number of newspaper articles that appeared around Halloween. The articles are shown to bolster the assertion that Halloween has become a corporate holiday for adults, more than a fun night for kids.

H-1994-023 - Halloween in Illinois in the 1920's (Fieldworker: Bourkland, Wendy)
The fieldworker's grandmother talks about how she celebrated Halloween during the 1920's in Rockford, Illinois. Contrasts drawn between how it was celebrated then and how it is celebrated now.

H-1994-024 - Halloween Costumes and Gender (Fieldworker: Mayhugh, Joanne)
The fieldworker remembers how her brother felt upset when her mother dressed him as a football player while she and her sisters were ballerings: he wanted to be a ballerina, too. This resulted in her mother changing her costume planning so as to not let gender roles affect the children's feelings about their costumes. Made clown costumes, for example.

H-1994-025 - Haunted House of Fredericksburg Jaycees (Fieldworker: Myers, Melody)
The informant describes what makes the haunted house, run by the Fredericksburg Jaycees work. She discusses the thinking process that goes into the creation of the house as well as the reaction of the visitor.

H-1994-026 - Portugese Halloween (Fieldworker: Paixao, Ines)
Not available

H-1995-001 - Marriage on Halloween (Family) (Fieldworker: Merritt, Erin)
Not available

H-1995-002 - Fathers Fantasy Ghost Narrative (Family) (Fieldworker: Keller, Leigh-Cregan)
Not available

H-1995-003 - Cabbage Night in Vermont (Fieldworker: Maoury, Andrew)
Not available

H-1995-004 - Halloween and Guy Fawkes Day in a Catholic Neighborhood (Fieldworker: Murphy, Matthew)
Not available

H-1995-005 - Adult Halloween Party with Star Trek Costumes (Fieldworker: Terninko, Miriam)
Not available

H-1995-006 - Halloween Practices among 2 generations (Fieldworker: Richardson, Bryan)
Not available

H-1995-007 - Servers dress in costume in Black-Eyed Pea Restaurant (Fieldworker: Huffman, Russell)
Not available

H-1995-008 - Harvest, All Hallows, Guy Fawkes in England: first Halloween in USA (Fieldworker: Packman, Lisa)
Not available

H-1995-009 - Mask (Fieldworker: McTamney, Michelle)
Not available

H-1995-010 - Boys' Halloween (Fieldworker: Velarde, Emmy)
Not available

H-1995-011 - Halloween in Burke, VA (Fieldworker: Super, Helen)
Not available

H-1995-012 - All Saints Day in Philippines (Fieldworker: Lopez, Kristine)
Not available

H-1995-013 - Trick-or-Treating at Mall vs. Neighborhood (Fieldworker: Steiner, Marjorie)
Not available

H-1995-014 - All Saints Day in France (Fieldworker: Carroll, Lorretta)
Not available

H-1995-015 - US Halloween and Day of the Dead in El Salvador (Fieldworker: Hammond, Casey)
Not available

H-1995-016 - Witch Legend & Halloween Cemetery visits (Fieldworker: Miller, Lynn)
Not available

H-1995-017 - Halloween Disguises (Fieldworker: Lackner, Mary)
Not available

H-1995-018 - Halloween Practices in 3 Generations (Fieldworker: Ellison, Alberta)
Not available

H-1995-019 - Halloween in Fairfax, VA (Fieldworker: Staub, Dawn)
Not available

H-1995-020 - First Halloween for Afghani American (Fieldworker: Cross, Carrie)
Not available

H-1995-021 - Wedding held on Halloween (Fieldworker: Merritt, Erin)
Not available

H-1995-022 - Witch Costume (Fieldworker: Schultz, Kristine)
Not available

H-1995-023 - Trick-or-Treating (Fieldworker: McMillan, Carla)
Not available

H-1995-024 - Hayride to Trick-or-Treat in Neighborhood (Fieldworker: Mizerack, Lorilee)
Not available

H-1995-025 - Halloween Yard Decorations (Fieldworker: Keller, Leigh-Cregan)
Not available

H-1995-026 - Halloween Practices of 3 Generations (Fieldworker: Allen, Elizabeth)
Not available

H-1995-027 - Halloween as the Devil's Day (African American) (Fieldworker: Smith, Sesila)
Not available

H-1995-028 - Halloween 1920s-1930s (Fieldworker: Stegman, Kristene)
Not available

H-1995-029 - Festival: All Saints Day in Spain (Fieldworker: Cimas, Ignacio)
Not available

H-1995-030 - Halloween during W.W.II in Glasgow, Scotland (Fieldworker: Barrett, Kevin)
Not available

H-1995-031 - Halloween: Scarecrow Prank at Greenbriar Giant Food Store (Fieldworker: Miller, Regan)
Not available

H-1995-032 - Halloween Social Gatherings in 1950s (Fieldworker: Tice, Neva)
Not available

H-1995-033 - Halloween: Trying to Trick-or-Treat on 1 November (Fieldworker: Gomena, Julie)
Not available

H-1995-034 - Halloween and Micareme (Middle of Lent), 1926-1928 (Fieldworker: Schilling, Janine)
Not available

H-1995-035 - Storefront Window Painting, Trick-or-Treating in 1951 (Fieldworker: Meyer, Gayla )
Not available

H-1995-036 - Festival: Family: Halloween, Hogmanay, and Charity Day in Glasgow, Scotland (Fieldworker: Barrett, Kevin)
Not available

H-1995-037 - Children and Candy on Halloween (Fieldworker: Tutora, John)
Not available

H-1995-038 - Halloween in 1920s in Ashland, VA (Fieldworker: Sisk, Jennifer)
Not available

H-1995-039 - Halloween Ghost Narratives (Fieldworker: Murphy/Cover, Michelle/Jeremy)
Not available

H-1995-040 - Family Narrative: Supernatural: The Devil Cat (Fieldworker: Kiehl, Jennifer)
Not available

H-1995-041 - Handing out Halloween Candy (Fieldworker: Ray, Mary)
Not available

H-1995-042 - Invented Halloween Festival of College Students (Fieldworker: Lambert, Buzz)
Not available

H-1996-001 - Halloween in Old Town Alexandria (Fieldworker: Buchanan, Belinda)
Not available

H-1996-002 - Halloween Practical Jokes and Traditions (Fieldworker: Guethe, Christopher)
Not available

H-1996-003 - Vienna Halloween Parade (Fieldworker: Adams, Melissa)
Not available

H-1996-004 - Halloween and Other Scary Stuff (Legend) (Fieldworker: Stanley, John)
Not available

H-1997-001 - Hope For Halloween: Halloween at New Hope United Methodist Church (Fieldworker: Babel, Sara)
Not available

H-1997-002 - The Politics of Halloween in the 90's (Fieldworker: Gabel, Annette)
Not available

H-1997-003 - Halloween:Costumes and Customs of an Elementary School (Fieldworker: Alexander, Stephen)
Not available

H-1997-004 - Halloween:its meaning for Families (Fieldworker: Bradford, David)
Not available

H-1999-001 - Halloween: Changed by the Church (Fieldworker: DiSalvo, Jennifer)
Not available

H-1999-002 - Halloween Prank: Faking Injury With a Knife (Fieldworker: Kercher, Romy)
Not available

H-1999-003 - Hallowen Display At Lakeridge Nursery (Fieldworker: Nakamura, Rachel)
Not available

H-2000-001 - Family Narrative: Grandfather Dresses as Ghost (New York) (Fieldworker: Ehrman, Kimberly)
Not available

H-2000-002 - Personal Narrative: Woman Wears Sexually Provocative Costume (Fieldworker: Howard, Sarah)
Not available

H-2000-003 - Festival: Rites of Passage and Breaking of Boundaries (Fieldworker: Rahman, Elma)
Not available

H-2000-004 - Festival: The Halloween Prank (Fieldworker: Trosclair, Nicki)
Not available

H-2000-005 - Festival: Why Do I Celebrate the Way I Do? (Fieldworker: Simpkins, Kelly)
Not available

2001-136 - Narratives: Personal: Family Photography as Folklore (Fieldworker: Staats, Angie)
Fieldworker explains how family photography is practiced as an exercise in folklore by her family, specifically by her mother, grandmother, aunts, cousins and herself. Interviews with mother, aunts, and cousins.

2001-135 - Arts: My Wife's Shrine (Fieldworker: Nevitsky, William)
Fieldworker describes the art shrine (memorial) he constructed after his wife Sharon's sudden death.

2006-006 - Personal Narrative:Tramp Chases Girl (Fieldworker: Day, Jeanne)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative from mother, Sally. Discussion of impact story has had on life of teller. Story tells about a tramp who fightened Sally and others as they walked home from school in Middletown, Connecticut.

2006-007 - Legends of La Ciguanaba El Salvador (Fieldworker: Ascencio, Rhina)
Fieldworker collects from her father La Ciguanaba stories, supernatural legends about a female spirit who lures men to their deaths. El Salvador.

2006-008 - Personal Narrative: Birth of Daughter (Fieldworker: Borhan, Burcu)
Fieldworker collects herrelative's personal narrative about witnessing the birth of his daughter at Louden Hospital. Fieldworker also collects how the story teller perceives pregnancy

2002-015 - Narratives: Peronal: Ghosts: Memory, Place, and Identity (Loudoun, Spotsylvania Counties) (Fieldworker: Baum, Rachel)
Fieldworker collects three personal experience narratives of the supernatural and one anecdote and shows that they relate to issues of place and identity (Loudon County, Spotsylvania County).

2002-016 - Narratives: Family: The WWII Years (Greece) (Fieldworker: Peroustianis, Suzanne)
Fieldworker collects her father's family narratives about her grandfather's adventures and life as a soldier in World War II and as a Greek police officer during the Greek Civil War.

2002-017 - Narratives: Family: Stories of Compassion and Caution. (Fieldworker: McMackin, Emmie)
Fieldworker collects narratives that portray informant's grandmother in two very different ways. Women's stories.

2002-018 - Beliefs: Narratives: Creating Identity Among Ghosts of the East. (Asian Am) (Fieldworker: Chang, Rasmi)
Fieldworker discusses how beliefs continue to shape the identity of the Asian Am women who adapt to a new culture while trying to hold onto particular aspects from previous generations of her parent's cultures.

2003-001 - Narratives: Legends of The Insane Asylum, Glenn Dale, MD (Fieldworker: Confidential, Confidential)
Fieldworker collects four legends about the abandoned Glenn Dale, MD, hospital, now the site of many legend trips. History of the site: supernatural experiences: doors opening and closing, unusual sounds, dead birds, and more.

2003-002 - Foodways: Ackee and Salt Fish (Jamaica) (Fieldworker: Cain, Kelly)
Fieldworker collects the tradition of cooking Caribbean food especially the Jamaican National Dish: Ackee and Salt Fish. How and if Maureen Graham has changed the tradition of cooking Jamaican food.

2003-003 - Narratives: Legend of Bunnyman Bridge (Fieldworker: Confidential, Confidential)
Fieldworker collects versions of the legend of Bunnyman Bridge and tells how her GMU sorority conducts legend trips which serve as a rite of passage for new sisters. Fairfax Station, VA.

2003-004 - Foodways: Greek Easter in Vienna, VA (Fieldworker: Gabriel, Alex)
Fieldworker studies The Greek Easter celebration his relatives hold: cooking a lamb on a spit in their backyard in Vienna, Virginia.

2003-005 - Foodways: Art of Making Molasses (NC) (Fieldworker: Goss, Nancy)
Fieldworker collects family's memories of molasses making and town-life in "Denton, North Carolina."

2001-043 - Not available (Fieldworker: Nevitsky, William)
Not available

2001-044 - Not available (Fieldworker: Nevitsky, William)
Not available

2001-045 - Narratives: Personal: First White Woman on Kanoya, Japan (Fieldworker: Nevitsky, William)
Fieldworker relates an arrangement that his parents had during the Post-WWII Occupation of Japan for keeping the isolated air unit supplied from Tokyo.

2001-046 - Not available (Fieldworker: Not available, Not available)
Not available

2001-047 - Not available (Fieldworker: Not available, Not available)
Not available

2001-048 - Narratives: Family: Supernatural: Nurse Meets Future Husband at Bedside of his Brother (Fieldworker: Baudreau, Lauren)
Fieldworker collects mother's narrative of how she, a nurse, and husband met while his brother, a Vietnam vet with Agent Orange effects, was in the hospital. How their marriage was confirmed by the deceased brother;s return.

2001-057 - Narratives: Sham Ghost: "I Want It Back" (Fieldworker: Vogel, Marti)
Fieldworker collects childhood sham ghost story from co-worker. Narrative tells about boy who is sent to store for "menudo," but gambles money away. He cuts piece of flesh from a newly-buried person. Ghost comes after him.

2001-062 - Festivals: Mexican Independence Day (Fieldworker: Alvarez, Rosanna)
Not available

2001-064 - Narratives: Legends: Supernatural: Murdered Daughter Returns to Mother who Killed Her (Fieldworker: Lee, Nancy)
Unmarried woman raises her daughter even when father said to kill baby. Baby grows up to be ugly; mother throw her over cliff. Mother marries, has child. When grown, child asks,"Why did you push me off the cliff?"

2001-067 - missing consent form (Fieldworker: Not available, Not available)
Not available

2001-086 - Arts: Tattoos of Chinese Princess, Guardian Angel, & Cartoon-Style Goldfish (Fieldworker: Arnhart, Kathryn)
Not available

2001-087 - Narratives: Family: Cutting Hair of Family Members, The Depression in N. Dakota (Fieldworker: Dietz, Patrick)
Not available

2001-088 - Narratives: Personal: Beliefs: Grandmother Reads Death in Tea Leaves (Fieldworker: Layser, Elizabeth)
Fieldworker collects a narrative about the time her mother read a coffin in the tea leaves and a relative was killed in a car crash the next day.

2001-089 - Narratives: Family: Occupations: The Blind Organist of Philadelphia (Fieldworker: Milchak, Catherine)
Fieldworker collected information on a relative (David D Wood- The Blind Organist of Philadelphia) from grandmother.

2001-090 - Narratives: Personal: Beliefs: A Bible Survives Fire (Fieldworker: Moses, Charles)
Fieldworker colllects his father's personal narrative about seeing a Kentucky Holiness preacher put a Bible into a hot coal stove. The Bible remained unburned.

2001-091 - Narratives: Personal: Festivals: Chinese New Year in Taiwan (Fieldworker: Parsons &Rumsey, Tiffany and Victoria)
Fieldworkers collected information about Chinese New Year in Taiwan from one of their mothers.

2001-094 - Narratives: Personal: Occupations: Mail Carriers (Fieldworker: Mullen, Diana)
Fieldworker collected stories relating to the worldview of a rural mail carrier and his patrons iin a small community in Michigan

2001-095 - Narratives: Family: Deaf: Folk Speech in Family of Hearing and Hearing Impaired (Fieldworker: Horen, Carol)
Fieldworker collected information about her own family's esoteric vocabulary as it pertains to the hearing aids the fieldworker and her father wear

2001-096 - Narratives: Occupations: Military: Close Calls During WW I (Fieldworker: Haglund, Melissa)
Fieldworker collects a woman's life of her father, a World War II soldier, and in her own conception.

2001-097 - Narratives: Personal: Sports: Arts: Cheerleading Folklore (Fieldworker: Hornback, Wendy)
Fieldworker collect cheers and told among cheerleaders at Potomac Senior High School and documents the crates they decorate as bases to cheer from

2001-098 - Narratives: Occupations: Sexual Harrassment of a U.S. Custom Agent (Fieldworker: Bell, Shannon)
Fieldworker describes the sexual harrassment of a United States custom agent in the workplace.

2001-099 - Narratives: Sports: Superstitions and Rituals of Players (Fieldworker: Bennett, David)
Fieldworker looks and analyzes superstitions, beliefs, and rituals in professional and collegiate sport, and what the effect of these beliefs have on the teams and individuals

2001-100 - Rhymes: Hand Clapping Rhymes (Fieldworker: Boardman, Stacey)
Fieldsworker describes a performance by two elementary school children of hand-clapping rhymes. Interview with the children and their mother concerning the evolution of the rhymes and the context in which the rhymes are performed.

2001-101 - Narratives: Family: How My Grandfather Became Self-Made (Fieldworker: Cosgrove, Meghan)
Fieldworker collects his grandfather's personal narratives. These narratives describe the process of his grandfather's rise in social status from a farm child in the Depression era to a successful retired lawyer. Maryland.

2001-102 - Narratives: Sports: Superstitions of Field Hockey Players (Fieldworker: Dodd, Jennifer)
Fieldworker collects thirteen high school girls' superstitions about field hockey and other sports and discusses the origin and functions of superstitious belief.

2001-103 - Narratives: Place: Journey Through Myanmar (Fieldworker: Dodge, Shannon)
Fieldworker collects a scientist's personal narratives about his journeys in Myanmar using the local travel systems.

2001-104 - Narratives: Family: Dad's Experiences as a Motorcyclist (Fieldworker: Duckworth, Patricia)
Fieldworker collects her father's personal narratives about motorcycle culture. Describes class distinction and social life of the motorcyle gang The Hells Angels.

2001-105 - Narratives: Family: Mother's Views on Technological and Social Change (Fieldworker: Grady, Thomas)
Fieldworker collects his mother's personal narratives about the cultural changes that have occurred in her life: technological advancements, race relations, courtship rituals.

2001-106 - Narratives: Occupations: Military: Promotion Through "Pinning" (Fieldworker: Graham, James)
Fieldworker collects occupational narratives of military groups as folk groups.

2001-107 - Narratives: Place: Travels in Trinidad (Fieldworker: Horn, Rachel)
Fieldworker collects personal narratives of an American who lived in Trinidad. Narratives focus on religion, folk medicine, legends, and education.

2001-108 - Narratives: Foodways: Family: Festivals: Dinners at Grandparents (Fieldworker: Kenney, Richard)
Fieldworker collects the foodways of his extended family's dinners. Personal narratives focus on the preparation and serving of the food.

2001-109 - Narratives: Military: Superstitions, Values, and Slang of Soldiers (Fieldworker: Larson, Julie)
Fieldworker collects the superstitions (beliefs), values, and slang of American soldiers in Vietnam.

2001-110 - Narratives: Family: Foodways: Cookie Making and Other German Am Holiday Traditions (Fieldworker: Marcey, Eleanore)
Fieldworker collects her mother's personal narratives about cookie making and other German Am holiday traditions.

2001-111 - Narratives: Drusilla Hendricks: Mormon Pioneer Woman (Fieldworker: Medlock, Julie)
Fieldworker collects narratives from a diirect descent of Drusilla Hendricks, a Mormon who went out west.

2001-112 - Narratives: Legends: The Purple Water Fountain at the Pentagon (Fieldworker: Miller, Olivia)
Fieldworker collects legend about the Purple Water Fountain at the Pentagon, her place of employment.

2001-113 - Narratives: Music: The Straight Edge Punk Rock Movement (Fieldworker: McMackin, Emmie)
Fieldworker collects her friends personal narratives about being a Straight Edge in the Punk Rock Movement.

2001-114 - Narratives: Religions: Festivals: Wiccan Halloween (Fieldworker: Moyer, Amy)
Fieldworker collects personal narratives from a Wiccan who describes the religion with a special focus on Samhain, or Wiccan Halloween.

2001-115 - Narratives: Family: Mother's Life (Fieldworker: Owens, Elizabeth)
Fieldworker collects her mother's personal narratives that describe her courtship with her late husband. Analysis of how narrative is utilized to impart life lessons.

2001-116 - Narratives: Festivals: Burning Man (Fieldworker: Pell, Molly)
Fieldworker collects her sister's personal narratives of the Burning Man festival. Discusses issues of individuality, environmentalism, and alternative culture.

2001-117 - Narratives: Family: Occupations: Parents Describe Workplace Culture (Fieldworker: Ralph, Jill)
Fieldworker collects family narratives from parents regarding their occupations at Warrendale, a orphanage in Canada. Includes courtship narrative.

2001-118 - Narratives: Family: Funeral Practices of Polish Immigrants in Chicago (Fieldworker: Burke, Kimberly)
Fieldworker collects her great-aunt's narrative of the funeral for her mother, a Polish immigrant. Chicago, Ilinois.

2001-119 - Narratives: Comparison of Life in Inez, Kentucky and Green Cove Springs, Florida (Fieldworker: Shirley, Devin)
Fieldworker collects family narratives from spouse to compare folklife and culture of Inez, Kentucky to that of Green Cove Springs, Florida.

2001-120 - Narratives: Washington, D.C. Punk Music Scene (Fieldworker: Stryker, Kimberly)
Fieldwork collects narratives about the punk music community in Washington, DC.

2001-121 - Arts: Quilting in the Lives of Four Women (Fieldworker: Strock, Marci)
Fieldworker collects narratives from her grandmother about the art of quilting.

2001-122 - Narratives: Family: Occupations: A Northern Virginia Carpenter; 1950-2001 (Fieldworker: Sutphin, Jason)
Fieldworker collects family naratives on how his grandfather saw changes in his method of carpentry. 1950's to 2001. Occupation

2001-123 - Narratives: Personal Stories told by Wendy Saunders (Fieldworker: Swope, Stephanie)
Fieldworker collects narratives as told by her coworker Wendy Saunders. Tales of equestrian life, of World Trade Center, of Yacht club: a real mix. Brightwood.

2001-124 - Narratives: Wayne Schmidt Growing up in a Mennonite Home (Fieldworker: Schmidt, Eva)
Fieldworker collects family narratives about her husband growing up as a Mennonite.

2001-125 - Narratives: Family: Life in the "Atomic City" (Fieldworker: Thomas, Joshua)
Fieldworker collects family naratives about life in the "Atomic City" of Oakridge, Tennessee

2001-126 - Narratives: Family: Grandmother's Life in Ireland and the U.S.A. (Fieldworker: Tiernan, Kristin)
Fieldworker collects family narratives about his grandmother's life in Ireland and in Brick, New Jersey

2001-127 - Festivals: Religions: Muslim Holidays, Asure and Qurban Bayrami (Fieldworker: Tukenmez, Tulin)
Fieldworker collects information on two religious festivals, the Muslim festivals of Asure and Qurban.

2001-128 - Narratives: Ghosts: Stories From a Puerto Rican Family (Fieldworker: Wilmore, Erica)
Fieldworker collects ghost narratives from her Puerto Rican family. Newport News.

2001-129 - Narratives: Occupations: Military: Army Air Corps Mechanic: Humorous World War II Stories (Fieldworker: Wilson, Leanna)
Fieldworker collects humorous occupational narratives from an Army Air Corps mechanic on board "General Weigeo" in Pacific Ocean. Fort Dix, New Jersey.

2001-130 - Festivals: Mexican Weddings and Other Holidays (Fieldworker: Wise, Stefanie)
Fieldworker collects information about Mexican festivals and weddings.

2001-131 - Narratives: Legends: Bunnyman Bridge in Fairfax County (Fieldworker: Yates, Robert)
Fieldworker collects narratives about the Bunnyman legend from local high school students in Fairfax County, Virginia.

2001-132 - Foodways: Mexican Food as Prepared by a Texas Anglo Family (Fieldworker: Wambsganss, Susan)
Fieldwork collects information on Mexican Am foodways. Exploration of cross-cultured lifestyles.

2001-133 - Narratives: Ghosts Seen in DC Warehouse Theater (Fieldworker: Dunford, Deidre)
Fieldworker collects narratives from her friend and co-worker, a stage manager, at the Warehouse Theatre in Washington DC

2001-134 - Narratives: Family: Foodways: Puerto Rican Father and Korean Mother Combine Traditions (Fieldworker: Alvarez, Rosanna)
Fieldworker collects narrative on how her Puerto Rican father met her Korean mother and how they negotiated their cultural differences to start a life together. Paper focuses in how the family functions today as a result of their interracial relationship.

2004-002 - Beliefs: Mexican Am Folk Illness; Mal de Oja (Fieldworker: Servellon-Lizama, Veronica)
Fieldworker discusses the belief of Mal de Ojo (aka "Evil Eye") in the Mexican Culture and Mexican American. Includes an Interview with family friend, personal narratives, and customs.

2004-004 - Groups: Stand-Up Comedians (GMU) (Fieldworker: Reith III, Charles)
Fieldworker interveiws beginning stand-up comic on his practices . Some jokes from George Mason University.

2004-005 - Folk Arts:Reliving Childhood Memories Through Porcelain Dolls (Fieldworker: Herbert, Sandra)
Fieldworker interviews her mother-in-law Marie Herbart who makes dolls. Discusses how she started what she does, why she does it. Herbert's mother threw away her dolls; when Herbert had a daughter, she made porcelain dolls for her daughter.

2003-006 - Personal Occupational Narrative of an Impound Driver (Fieldworker: Hawkins, Rebecca)
Fieldworker collects narratives from an impound driver. Analysis of the occupational narrative..

2003-007 - Foodways: Sunday Night Dinners: A Family Tradition (Fieldworker: Confidential, Confidential)
Fieldworker examines the Sunday night dinners within her family. The history behind this multi-generational practice. Gender Issues.

2003-008 - Groups: Card Games: Legend of the Five Rings (Fieldworker: Medwin, Aaron)
Fieldworker collects interviews from four gameplayers of the card game "Legend of the Five Rings." Analyzes the subculture of "gamers:" community, material culture, and speech.

2003-009 - Memory Objects: Ad-Dallal Ul-khairat (Muslum Prayer Book) (Fieldworker: Malik, Naghma)
Fieldworker discusses a Muslum book of prayers, the Ad-Dallal Ul-Khairat given to her grandmother after being in exile from Kashmir. Memory Objects

2003-010 - Games: Monopoly as a Folk Game (Fieldworker: Nosal, Kim)
Fieldworker collects mnay versions of the rules her friends follow and create as they play the board game of Monopoly

2003-011 - Arts: Quilting and Crocheting: In One Family (Fieldworker: Ours, Jessica)
Fieldworker examines the processes of quilting and crochetting in several generations of women in her family.

2003-012 - Arts: Quilting and Crocheting in One Family (Fieldworker: Ours, Jessica)
Fieldworker examines the processes of quilting and crocheting in several generations of women in her family.

2004-003 - Place: Texas Folklore (Fieldworker: Whitmire, Kathyrn)
Fieldworker presents her father's Texas folklore: weather terms, summaries of personal narratives.

2004-009 - Oral History: Family: Indian American (Fieldworker: Schgal, Geeta)
Fieldworker collects narratives from her parents concerning the partition between India and Pakistan in 1947. Personal narrative of refugee living. Fieldworker contrasts her life with her parents and recounts the controversial marriage of her brother.

2003-013 - Group: Life of a Drum and Bass Deejay (Fieldworker: Sevilla, Lawrence)
Fieldworker reaches the folk group of a Drum and Bass Deejay in Washington, DC and Northern Virginia. Occupation. Music

2003-014 - Festivals: Halloween Tradition and Change (Fieldworker: Spain, Sarah)
Fieldworker interviews her parents. Discusses how the attitudes and practices of Halloween have changed in Petersburg and Falls Church, Virginia.

2003-015 - Not available (Fieldworker: Not available, Not available)
Not available

2003-016 - Not available (Fieldworker: Not available, Not available)
Not available

2003-017 - Foodways: Chicken and Dumplings (Fieldworker: Askea, Laurel)
Fieldworker collects information about her Grandmother, Rebecca Puskas, and her recipe for Chicken and Dumplings and how it has affected her and the family.

2003-018 - Arts: The Tattooed Female Body (Fieldworker: Burke, Megan)
Fieldworker examines tattoing the female body as a way to context normative ideals in the 20th Century and early 21st Century.

2003-019 - Not available (Fieldworker: Not available, Not available)
Not available

2003-020 - Festivals: Families: Unwrapping One Family's Gift-Giving Custom (Fieldworker: Loyal, Jeanne)
Fieldworker explores her family's humorous custom of gift-giving at Christmas. The giver gives the recipient a gift that the giver wants. Symbolic inversion.

2003-021 - Narratives: Personal: My Parent's Perspective on my Father's Homosexuality (Fieldworker: Hawkins, Rebecca)
Fieldworker interviews her Father for his "coming out" story. Interviews Mother for her story about Father's "coming out."

2003-022 - Beliefs: The Evil Eye in Four Ethnic Households (Fieldworker: Khosla, Tasha)
Fieldworker collects various beliefs of the Evil Eye in a Turkish Am, Italian Am, Indian Am, and Greek Am household.

2003-024 - Rites: Jewish/American Wedding (Fieldworker: Lewis, Laura)
Fieldworker describes rituals and foodways of a Jewish/American wedding ceremony and reception.

2003-025 - Foodways: Reciprocity: Filipino Cultural Ways of Offering Food. (Fieldworker: Malinay, Veronica)
Fieldworker interviews her family and the process of offering food in the Philippines. Notes the cultural differences between Filipino and American ways of offering food.

2003-026 - Games: Avalon (Medieval Role-Playing) and Female Empowerment. (Fieldworker: McGlynn, Sasha)
Fieldworker explores Avalon, a role-playing (re-enactment) game, and the worldview its players enact. Suggests women players create roles of power for themselves.

2003-027 - Foodways: Food and Memories of Austria (Fieldworker: Mullen, Diana)
Fieldworker collects stories relating to special foodways as both representative of family times and traditions, as well as her husband's relationship with his Austrian grandmother who prepared these foodways: pierogi and potato pancakes.

2003-028 - Medicine: Panamanian Home Remedies (Fieldworker: Polastre, Shevonne)
Fieldworker collects home remedies for common ailments from her Panamanian grandmother and aunt.

2003-029 - Festival: Last Night Out: Bachelorette Parties in the USA (Fieldworker: Stryker, Kimberly)
Fieldworker explores the contemporary tradition of bachelorette parties through personal accounts, and surveys and interviews.

2003-030 - Foodways: A Mother's Pizzeles (Fieldworker: Tiernan, Kristin)
Fieldworker discusses her mother, Jackie Tiernan, who makes pizzeles, an Italian waffle cookie. The meaning and emotion behind these cookies made every Christmas.

2003-031 - Objects of Memory: Aragon-Pahcoddy Family Photograph (Fieldworker: Tucker, Morningstar)
Fieldworker discusses the photograph of her mother, father, and herself. Her father passed away 26 years ago and now this picture and the stories her mother tells about him are all she has to remember him. Objects of Memory.

2003-032 - Not available (Fieldworker: Not available, Not available)
Not available

2003-033 - GMU Students Evaluate Professors (Fieldworker: Tucker, Morningstar)
Fieldworker collects information about the tradition of GMU students asking and giving advice to other students about which professors to take for certain classes. "Black Book" on professors.

2003-034 - Oral Life History: A Grandmother's Story (Fieldworker: Alanco, Cynthia)
Fieldworker collects oral life history from her grandmother who came to the United States from Cuba

2003-035 - Festival: Fourth Day (Catholic College Students' Retreat) (Fieldworker: Bennett, John Paul)
Fieldworker collects stories relating to the Richmond Dioscese Encounter With Christ retreat and its special "Fourth Day," the last day of the retreat.

2003-036 - Narratives: Supernatural: "Old Man Johnson" (Fieldworker: Craig, Laura)
The fieldworker collects interviews from the GMU rafting team about the ghost of "Old Man Johnson," a man who rowed over the edge of a dam.

2003-037 - Group: Occupational folklore at Coffee House (Fieldworker: Dunlap, Karen)
Fieldworker collects occupational folklore that exists at a nationwide coffee company, where she works. Narratives about bad customers and ways to get back at them.

2003-038 - Rites: Marriage Practices (Fieldworker: Not Available, Leah)
Fieldworker collects marriage practices collected from American born college students of mixed ethnic and religious backgrounds: Pagan, Muslum, Catholic.

2003-039 - Festival: Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival (Winchester) (Fieldworker: Hoopes, Morgan)
Fieldworker, a fourth generation resident of Winchester, collect history, traditions, and symbolic references pertaining to the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival through family and friend interviews.

2003-040 - Groups: Occupations: My Dying Season-Crime Scene Investigator (Fieldworker: Ilardi, Time)
Fieldworker collects stories and information from his brother-in-law, a former Cime Scene Investigator

2003-041 - Family Narratives and Practical Jokes about Deceased Husband (Fieldworker: John, Theresa)
Fieldworker collects family narratives about her husband who died suddenly.

2003-042 - Not available (Fieldworker: Not available, Not available)
Not available

2003-043 - Group: Military: Narratives from the Naval Academy (Fieldworker: Kruse, Caryn)
Fieldworker collects narratives and personal history from two naval officers who attended the school.

2003-044 - Not available (Fieldworker: Not available, Not available)
Not available

2003-045 - Arts: Quilting during the Depression (Fieldworker: Maurer, Amanda)
Fieldworker collects information about a contemporary quiltmaker and another in the Great Depression who influenced her.

2003-046 - Foodways: Peruvian Foodways in the USA (Fieldworker: Meyers, Alison)
Fieldworker collects Peruvian foodways and traditions of one couple who feel closer to home when they eat foods of Peru.

2003-047 - Foodways: Grandmother's Egg Rolls (Vietnamese) (Fieldworker: Nguyen, Uyen)
Fieldworker interviews her grandmother on how to make Vietnamese egg rolls and analyzes the meaning behind the egg rolls.

2002-001 - Foodways: Nigerian Soup (Fieldworker: Campbell, Denise)
Fieldworker documents her friend's African cuisine-Nigerian soup. Friend was married to Ibo man. Since his death, soup serves as an object of memory and more.

2002-002 - Groups: Volkswagen Community and Identity (Fieldworker: Elliot, Reba)
The fieldworker discusses the Volkswagon community and it's identity through an interview with Volkswagon collector Don Haight.

2002-003 - Objects of Memory: Stained Glass and Photography (Fieldworker: Thoesen, Lindsay)
Fieldworker discusses her brother Brad Thoesen's family photos and Patricia Farley's and Edward Thoesen's stained glass. History of collages and of stained glass.

2002-004 - Foodways: Chittlins (Fieldworker: Cannon, Lelita)
Fieldworker interviews grandmother and discusses African American foodways involving chittlins (chitterlings).

2002-005 - Foodways: Gefilte Fish: Jewish Family Tradition (Fieldworker: Felts, Eugene)
Fieldworker discusses use, history of gefilte fish in his fiancee's family. Includes narratives told about and games played involving Jewish food.

2002-006 - Rites: Foodways: Ching Ming Celebration in the Liu Family (Taiwan) (Fieldworker: Herndon, Shayla)
Fieldworker interviews Chinese American from Taiwan about her family's Ching Ming ("Tomb Sweeping") celebration and its changes. Foodways Included.

2003-048 - Foodways: English Bread Sauce, a Kempter Family Tradition (Fieldworker: Pasternak, Bobbi)
Fieldworker explores the tradition of serving bread sauce at holiday meals in the Kempter family. Why does this dish that some relatives call the "foul dish" persist?

2003-049 - Group: Occupations: Waitresses Serving Northern Virginia (Fieldworker: Confidential, Confidential)
Fieldworker collects stories, folk speech of waitreses/servers in Northern Virginia's Tyson's Corner Shopping Center.

2003-050 - Foodways: Pearson Familys' Corn Pudding (Fieldworker: Turner, Clare)
Fieldworker discusses 3 generations of Pearson Family serving and making corn pudding and the importance of it at Thankgiving.

2003-051 - Arts: "'Because It's Fucking Boring': The Rise and Fall of One Family's Crocheting Tradition." (Fieldworker: Walters, Tammy)
Fieldworker focuses on 3 generations of women in her family and analyzes the different meanings and significance each one attaches to crocheting.

2003-052 - Foodways: History of S'mores (Fieldworker: Lally, Erin)
Fieldworker explores the history of S'mores and its effect on several individuals.

2003-053 - Not available (Fieldworker: Not available, Not available)
Not available

2003-054 - Not available (Fieldworker: Not available, Not available)
Not available

2003-055 - Foodways: The Real American Grape (Fieldworker: Haggard, Barbara)
Fieldworker collects the history and cultivation mystery behind the Narton Grape, the only true North American native grape that is capable of producing a good dry table wine. Chrysalis Vineyards, Middleburg, Virginia.

2003-056 - Oral History and Personal Narrative: Woman Filmmaker's Moments of Transition (Fieldworker: Brown, Ellen)
Fieldworker interviews a female filmmaker about her work in Africa. Analysis of gender roles and the sexual identity in African society.

2003-057 - Group: Language and Foodways in a Korean American Family (Fieldworker: Lim, Sarah)
Fieldworker focuses on her Korean American family's preservation of certain aspects of their Korean heritage while assimilating into American culture: use of their native language in th home and the Korean food "kimchee."

1994-084 - Festivals: Christmas in Portugal and the USA (Fieldworker: Paixao, Ines)
Fieldworker looks at how two different cultures in the United States celebrate Christmas: Portuguese Am and Anglo Am. Discussion with her brother-in-law concerning how his family celebrated Christmas and with her mother about her the family's celebration has changed from its origin in Portugal to its time in the US.

2003-023 - Jokes: Looking Up Cinderella's Skirt. The Social Function of Dirty Jokes. (Fieldworker: Larkin, Sarah)
Fieldworker examines her friends' telling of a dirty Cinderella joke. Offers her and her boyfriend's analysis of the content and function of the joke, as it pertains to their social relationships. Includes a razorblade in the vagina joke. GMU

2003-058 - Groups: Card Games: Legend of the Five Rings (Fieldworker: Medwin, Aaron)
Fieldworker collects interviews from four gameplayers of the card game "Legend of the Five Rings." Analyzes the subculture of "gamers:" community, material culture, and speech.

2002-019 - Legends: Customs: Good Luck Bracelet at GMU (Fieldworker: Meyers, Alison)
Fieldworker collects legend about a bracelet that has been circulated around GMU for over four years. The bracelet is supposedly a good luck charm used by students to pass exams.

2002-020 - Narratives: Personal: Woman's Rape (Fieldworker: Matthews, Gary)
Fieldworker collects narrative from a woman about her rape. Analyzes the structure of narrative as a means to recover the past.

2002-021 - Narratives: Family: Irish Airman Forsees his Death (Fieldworker: Calderwood, James)
Fieldworker collects from her great aunt and her mother the story of her Grandfathers death as an Irish rear Gunner in the Royal Air Force.

2002-022 - Narratives: Legends:Malls and Females Tell of Urban Legends (Fieldworker: Peck, Michelle)
Fieldworker discusses context of several legends, esp. "Mary's Road," "The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs," and a tale of a tolling bell. Legend Trip. Asks informants what legend made greatest impact on their lives.

2002-023 - Material Cultures: Arts: Trogolyte Boneyard (Fieldworker: Crawford, Emily)
Fieldworker collects material culture and outsider art of Dennis Rust. Recycled materials, dolls heads as "spirits that inhabit place.

2002-024 - Narratives: Sense of Home for the 'Nowherian" (Lebanese Am) (Fieldworker: Habib, Sophia)
Fieldworker discusses relationship between sense of place and displacement. Collects family and personal experience narratives, and oral history of her Lebanese Am relatives.

2002 - (Fieldworker: , )

2002-025 - Narratives: Legends: Bunnyman Bridge (Fieldworker: Houdershell, Lianna)
Fieldworker collects narratives about the legend of Bunnyman Bridge as it relates to her initiation into her sorority.

2002-026 - Narratives: Psychiatric Nurse's Personal Experience Narratives of Mental Ilness (Fieldworker: Kinzer, Nicole)
Fieldworker examines personal experience narratives about working with institutionalized mental patients, the context of such narratives, how they portray the relationship between patient and health care provider. Narratives told by fieldworker's mother, a psychiatric nurse.

2002-027 - Narratives: Personal: Identical Twins: Issues of Identity and Communication (Fieldworker: Andros, Linda)
Fieldworker collects personal narratives from her daughters that illustrate how it feels to be a twin, that reflects the worldview of a twin, and that confront the different viewpoints held by twins and singletons.

2002-028 - Narratives: Religions: Damo, Two Versions of a Chan Buddhist Tale. (Fieldworker: Walker, Tim)
Fieldworker compares an exoteric and an esoteric rendition of the Chan Buddhist Damo Legend. One version collected from fieldworker's GMU professor

2002-029 - Narratives: Gaps and Tactics in the Truth (Fieldworker: Grinnel, Joshua)
Fieldworker collects narratives concerning the facts surrounding the attacks of September 11th.

2002-030 - Foodways: Everyday Rituals: Men and Women in the Kitchen. (Fieldworker: Donelson, Rachel)
Fieldworker looks at men's and women's rule in preparing daily meals for the family. If the father is the primary cook of the home, how does that affect women's views of their "traditional" place in the kitchen?

2003-152 - (Fieldworker: , )

2003-059 - Narratives: Biography: Biographical Sketches of the Class of 1951 (Fieldworker: Holley, Carrie)
Not available

2004-001 - Groups: Pakistani Immigrants Assimilation into US Culture (Pakaistani Am) (Fieldworker: Zaidi, Mehvish Haider)
Fieldworker discusses her Pakistani American family's assimilation in to United States Culture through the education system in the 1970's. Includes interviews, jokes, personal narratives about immigration and more.

2003-060 - Jokes and attitudes about Sorority Girls at GMU (Fieldworker: Deaver, Meghan)
Fieldworker discusses jokes and sterotypes about sorority girls and Greek organizations as gathered from exoteric and esoteric groups at George Mason University's Fairfax Campus in Northern Virginia.

2003-061 - Narratives: The Immigrant Family Narrative` (Fieldworker: Gadhia, Hemang)
Fieldworker interviews his Indian American family members about the immigrant experience

2003-062 - Narratives: Family Misfortune Stories (Fieldworker: Gomez, Laura)
Fieldworker collects and analyzes a family misfortune narrative about how her German Grandfather lost a fortune in South African Diamonds from his work in the mines.

2003-063 - Ghost Narrative from Front Royal (Fieldworker: Lilly, Rebecca)
Fieldworker analyzes parents' personal experience about ghosts in a Front Royal house.

2003-064 - Festival: Thanksgiving: Extending the Family (Fieldworker: Pitts, Sarah)
Fieldworker collects details about her family which includes two sisters adopted from Korea. Worldview of her family, given the "Adoption Cake" sewed at every Thanksgiving and her family's practice of always inviting a person outside her nuclear family.

2003-065 - Rites: Funerals of the Marine Corps (Fieldworker: Taylor, Josh)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative about serving as a marine in a military funeral and reports on standard funeral practices in the Marine Corps.

2003-066 - Folk Arts: Gift-Giving Among Friends (Fieldworker: Thomas, David)
Fieldworker interviews close friends and family about gift items received from friends, which have special meaning(s) to the individuals. A custom practiced especially by women.

2003-067 - Folk Art: Christmas Tree Ornaments as Family Objects of Memory (Fieldworker: Young, Kimberly)
Fieldworker discusses the Christmas ornaments her mother rmade when mother was pregnant with her son who, she learned, would be a child with disabilities. Material items function as objects of memory.

2003-068 - Narratives: Father's Animal Tales from Iran (Fieldworker: Kheradmand, Razieh)
Fieldworker collects the Iranian animal tales her father told her while growing up. Discusses American proverbs her Tennessee mother relayed to her.

2003-069 - Group: Folklore in Tastee 29 Diner of Fairfax, Virginia (Fieldworker: Orban, Brian)
Fieldworker interviews and analyzes staff of the Tastee 29 Diner in Fairfax, VA. The unique environment of the diner, rooted as it is in nostalgia, creates a definable folk group. Narratives.

2003-070 - Group: Traditions of Ballet Dancers (Fieldworker: Cosby, Amanda)
Fieldworker collects the rehearsal and pre-performance traditions of dancers at the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet. Writing on ballet shoes, chants, and more.

2003-071 - Legends: Bunnyman Bridge (Fieldworker: Montgomery, Kristy)
Fieldworker collects information about legend of Bunnyman Bridge by talking with a woman who went there as a teenager. The Bunnyman Bridge is outside of Clifton, Virginia on Colchester Road.

2003-072 - Family Narratives: Myers Fairy Stories (Fieldworker: Mitchell, Jennifer)
Fieldworker collects information about the fictional fairy stories that her grandfather created and told to children. Community and worldview.

2003-073 - Foodways: Bread Making: A Family Tradition (Fieldworker: Andros, Linda)
Exploration and analysis of fieldworker's bread making tradition. A look at worldview and at how the twin laws of the folklore process work in the breadmaking tradition. Symbolic nature of the bread and what this means for her Mormon family.

2003-074 - Folk Group: The American Civil War Reenactor: 2nd Rhode Island Volunteers (Fieldworker: Madden, Bobby)
Fieldworker discusses the Civil War 20th Century Tradition; the organization, the cultural concepts, stories and tales of the reenactor. 2nd Rhode Island Volunteers. Fieldworker is a reenactor.

2003-075 - Foodways: Christmas Pretzels (Fieldworker: Hibbard, Aaron)
Fieldworker presents foodways research on pretzels that he and his wife make for Christmas. Notes changes and similarities.

2003-076 - Legends: Bloody Mary (Fieldworker: Di Patrizio, Nicole)
Fieldworker collects versions of the Bloody Mary legend.

2003-077 - Festival: Witches Night: Women Regaining Space (Fieldworker: Prieto, Claudia)
Fieldworker interviews a woman who holds a yearly "Witches Night" celebration. Wicca and Women's spirituality.

2003-078 - Festival: Townsend Family Pants Optional Thanksgiving Celebration (Fieldworker: Townsend, Emily)
Fieldworker discusses how her family of four changed their Thanksgiving celebration to one they enjoy rather than just endure. Festival.

2003-079 - Narratives: Mother's Korean Ghost Stories (Fieldworker: Barry, Christine)
Fieldworker collects two Korean ghost narratives passed on from her Korean mother. Mother was, at first, reluctant to tell these tale about a step-mother murdering her step-daughter and a ghost who waited for people by a bathroom.

2003-080 - Narratives: Personal: Ghosts: Grandmother's Story of Husband's Return (Fieldworker: Cain, Kelly)
Fieldworker collects her grandmother's supernatural personal narrative about the time the grandmother's husband returned from the dead to bring comfort.

2003-081 - Narratives: Ghosts: The Korean Vanishing Hitchhiker (Fieldworker: Calamito, Nicholas)
Fieldworker collects Korean versions of the "The Vanishing Hitchhiker" ghost narrative. Discusses the differences between these stories and the American versions.

2003-082 - Narratives: Ghosts: Ghosts of Sotterly Plantation (Fieldworker: Densford, Lee)
Fieldworker collects and recalls narratives of a Maryland plantation. Analyzes history and narratives.

2003-083 - Supernatural: Ghosts: An Examination of the "Old Hag" Phenomenon (Fieldworker: Imus, Todd)
Fieldworker contrasts a variant of the "Old Hag" experience with issues of personal space and security.

2003-084 - Narratives: Personal: Supernatural: Stress and the Supernatural (Fieldworker: James, Heather)
Fieldworker collects her girlfriend's personal supernatural narratives. Family tensions and Several relocations act as the catalyst for her supernatural experiences.

2003-085 - Ghost Tales from Sanawar in India (Fieldworker: Khosla, Tasha)
Fieldworker collects ghost narratives from her mother about a famous boarding school, Sanawar, located in the foothills of Northern India.

2003-086 - Narratives: Ghosts: The Keith House Haunting (Fieldworker: Meyers, Alison)
Fieldworker examines the Keith House ghost stories of Elizabeth Graeme and Pollys; one was disappointed in love, the other was chained in the attic as an insane person. Includes father's story of his legend tirp to the Keith House.

2003-087 - Narratives: Supernatural: Old Hag or Sleep Paralysis (Fieldworker: Oermann, Kari)
Fieldworker analyzes her mother's and sister's accounts of the "Old Hag." why this "Old Hag" is really sleep paralysis experience. Argues that this experience is not supernatural but, rather, sleep paralysis.

2003-088 - Narratives:Supernatural: Snakes and Death Omens: Tales from Poplar Bluff, MO (Fieldworker: Hawkin, Rebecca)
Fieldworker collects four stories from her mother. Mother grew up in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. Stories include a vision of death in the clouds, snake curses, a spread adler snake, and about a hoop or "racer" snake.

2003-089 - Ghost Tours: Commercialization of the Supernatural (Fieldworker: Pitus, Crystal)
Fieldworker interviews individuals with the commercialization of the supernatural. Research focuses on Leesburg Ghost Tours.

2003-090 - Narratives: Supernatural: La Duende of Columbia (Fieldworker: Siems, Christopher)
Fieldworker collects narratives and beliefs about La Duende, fairy creature of Columbia, South America. Supernatural.

2003-091 - Narratives: Personal: Leesburg Ghost Tales of a Paranormal Researcher (Fieldworker: Stryker, Kim)
Fieldworker collects personal narratvies of a Leesburg paranormal researcher the "Ghost Guy." Analysis of these stories about his encounters with the supernatural. His scientific interpretation of events.

2003-092 - Narratives: Ghosts: Korean Mother Kills Daughter (Fieldworker: Walsh, Megan)
Fieldworker collects versions of narrative about mother who kills daughter who keeps asing, "Am I pretty?"

2003-093 - Narratives: The Legend of Bunny Man's Bridge (Fieldworker: Haydenzell, K.)
Fieldworker collects narratives and facts regarding events that may have occurred at "Bunny Man's Bridge" in Clifton, Virginia

2003-094 - Narratives: Personal: Ghosts: Dead Mother Punishes Children (India) (Fieldworker: Ahuja, Ambica)
Fieldworker collects from her mother a personal ghost story of a mother's spirit that comes back to maker her children realize her presence. She wants to punish them for the bad treatment they gave her in life. Fieldworker's mother experiences ghost.

2003-095 - Narratives of the Supernatural: Ouija Boards (Fieldworker: Jackson, Stephanie)
Fieldworker discusses her mother's narrative about mother 's teenage experience with a ouija board.

2003-096 - Jokes: Dead Baby Jokes. (Fieldworker: Pope, John)
Fieldworker discusses a joke-telling session as he and his coworkers meet for drinks at a bar. One coworker tell six dead baby jokes in rapid succession. Analysis employs psychoanalysis.

2003-097 - Jokes: Trash-canning the Door (Fieldworker: Madden, Bobby)
Fieldworker recalls a joke played while a freshman in the dorms of Virgina Tech: leaning a trash can full of water against a dorm rooms door and then having the occupant of the room open the door to a flood of spilled water.

2003-098 - Ghosts: Ghost Tours (Fieldworker: Wesley, Shirley)
Fieldworker collects info on the concept of Ghost tours in Virginia. Analyzes data and presents findings.

2003-099 - Supernatural: Ghosts: What the Bible says about Ghosts (Fieldworker: Johnson, Lois)
Fieldworker interviews a reverend from Florida and an African native concerning their respective views of the spirit world.

H-2003-001 - Halloween: Traditions: Dancers and Costumes (Fieldworker: Cosby, Amanda)
Fieldworker interviews her sister about the traditions the dancers at Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet perform during the rehearsals of the annual Nut Cracker Christmas performance.

2004-006 - Groups: Occupations: Family and Pizza Restaurant: Lauriol Plaza (Fieldworker: Wenham, Brian)
Field worker collects family and occupational narratives from Robert Reyes, assistant manager of Lauriol Plaza, a family owned restaurant: stories of managing, similarites between him and his father .

2004-007 - Oral History: Iranian American (Fieldworker: Mostafavi, C.Kendall)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative from her husband about being Iranian Am and raised in the United States. Topics include instances of racism, the effects of the Iran-Contra Affair.

2004-008 - Narratives: Personal: Occupations: Arlington Police Officer (Fieldworker: Cashin, Cian)
Fieldworker collects personal narratives from an officer in the Arlington police department. Includes description of events on route, dealing with a stabbing, suicide, and a escapee mental patient.

2004-010 - Narratives: Occupation: Motorcycle Courier in Washington, DC (Fieldworker: Kelly, Dennis)
Fieldworker collects occupational narratives and histories about motorcycle couriers from his brother-in-law in Washington, DC.

2004-011 - Narratives: Occupations: Produce Distribution Virginia (Fieldworker: Nalls, Valerie)
Fieldworker collects her father's narratives on being a self-taught produce distributer: growing his own crops as a child with his family, dealings in the produce industry.

2004-012 - Narratives: Personal: Black Panther Protest in Philadelphia (Fieldworker: Moore, Jason)
Fieldworker collects personal narratives from his mother about her time with the Black Panthers in Philadelpia: confrontations with the police, meeting her future husband, other militant groups.

2004-013 - Rites: Interfaith Marriages (Fieldworker: Kordis, Elise)
Fieldworker analyzes interfaith marriages between Jews and Christians: interviews a rabbi and a priest. Analysis includes reasons for more interfaith marriages, developing of new traditions, difficulty of faith in these marriages.

2004-014 - Groups: Religious Campers in Spring Mountain, Virginia (Fieldworker: di Girolamo, Kaleena)
Fieldworker collects narratives and information on St. George's Camp in Spring Mountain, Virginia from a former counselor, analyzes the unique method of worship the camp practices: dodgeball, cross-dressing, games played with the Holy Spirit in mind.

2004-015 - Narratives: Occupations: Hospice Volunteers (Fieldworker: Hilber, Shelley)
Fieldworker collects the personal / occupational narratives of two hospice volunteers: discusses dealing with death everyday, memorable patients, routines of a hospice volunteer.

2004-016 - Narratives: Ghosts at the Chantilly House (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker collects narratives and interviews about the supposed ghost hauntings of The Chantilly House. A battle took place nearby and the site was used as a make-shift hospital. It is now rumored to be haunted.

2004-017 - Foodways: Candy at Festival Times (Fieldworker: Catts, Nicole)
Fieldworker collects narratives and receipes from her great aunt about her family's holiday candy: caramels, chocolate-covered peanut butter easter eggs, coconut easter eggs, butter cream candies.

2004-018 - Groups: Pigeon Fanciers (Fieldworker: Pohedra, Jennifer)
Fieldworker collects information and personal narratives from a pigeon fancier, a person who races pigeons: rules of pigeon racing, how to raise pigeons to race, organization of pigeon fanciers.

2004-019 - Groups: Sports: Rowers in Washington, DC (Fieldworker: Thieman, James)
Fieldworker collects group narratives from rowers at the Thompson Boat Center in Washington, D.C.: rowing, how one begins rowing, mental and physical hardships, techniques and routines.

2004-020 - Groups: Religions: Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Christians (Fieldworker: Youssef, Patrick)
Fieldworker collects group narratives on Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Christians: interviews a COC priest, describes practices, gives history of the denomination.

2004-021 - Groups: Venezuelan American Family and Music (Fieldworker: Carrasquero, Noelia)
Fieldworker interviews her Venezuelan family members about their tie to Venezuelan music: origin, family tradition, how the music is experienced by them here in the USA.

2004-022 - Rites: Salvadoran American Quinceaneras (Fieldworker: Rivera, Estefania)
Fieldworker collects narratives and information about Salvadorian American quinceaneras from family member and friends: study of origin, planning, how the ritual is acted out, and cultural meaning.

2004-023 - (Fieldworker: , )

2002-031 - (Fieldworker: , )

2002-032 - (Fieldworker: Green, Alma)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her husband about the preparation of Soul Food for the holidays: includes receipies, family tradition, and analysis.

2002-033 - (Fieldworker: DeFrees, Susan)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her father about running the Marine Corp Marathon while carrying an American flag: narratives, analysis of symbolism.

2002-034 - (Fieldworker: MacWilliam, Dina)
Fieldworker collects narratives and traditions about Civil War re-enactment from reenactor Seamus McLaughlin: analysis of theory about reenactment, Civil War traditions.

2002-035 - (Fieldworker: Al-Hussaini, Yasamin)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her mother about her experience of adopting Iraqi traditions, getting married in Iraq, analysis thereof.

2002-036 - (Fieldworker: Chapman, Meredith)
Fieldworker collects narratives from her brother about his teaching in inner-city Chicago: teaching struggles, faith, day-to-day workings.

2005-023 - Foodways: The Christmas Casserole (Fieldworker: Webb, Jeremy)
Fieldworker collects information form mother pertaining to a casserole prepared Christmas Eve and served on Christmas to the family.

2005-024 - Rite of Passage: Quincenera (Fieldworker: Wilson, Laura)
Fieldworker discusses the Quinceaneras of her friend and of her grandmother. Rite of passage for Mexican American women.

2005-025 - Festival: Christmas Traditions: Narratives from the Zaleski Family (Fieldworker: Zaleski, Jenny)
Fieldworker recalls and analyzes the Christmas memories and traditions celebrated by her husband, Drew Zaleski and his younger sister, Adrienne Zaleski. Examines the significance of these traditions and memories and what they mean to both of them now. Festival.

2005-026 - Foodways: Grandmother's Rice Pudding (Fieldworker: Davis, Donna)
Fieldworker collects information about grandmother's traditional family favorite food: rice pudding, history and meaning behind the food. Objects of memory.

2005-027 - Folk Arts: Meaning in Miniature: The Brooks Christmas Village (Fieldworker: Johnes, Erika)
Fieldworker collects information and analyzes the Brooks family's miniature Christmas village. Discussion of its emotional significance and symbolism of individual pieces.

2005-028 - Objects of Memory: Spiritual Memory Objects (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker explores associations placed on a memory object that has spiritual contexts or implications associated with it by the individual and external world; specifically as seen in the wearing of 'holy metals' or Roman Catholic ornamentation: cross, St. Joseph metal, dove.

2005-029 - Not available (Fieldworker: Not available, Not available)
Not available

2002-037 - (Fieldworker: Loyal, Jeanne)
Fieldworker collects information, personal narratives about private investigation from Gregory Fuller, a well-know PI: training, credibility, ethics.

2002-038 - (Fieldworker: Malinay, Veronica)
Fieldworker collects occupational narratives from her friends about working as waiters: customers, hazing, tips, and humor.

2002-039 - (Fieldworker: Melton, Allison)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative from her grandfather about his time in an orphanage during the Depression: organization, family struggles, foodways, loyalty amongst fellow orphans.

2002-040 - (Fieldworker: Briggs, Andrea)
Fieldworker collects information on her Pennsylvanian Duth family's traditon of quilting: history, customs use in funerals and weddings, emotional significance in the family.l

2002-041 - (Fieldworker: Burns, Jessica)
Fieldworker collects personal narratives about the African Am material culture in the office of an African Am probation officer: significance of material to his work, African Am fraternity Omega Psi Phi.

2002-042 - (Fieldworker: , )

2002-043 - (Fieldworker: Cash, James)
Fieldworker collects narratives from Park Rangers at Scott's Run Nature Preserve about "Naked Ned," a man who infrequently appears, naked, building dams, tree structures.

2002-044 - (Fieldworker: O'Donnell, Shannon)
Fieldworker collects ghost narratives in Williamsburg, Virginia and The College of William and Mary: library suicide haunting, skeleton in the wall, Indian boy haunting the sunken gardens, and evil ghosts in a dorm.

2002-045 - (Fieldworker: Jones, Rochelle)
Fieldworker collects narratives from students at GMU about their group activities: bio club, other clubs, what brings them together.

2002-046 - (Fieldworker: Johnson, Lois)
Fieldworker collects ancient folktales and compares and contrasts them with narratives in the Bible: the tale of Joseph, commandments, the flood.

2002-047 - (Fieldworker: Glakas, Kristi)
Fieldworker performs a case study of hippie folklore through the narratives of hippies Evie and Joe Fritts.

2002-048 - (Fieldworker: Micielli, Gloria)
Fieldworker collects narratives about the supernatural happenings at her family home: shadows, lights, unknown footsteps, demonic possession.

2002-049 - (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker collects narratives from his mother about surviving bone marrow cancer: chemotherapy, raising a family while in a hospital.

2002-050 - (Fieldworker: Thomas, Kelly)
Fieldworker collects narratives from the friends about their group of friends: rituals, coming of age stories, lingo.

2002-051 - (Fieldworker: Kupstas, Katie)
Fieldworker collects narratives from her aunt about her family cottage: purchase of land for the cottage during the depression, construction, family rituals.

2002-052 - (Fieldworker: Taylor, Robert)
Fieldworker collects Vietnam narratives from a friend: volunteering for the war, bootcamp, duties and experiences in combat.

2002-054 - (Fieldworker: , )

2002-055 - (Fieldworker: Fasick, Christine)
Fieldworker collects narratives from his Slovakian immigrant grandmother: learning English, raising children during the Depression, surgery, strikes, unions.

2002-056 - (Fieldworker: Martin, Susan)
Fieldworker collects narrative from her aunt about a farmhouse in Leesburg, Virginia: analysis of the obsession with the paranormal.

2002-057 - (Fieldworker: Meiers, Staci)
Fieldworker collects narratives from his father, a once volunteer firefighter/EMT: history of family, training as a firefighter, emergency situations.

2002-058 - (Fieldworker: Gallihugh, Melissa)
Fieldworker collects narratives from a postal worker and her sister about the Culpeper Post Office: ghost of a small girl, anthrax scare, radiated mail.

2002-059 - (Fieldworker: Sontz, Jenny)
Fieldworker collects narratives from "pages" at Kings Park Library: cleaning up library, gossip, parties, jokies.

2002-060 - (Fieldworker: Jarvis, Madelyn)
Fieldworker collects narratives from his brother and a friend about the neo-hippie music scene of the Grateful Dead and Phish: lingo, materal culture, touring.

2002-061 - (Fieldworker: Cohenour, Leah)
Fieldworker collects narratives about Edmund Shue, a husband who was convicted of murdering his wife after the wife's mother had visitations from the ghost of the daughter The Greenbrier Ghost.

2002-062 - (Fieldworker: Tyler, Kristianna)
Fieldworker collects occupational narratives from a coworker at "Quinn's Goldsmith, " a family-owned jewelry store: lingo, sales narratives.

2002-063 - (Fieldworker: Park, Joseph)
Fieldworker collects narratives about bardic circles and the Society for Creative Anachronism from his fiance: rankings, storytelling, medieval festivals.

2005-001 - Narrative: Family: Two Sisters and Pet Duck (Fieldworker: Baccante, Christine)
Fieldworker collects Mother's family story: Elaine tells about the time her ister accidentally killed Elaine's pet Easter duck.

2005-002 - Narratives: Military: Vietnam Marine Saves Lives (Fieldworker: Beck, Marissa)
Fieldworker collects her father/Vietnam veteran's story of ambush and helicopter evacuation in 1969. He emphasizes how he helped save lives. Received bronze star from marines.

2005-003 - (Fieldworker: Coppage, Diane)

2005-004 - (Fieldworker: Holdgrave, Darcy)

2005-005 - (Fieldworker: Lipsetts, Rachael)

2005-006 - Narratives: Personal: "The time I almost died" (Fieldworker: Morris, Katie)
Fieldworker collects her friend's personal experience narrative about the time he was attacked by dogs in Tibet and saved by a Tibetan man with a slingshot.

2005-007 - Narratives: Family: Child Left Behind. Afghanistan. (Fieldworker: Arsala, Humera)
Fieldworker collects her father's family story about the time, during his childhood in Afghanistan, when his family drove a short distance from a picnic spot and discovered they had forgotten a child.

2005-008 - Narratives of a Panamanian Student at GMU (Fieldworker: Bystrowski, Mary)
Fieldworker studies narratives of a Panama college-aged foreign exchange student and her experiences in the United States, including her ideas surrounding popular USA cultural/social beliefs in comparison to those of her homeland.

2005-009 - Foodways: Aunts Peruvian Guiso (Fieldworker: del Pielago, Patricia)
Fieldworker interviews her mother regarding a family recipe. The recipe serves as a connection to the family and their Peruvian traditions. Guiso (Chicken Stew).

2005-011 - Ritual: Boy Scout Order of the Arrow (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldworker collects accounts of ceremonies and practices of the Boy Scout Order of the Arrow. Discussion of it as festival, ritual.

2005-012 - Narrative: Karima's Story: The Occupational Folklore of Delivery Rooms (Fieldworker: Davidson, Alice)
Fieldworker collects a personal experience narrative told by a delivery driver employed in an Arlington restaurant about a bad customer who gives a small tip when she is wealthy.

2005-013 - Narratives of Diplomatic Family that moves a lot: "Boxes Everywhere!" (Fieldworker: Delaney, Mary)
Fieldworker collects her diplomatic family's stories about moving. Detailed account of effects of moving all over the world.

2005-014 - Narratives: "Two Variants of a Personal Narrative about Near-Death Experience (Fieldworker: Duncan, Beata)
Fieldworker collects two versions of a personal narratie about a near-death experience. Her husband and her cousin tell about their near-drowning incident in very different ways.

2005-015 - Occupational: Stress and Anxiety: Stories from the Olive Garden (Fieldworker: Epensen, Daniel)
Fieldworker collects stories of job-loss fears from former fellow worker at Olive Garden Restaurant in Sterling, Virginia. Immigrant Workers

2005-016 - Folk Arts: Modern Folk Craft of Duct Tape (Fieldworker: Hannenman, Julia)
Fieldworker collects information about the currently popular folk craft of duct tape creation. Interviews friend who make handbags and more.

2005-017 - Narratives: Personal: Tales of Self-Reliance from a Suburban Childhood (Fieldworker: Hopwood, Mary Kate)
Fieldworker collects her husband's personal narratives about his first job collecting and selling golfballs, of the dangers and challenges he met on the golf course, and how he overcame them by trusting in his instincts.

2005-018 - Occupations: Pre-Show Rituals in Theatre (Fieldworker: Knockenhauer, Laura Anne)
Fieldworker collects narratives of pre-show rituals in the theatres locally and overseas.

2002-007 - Arts: Recycling Discarded Objects into Art (Fieldworker: Houdershell, Liana)
Fieldworker interviews artist who creates assemblages from found objects. Objects of memory.

2002-008 - Arts: Narratives: Family Quilt as Security Blanket (Fieldworker: Livengood, Paul)
The fieldworker collects the narrative & the meaning behind family quilts made by his great-grandmother. Narratives tell how the rips in the quilt came to be. Fieldworker's mother and father don't want the quilt's torn places to be mended. (Narratives, Material Culture).

2002-009 - Objects of Memory: Family: Latch Hook Lion Rug and the Idea of Home (Fieldworker: Milchak, Catherine)
Fieldworker interviews young man about his object of memory, a latch-hook rug with a lion on it. Made by his mother, the rug represents home to him.

2002-010 - Objects of Memory: Family: Eileen's Cracker Jar (Fieldworker: Mullen, Diana)
The fieldworker collects information from her mother in mother's home in a small community in Michigan. Discusses mother's object of memory-a cracker jar-that mother received from her grandmother. Discussion of family "memory wall."

2005-019 - Occupations: Military Marine: Folk Speech and Narratives (Fieldworker: Smedley, Jessica)
Fieldworker collect stories from a marine corps reservist who was activated for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Stories are of his experience at training, school of Infantry at camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

2005-020 - Occupation: Farming in Smithfield, Virginia (Fieldworker: Spady, Brock)
Fieldworker collects stories, folkspeech, occupational attitudes of his father, grandfather, uncle, and cousin who are all farmers in Virginia.

2005-021 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-022 - Narratives: Family: Poppy's Stories (Fieldworker: Tuck, Jessica)
Fieldworker discusses stories about her grandfather's life that were recorded on videotape at a retirement party. Stories are about his crazy childhood and how he has grown into a wonderful man. These stories are told by members of the family.

2005-030 - Not available (Fieldworker: Anonymous, Anonymous)
Fieldwoerk explores associations placed on a memory object that has spiritual contexts or implications associated with it by the individual and external world; specifically as seen in the waring of 'holy metals' or Roman Catholic ornamenation: cross, St. Joseph metal, dove.

2005-031 - Foodways: Mexican Pineapple Tamale (Fieldworker: Marchant, Melissa)
Field explores how her Mexican Am friend makes pineapple tamales. Foodways unite a grandmother and a granddaughter despite distance.

2005-032 - Objects of Memory: Family's Baby Bassinet (Fieldworker: Blackburn, Nina)
Fieldworker collects information about object of memory in her family, an antique baby bassinet. Discusses its significance.

2005-033 - Folkart: Snake Canes of Charlie Hutchinson (Fieldworker: Hutchinson II, Charles)
Fieldworker collects information about his father's wood carving, Charlies Snake Canes. Discusses how father's experiences in the woods with his own father directly influenced Charles Hutchinson's art.

2005-034 - Festivals: Iranian New Year (Fieldworker: Rossman, G. Payvand)
Fieldworker explores the Iranian New Year celebration held on the first day of Spring. Picnics in Black Hill of Maryland. Half seen table.

2005-035 - Folk Arts: Grandmother's Christmas Stockings (Fieldworker: Haydenzey, K.)
Fieldworker describes her family's Christmas stocking making by her grandmother Rose Sheridan.

2005-036 - Foodways: Poi (Hawaii) (Fieldworker: Youmans, Kristen)
Fieldworker collects information on the food poi and its history, tradition, and meanings to the natives of Hawaii.

2005-037 - Costume: Goth Style (Fieldworker: Replogle, Elizabeth)
Fieldworker explores influence on the Gothic style of 'traditional' dress, discussing the impact of individual choice versus community influence. Group: Goth.

2005-038 - Personal Narratives: Sister Stories: "I never liked that pluck anyway!" (Fieldworker: Baccante, Christine)
Fieldworker collects and discusses her mother's personal experience narratives in cultural and familial aspects: love of younger sister, for example.

2005-039 - Narratives: Personal: The Challenger Disaster and Flashbulb Narratives (Fieldworker: Downs, Kristina)
Fieldworker collects personal narratives about Challenger disaster from people who where in elementary achool at the time. Analysis of disaster as a turning point and children's attempts to make sense of disaster.

2005-040 - Personal Narrative: Educational/Cultural Hub: a Maternal Storyteller Explored (Fieldworker: Saeed, Ismail)
Fieldworker explores the intended and additional functions of his mother's storytelling, which is central to the family life and the storytelling of others in the family. Importance of storytelling in family.

2005-041 - Not available (Fieldworker: Not available, Not available)
Not available

2005-042 - Narratives: Personal: Humor in Narratives by Brian Anderson (Fieldworker: Whittier, Maggie)
Fieldworker collects her father's personal experience narratives and discusses the use of humor as a personal philsophy. Narratives about being drafted in Vietnam War, childhood injury, and childhood friends.

2005-043 - Personal Narratives of Leave-taking (Fieldworker: Wilmore, Erica)
Fieldworker collects personal narratives about alienation and group identity. Informants tell about leaving a group they belonged to (Mormon Church, Seventh Day Adventist, hometown).

2005-044 - Narratives: Occupation: A Bartender and His Unpredictable Situations (Fieldworker: Furrow, Jennifer)
Fieldworker collects stories from a bartender about his work at the Cowboy Café in Arlington. Occupational, folk speech, nicknames, stories about problems with customers.

2005-045 - Narratives: Personal Experience: "The Day the Pigeon Almost Killed Me" (Fieldworker: Downs, Kristina)
Examination of a personal experience narrative that expresses anxieties of women in the world of modern personal relationships. Recorded at a women's knitting circle.

2005-046 - Folk Speech: At a Movie Theater: Occupation (Fieldworker: Prentkiweicz, Jennifer)
Fieldworker collects folkspeech, including code words, phrases and titles, used with the workplace at a Regal Cinema's movie theater in Virginia

2005-047 - Personal Narrative at a Stitch and Bitch (Knitting) Group (Fieldworker: Downs, Kristina)
Fieldworker discusses a personal experience narrative that expresses anxieties of women in the world of modern personal relationships. Recordedat a young woman's knitting circle: "Stitch and Bitch." Story entitled "The Day the Pigeon Almost Killed Me."

2005-048 - Foodways: Grandmother's Christmas Cookies (Fieldworker: Sellers, Shauntel)
Fieldworker analyses frosted sugar cookies and her family's reasons for practicing this tradition.

2005-049 - Searching for Stories (Fieldworker: Steel, James)
Fieldworker collects stories from professors who have worked at George Mason University. Occupational Folklore. GMU

2005-050 - Personal Narratives of Pagans (Fieldworker: Brumley, Michelle)
Fieldworker collects personal expreience narratives about spirits and ghosts from members of a pagan community in Virginia

2005-051 - A Scout's Trail (Fieldworker: Lee, Ohn)
Fieldworker collects on two different occasions the same ghost story. The story concerns a ghost sighting in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. First collection was in my home among friends. Second occasion, the story was spoken directly into a recorder.

2005-052 - Supernatural Narrative: Little Girl In the Blue Dress (Fieldworker: Zaleski, Jenny)
Fieldworker collects personal expreience narrative of Drew Zaleski. As a child, Drew plays with a little girl in his backyard that he believes is a ghost.

2005-053 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-054 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-055 - Not available (Fieldworker: , )

2005-056 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-057 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-058 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-059 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-060 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-061 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-062 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-063 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-064 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-065 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-066 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-067 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-068 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-069 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-070 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-071 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-072 - Not available (Fieldworker: Not available, Not available)
Not available

2005-073 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-074 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-075 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-076 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-077 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-078 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-079 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-080 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-081 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-082 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-083 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-084 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-085 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-086 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-087 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-088 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-089 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-090 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-091 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-092 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-093 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-094 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-095 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-096 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-097 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-098 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-099 - (Fieldworker: , )

2005-100 - (Fieldworker: , )

2006-001 - Personal Narrative: The Christmas Feast (Fieldworker: Ford, Daniel)
Fieldworker collects from a librarian regarding workplace Christmas Feast, a mishap in the baking of traditional cornbread; also examines workplace attitudes and relationships.

2006-002 - "World's Worst Cook" (Fieldworker: Wilmore, Erica)
Fieldworker collects a story about storyteller's Jewish grandmother and how she cooked matzo ball soup very badly. In context of grandmother's life.

2006-003 - Personal Narrative: Chinese Woman Travels to Upstate New York (Fieldworker: Flanagan, Shawn)
Fieldworker collects travel story of a Chinese woman on a trip to Oneonta, New York from Kansas City, Missouri.

2006-004 - Ethnic Grocery Stores (Fieldworker: Ascencio, Rhina)
fieldworker interviews people about why they shop at global food, an ethnic grocery store in Manassas.

2006-005 - Personal Narratives: Death of Mothers' Adult Son (Fieldworker: Koelkebeck, Michele)
Fieldworker collects personal narratives from informant on how she survived and handled the death of her son in 1986 when he was 18 years-old.

2006-009 - Personal Narrative: Overcoming Illness (Fieldworker: Bonds, Joneice)
Fieldworker collects a personal narrative from Brenda Torrence a 48 year old Baptist, African American woman. Ms. Torrence's narrative tells about her mother as a role model in her life because she overcame illness and continued to help others.

2006-010 - Personal Narrative of a Miracle: Frau Fahleudich (Fieldworker: Bishop, Christina)
Fieldworker collcts story from father's experience on his full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He cures a woman of a heart malady in Germany.

2006-011 - Personal Narrative of Demonic Possession (Fieldworker: Hibbard, Aaron)
Fieldworker collects a story of Demonic Possession from Father, a member of a Catholic prayer group in Idaho

2006-012 - Personal Narrative: Boy Scout Hike (Fieldworker: Leggett, Jacquelynn)
Fieldworker collects personal narratives from her husband about his first Boy Scout hike and visits to his grandmother's house representing formative life experiences

2006-013 - Personal Narrative about Baptist Chaplain (Fieldworker: Penick, Rebecca)
Fieldworker collects Ruth Ragans' personal narrative of Baptist Chaplain's robbing the bees and having supper with Ragans when bottle of champagne Ruth hid in trashcan explodes. South Boston, Virginia. Tape also has stories by Kate Chaffin, Tom Rathke

2006-014 - Personal Narratives of a Graceland Tour Guide (Fieldworker: Yancey, Betsy)
Fieldworker collects a story about the informant's time as a tour-guide at Graceland, and as a planetarium worker in Memphis, Tennessee. Stories are linked by use of an impertinent question.

2006-038 - Personal Narrative: Short-Changed by Bank Teller (Fieldworker: Nicholas, Meg)
Fieldworker collects the personal narratives of Patrick Halterman, an employee at University Mall Theatres. Story tells how Patrick swears loudly as he tries to get bank teller to admit that she short-changed him

2006-039 - September 11th (Fieldworker: Shugart, Dannelle)
Fieldworker collects father's story about being on an international flight on September 11th, 2001 and flight being redirected for security reasons

2006-016 - Agra Hadig: Armenian Ritual of a Baby's First Tooth (Fieldworker: Najarian, Tammy)
Fieldworker collects different aspects of the Armenian ritual of a baby's first tooth, the "Agra Hadig,' from members of her family. Children's folklore.

2006-017 - Merrymaking at St. Katherine's Greek Orthodox Annual Fall Festival (Fieldworker: Panayotopulos, Angela)
Fieldworker collects information about St. Katherine's Greek Orthodox Annual Fall Festival in Falls Church, Virginia

2006-018 - Courtship Narratives of Two Greek Americans (Fieldworker: Hilios, Helen)
Fieldworker collects her mother's and father's versions of their courtship narratives

2006-019 - Richmond Highland Games and Celtic Festival (Fieldworker: Harper, Rachel)
Fieldworker collects material from a Highland Games and in Richmond, Virginia. dimensions of festival, especially costumes and use of space.

2006-020 - Foodway: Canning (Fieldworker: Brower, James)
Fieldworker collects informaio on the canning tradition in family: from Hillsville, Virginia: including preparation, processing and storage. Food as symbol of Blue Ridge Mountain home.

2006-021 - Festival: The Family Turkey Bowl (Fieldworker: Confidential, Confidential)
Fieldworker collects data pertaining to the tradition of "Turkey Bowl' on Thanksgiving. Fieldworker also explains personal experiences within his own family's tradition of playing football together

2006-022 - Photography: Masks at the Venice Carnival (Fieldworker: Stratton, Jennifer)
Fieldworker discusses masks and masked performances at the 2005 Carnival of Venice using her photographs

2006-023 - The Milky Way: tradition and Expectations of a PA Dairy Farmer's Wife (Fieldworker: Saxton, Melissa)
Fieldworker collects stories on experience of Saxton wives as farmer's wives. Uses pictures to help discuss material culture of the farm house.

2006-024 - Family Narratives and Pranks (Fieldworker: Fry, Deborah)
Fieldworker collects family folklore of Greek/Irish American family. Narratives and pranks at Halloween.

2006-025 - Personal Narratives: Ghostly Experiences in a New Home (Fieldworker: Witt, Robin)
Fieldworker collects various stories of unusual or supernatural occurrances within current home in Centreville, Virginia

2006-026 - Searching For an Identity: The World view of the Islamic School of Potomac (Fieldworker: Zarrincalaki, Sakineh)
Fieldworker collects interviews from volunteers at the Islamic School of Potomac to discern the group's worldview and purpose of the school.

2006-027 - Material Culture: Family Tradition of Building Houses (Fieldworker: Foster, Holly)
Fieldworker collects information about her family's tradition of building and fixing their houses.

2006-037 - Folk Speech in the Spitulnik Family (Fieldworker: Spitulnik, Jennifer)
Fieldworker collects Spitulnik family's private speech, including words and expressions and stories about family speech and their use, origin, and meaning.

2006-043 - Foodways: Fiambre Guatemala (Fieldworker: Hurtado, Aurora)
Fieldworker collects information about Guatemalan fiambre, stories of its origins and its significance for her family, given her father's death. Seved on All Saints Day.

2006-015 - Personal Narrative as Tactic (Fieldworker: Day, Jeanne)
Fieldworker collect a ersonal experience narrative from her mother and returns to conduct a follow-up interivew. The story was collected at Oak Shade Farm in Rixeyville (Informant's home). Part of research for Traditional narrative and Storytelling

2006-040 - Satanic, Demonic, and Opportunistic: Stories of Demonic Encounters (Fieldworker: Hibbard, Aaron)
Fieldworker collects one story from father regarding informants experience of demonic possession. Information follows up an interview of the information to discuss the story.

2006-028 - Festival: Family Christmas (Fieldworker: Connolly, Kate)
Fieldworker collects stories from parents on significance of Christmas traditions practices as a family; ornaments, food.

2006-029 - Our World in Stories: Understanding World view through Family Narrative (Fieldworker: Eberly, Sonja)
Fieldworker collects father's stories about memorable relatives told within immediate family. Examines issues of worldview as reflected through stories.

2006-030 - Personal Narratives of Arleen Narron (Fieldworker: Foley, Mary)
Fieldworker collects personal narratives and oral history from Arleen Narron, a former activist in the 1960's, 1970's Women's Movement

2006-031 - Festival: Thanksgiving in Arab American Family (Fieldworker: Jabaly, Allison)
Fieldworker collects information about immigration to the USA from Lebanon. Thanksgiving with Arab American and Anglo American foods.

2006-032 - Mouning (Fieldworker: Kakon, Shifat)
Fieldworker interivews women about mourning rituals: Islamic, Bangladesh, Christian, Dominican Republic and Jewish, USA.

2006-033 - A Festival of Family: Thanksgiving (Fieldworker: Khoury, Andrea)
Fieldworker interviews grandmother about family's three-day festival at Thaksgiving, which includes a brochure of scheduled activities

2006-034 - Personal Narratives of World War II Secretary (Fieldworker: Kumpf, Allie)
Fieldworker collects grandmother's stories about working as secretary and dating servicemen in Washington, DC during World War II.

2006-035 - Festival: Easter Egg Traditions of the Troy Family (Fieldworker: Logan, Dorothy)
Fieldworker collects the traditions of dyeing and consuming Easter eggs in her mother's family, Pysanky (Polish, Lithuanian, and Lemko). Discusses "egg conking" game.

2006-036 - Narratives of Nurses:Lessons learned through storytelling (Fieldworker: Rieger, Shana)
Fieldworker collects stories from her mother, a nurse. Storytelling as avenue tht nurses use to learn from each other and teach new nurses.

2006-041 - Folk Arts: Sewing in my Mother's Family (Fieldworker: Genuario, Laura)
Fieldworker collects personal narratives of mother's and aunt's sewing and motives for each woman.

2006-042 - Foodways: Gifilte Fish (Fieldworker: Friedland, Ruthann)
Fieldworker details story of the role of Gifilte Fish in Jewish culture, as experienced by herself and through the narrative of her husband, who was raised Jewish..

2006-047 - Running Around for Luck: A New Year's Tradition (Fieldworker: Schrumm, Schrumm)
Fieldworker collects information about running around the house to let old year out on New Year's.

2006-044 - Now you have AIDS (Fieldworker: Bonds, Joneice)
Fieldworker collects AIDS legends from African-Americans in their twenties. Examines portrayal of race in legends and the response it has on listeners who hear the legend.

2006-045 - King of the Tinkers: Tall Tales From Ireland (Fieldworker: Johnson, Twila)

2006-046 - Bedtime Stories: Tonto and the Long Ranger (Fieldworker: Parker, Fox)

2006-048 - A Break in the Chain of Transmission Influenced byFear and Communication Barriers (Fieldworker: Ascecio, Rhina)
Fieldworker collects Ciguanaba stories, fear andcomunications barriers

2006-050 - Narrative: Verbal Art of David Nicholas (Fieldworker: Nicholas, Megan)
Fieldworker collects word games, personal narratives, tall tales, and oral literary criticism about narratives from her storyteller, Native American father

2006-049 - Ruth Ragans' Bill Tuck Tales (Fieldworker: Penick, Rebecca)
Filedworker collects Ruth Ragan's story about a bottle of champagne (Ruth hid in the trashcan) blowing up when Chaplin comes for dinner.

2006-052 - Personal Narrative: Taps and Reveille: The Final Boy Scout Stories (Fieldworker: Leggett, Jacquelyn)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative from her husband about his boy scout hikes and visits to his grandmother's house representing formative life experiences.

2006-053 - Personal Narratives of Mennonite Conscientious Objectors, World War II (Fieldworker: MacBride, Elizabeth)
Fieldworker collects personal narratives and oral history of Mennonite Conscientious Objectors in World War II.

2006-054 - Personal Narratives: Fool Tales from the Help Desk (Fieldworker: Eck, Alycia)
Fieldworker collects fool story about IT support staff member making IT mistakes themselves.

2007-001 - Narrative: Supernatural: Deceased Mother Gives Sign (Fieldworker: Yocom, Margaret)
Fieldworker collects informant's personal narrative of the supernatural. Glass bowl breaks in middle of table and informant and brother see it as sign from recently deceased mother.

2007-002 - Korean United Methodist Church Youth Group Custom: The Senior Video (Fieldworker: Chi, Andrew)
Fieldworker collects information concerning the origins and tradition of the Senior Video made by youth members of the Korean United Methodist Church for their friends, the graduating high school seniors.

2007-003 - Personal Narratives of Land Cruiser Owens (Fieldworker: Coleman, Anthony)
Fieldworker collects stories about land cruiser community members.

2007-004 - Personal Narratives about Immigration to America from Panama (Fieldworker: Collins, Shakenya)
Fieldworker collects narratives of first impressions of America from her mohter and grandmother, who emigrated from Panama.

2007-005 - Legends: La Llorona in Guatamala (Fieldworker: Cotom, Ruth)
Fieldworker collects information on spirits and their influence on children, specifically personal encounters with La Llorona in Guatamala.

2007-006 - Foodways: Hokie Chili (Fieldworker: Eadie, Robert)
Fieldworker collects information on a friend's "Hokie Chili" and discusses how it is a version of another dish. How chili helped created a folk group when served at parties to watch football games on television.

2007-007 - Custom: First Footing in Northern England and Beyond (Fieldworker: Gonzalez, Gilliam)
Fieldworker collects information from her mother about First-footrip in Holystone, a small village in northeastern England. Discusses changes as we grew up and moved to another area in England and to Saudi Arabia.

2007-008 - Narratives of Fight Fans (Fieldworker: Gordon, Heather)
Fieldworker collects stories from Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fan PJ Megaw. Explores stories with injuries, blood.

2007-009 - Narratives: Family Folklore through Sense of Smell (Fieldworker: Haight, Diane)
Fieldworker collects oral family narratives about parents and grandparents from three immediate family members. The sense of smell enhances memories in family folklore and their relations to each other in context. Smells include cigarette smoke, perfumes, candy and candy boxes, and electronic equipment.

2007-010 - Family Foodways: Slovakian Am Pierogies (Fieldworker: Impink, Caitlin)
Fieldworker interviews her grandmother and father about the tradition of making pierogies (Slovakian traditional food) for Thanksgiving.

2007-011 - Family Newsletter: "Smithereens" (Panama) (Fieldworker: Jordan-Smith, Raul)
Fieldworker collects the text and context of a Panamanian Am family's short-lived newsletter, "Smithereens."

2007-012 - Personal Narratives of Sport Bike Riders (Fieldworker: Quarles, Patrick)
Fieldworker collects stories about riding sport bikes. Analyzesthe stories and explains the sport bike community.

2007-013 - Festival: Eid over the Years in a Bengali Am Family (Fieldworker: Sarwar, Masuma)
Fieldworker collects information about how her Bengali parents have celebrated Eid over the years. The festival is analyzed, along with changes in the way it is celebrted.

2007-014 - Material Culture: Antique Tables Made Daily (Fieldworker: Von Fange, Karie)
Fieldworker interviews her father, furniture maker Thomas Von Fange, in Rappahannock County, Sperryville, Virginia. Reproductions of antique tables are his speciality.

2007-015 - Personal Narratives of Idaho Mormon Woman (Fieldworker: Lagerberg, Martha)
Fieldworker collects personal narratives of Elna Leymaster, 94, regarding her long life. Mormon. Idaho.

2007-016 - Place: Personal Narratives of Change in Fauquier County (Fieldworker: Truax, Miles)
Fieldworker collects personal narratives from one specific person about memories of place and changes in Fauquier County, Virginia.

2007-019 - Celebrations of Death and Grieving in a Military Family (Fieldworker: Choi, Michele)
Fieldworker collects stories from her mother, a retired Navy officer, of a funeral at Arlington National Cemetary, and objects of memory. Funeral, object of memory are of informant's father, also in Navy.

2007-020 - Personal Narrative: Supernatural: The Burned Barn (Fieldworker: Choi, Michele)
Fieldworker collects her own personal narrative about how the spirit of fieldworker's aunt may have started the fire that burned a family barn. Spirit's purpose: to keep fieldworker's mother from joining Navy.

2007-021 - Personal Narratives: Spirits and Great Spirits (Irish Am) (Fieldworker: Devlin, Pat)
Fieldworker collects personal family narrativesl of Lexington, Kentucky, Irish Am Catholic woman. Impact of relatives who are spiritual, intellingent, and admired. Stories of death, the dead, ghosts. Supernatural.

2007-022 - Legends: Bunny Man Bridge (Fieldworker: Hannan, Matt)
Fieldworker collects several versions of the legend of Bunny Man Bridge, as well as several personal narratives about legend trips to the bridge.

2007-023 - Objects of Memory: Mementoes of the Dead: Ten Stories of Loss, Remembrance, and Love (Fieldworker: Higgins, Trish)
Fieldworker collects personal narratives from ten informants about objects of memory associated with a loved one who has died. Informants explained how the mementoes/keepsakes connected them to their loved ones and if they had ever experienced a "sense of presence" of those loved ones.

2007-024 - Personal Narratives: Ghost Leads Boys to Murdered Body (Fieldworker: Kolodziej, Elizabeth)
Fieldworker collects personal narrative about a ghost who leads two boys in rural New York to its murdered body, hidden in a scarecrow. Themes include humans chosen to help ghosts, unfinished business, meetings with strangers.

2007-026 - Personal Narratives: Supernatural: Foretelling Death (Fieldworker: MacKinnon, Rhonda)
Fieldworker collects personal narratives that she herself told about foretelling death. Personal narratives of the supernatural.

2007-028 - Supernatural Game: Bloody Mary (Fieldworker: Page, Lisa)
Fieldworker collects information about playing "Bloody Mary," pre-teen and teenager game played at slumber parties. Ritual.

2007-018 - Personal Narratives of Latter-day Saint Spiritual Experiences (Fieldworker: Bishop, Christina)
Fieldworker collects narratives from members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on their spiritual experiences and what they mean to them.

2008-001 - Arts: Office Cubical Walls as Workplace Altars (Fieldworker: Anderson, Ryan)
Fieldworker interviews two co-workers about their decorations on their office cubicle walls. Discusses these walls as workplace altars.

2008-002 - LDS Record Keping: Collecting Sacred Materials (Fieldworker: Bishop, Christina)
Fieldworker collects information on personal records (journal, scrapbook, blog) kept by Latter-day Saints woman.

2008-003 - Arts: Spinning and Weaving Life (Fieldworker: Dickinson, Patricia)
Fieldworker collects information about Catherine Dodd's experiences spinning and weaving, including her trips to other lands, her collection of antique spinning equipment, learning from grandmother, and founding Waterford Weavers Guild.

2008-004 - Foodways: Chicken and Dumplings (Fieldworker: DiPasquale, Danielle)
Fieldworker interviews future mother-in-law about values associated with family's traditional German dish of Chicken and Dumplings.

2008-005 - Objects of Memory: Russian Palekh Boxes (Fieldworker: Eckels, Kristin)
Fieldworker interviews her family about their Russian Palekh Boxes (Russian laquer art), originally collected by fieldworker's grandmother. History and making of the boxes, objects of memory, objects for tourists, and miniatures.

2008-006 - Arts: Starritt Family's Graveside Shrines (Fieldworker: Goshen, Catherine)
Fieldworker collects information on Starritt family's ethnic background and how they started decorating graves, whose graves are decorated, and why they feel the need to continue.

2008-007 - Foodways: Butchering Lamb (Jicarilla Apache and Navajo) (Fieldworker: Herrera, Vanessa)
Fieldworker collects traditions and customs of butchering lamb from Jicarilla Apache and Navajo informants.

2008-008 - Foodways: Family Rugelach Recipe (Fieldworker: Rieger, Shana)
Fieldworker collects interviews with mother about family recipes she learned from her mother and grandmother. Recipes offer social connection to family and memories of family that have passed. Tradition passes among the women in the family.

2008-009 - Arts: Artwork of Miriam Woolfolk (Fieldworker: Ross, Megan)
Fieldworker collects interviews, art samples, photos of the varied artwork of Miriam Woolfolk of Lexington, Kentucky. Examines art in context of artist's life experience, place, and memory.

2008-010 - Group: Proper Hunting: Respect and Passion for Nature (Fieldworker: Tillack, Jesse)
Fieldworker interviews father about his hunting lifestyle as a learning and relaxing experience. Hunts turkey and deer in Goochland County, Virginia.

2008-012 - Foodways: Chicken and Dumplings (Fieldworker: Deloria, Tara)
Fieldworker collects personal experience and recipe of chicken and dumplings from mother. Discusses grandmother's role.

2008-013 - Space and Place of Memories: 711 7th Street (Fieldworker: Long, Krystal)
Fieldworker interviews grandmother about 64-year-old house in Northwest Washington, DC, that has housed six generations of women.

2002-011 - Foodways: Family: Scones of Memory (Irish Am) (Fieldworker: McCann, Shauna)
Fieldworker discusses baking scones as it exists as a traditional foodway to her mother Bernadette McCann, born in Ireland. Scones represent Ireland and mother, grandmother to Mrs. McCann.

2002-012 - Foodways: Girl Scout S'mores (Fieldworker: Sink, Valerie)
Fieldworker, active in Scouting herself, interviews Girl Scout troop members about this foodway. Discusses game-like aspects, fire-play.

2002-013 - Objects of Memory: Altar with a Difference (Fieldworker: Turner, Mary)
Fieldworker discusses 84-year-old woman's dressing table that is dedicated to her mother, grandmother, and godmother. Altar helps woman feel connected to these other women in he family similar to altars described by Kay Turner in Beautiful Neccessity. Fieldworker discusses feminist coding strategies.

2002-014 - Foodways: Festivals: Varda Family International Feast (Fieldworker: Varda, Sarah)
Not Available